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PsyOps and the new Iraqi prisoner photos (?)

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posted on May, 5 2004 @ 11:42 PM
As a warning, the following is just a set of ideas I'm throwing 'out there'... I don't claim to be an expert on PsyOps...

links to psychological warfare pages:

Right now Drudge is reporting that the Washington post is about to release more prisoner abuse photos. He describes images of soldiers gutting a cow (?) and other images of prisoners being dragged around on leashes. I have a few reactions to this:
1.Before everyone gets excited, we have to make sure that the photos are real. Remember, the british photos are being debunked as we speak. If European anti-war activists went through the trouble of buying army surplus uniforms and acting out some weird acts for the sake of domestic disruption... I wouldn't put it beyond the capabilities of American anti-war types to do the same.
2.The War on Terrorism is, fundamentally, a war being fought via the medium of the psyche. Psycholgical warfare is the name of the game. One can ask, then, if the purpose of these images (as much as they might upset westerners) is to "break" the psyche of jihadist/anti-american elements in the middle east. We might be upset by these images to the point of anger... but one could argue that, in middle-eastern culture, seeing fighters publicly 'de-masculinized' might actually work towards 'breaking' the moral of terrorist elements. So... might these 'leaks' be deliberate?
3.9-11 was an act of psychological warfare. We shouldn't forget that. Also, the mutilation of those contractors was also an act aimed at demoralizing the US (as have been most things done by the other side). For many Americans these efforts backfired... however, such things have worked for the enemy on occasion. Look at Spain... or at the louder elements of the anti-war movement in the US that seem to react to every development the way the Jihadists* want.
4.Keep in mind that these guards know that those under their jurisdiction probably laughed and danced when the towers fell.
5.Yes... the Arab world will act with rage. However... we've seen that 'Arab rage' is often impotent (to be frank). In this case, if they feel rage... but, as expected, will be able to do nothing about it... the demoralizing effects could be enormous.
6.yes, as CRAZY as it sounds, I'm now beginning to wonder if we're seeing a PsyOp, here, that's aimed at demoralizing militant Jihadists. As anti-war/liberal folks are quick to point out, we will never be able to kill every terrorists. however... shame and the sense of impotence can go along way towards convincing pro-terrorist types that their resistence is 'futile'.
7.Yes, I know this sounds CRAZY... but look at how Saddam was paraded on film when he was captured. The tooth and lice checks were obviously filmed so as to make him look weak and de-masculinized.

I KNOW that some people will get angry and call me ignorant for saying this. Keep in mind, though, that I am just throwing this all out as food for thought.

Anyways... I expect everyone to get mad.

*I'm trying to refer to 'Jihad' instead of 'terrorism' and 'terrorists' because, as Bob Kerrey pointed out a few weeks ago, you can't "be at war with a tactic." Terrorists, to be honest, are engaged in Jihad. I know that this is a politically incorrect thing to say... but it is, essentially, correct. Yes, I know that pre-war Iraq was a marginally secular state... but the greater struggle, and the one we are engaged in now, is clearly a fight against trans-national forces that are, in their own words, embarking on Jihad.


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