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Some guy on GLP in 2007 predicted a lot of stuff...and it happened

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posted on Jul, 1 2009 @ 08:50 AM
What he posted:
He posted it Here at the bottom of the page

Next president will be a black man.
Maybe Obama.
Maybe not.
Doesn´t matter.
Civil war starts late 2009 (racial tensions)
Follows an financial disaster.
Defeat in Iraq.
Retreat from the east.
Soldiers needed at home.
Buy a bicycle !

Let's analyze his predictions FROM 2007.

(Next president will be a black man. )
It is.

(Maybe Obama)
He is.

(Maybe not.)
It happened.

(Doesn't matter.)
I think most agree here... both parties are controlled.

(Civil war starts late 2009 (racial tensions))
Somehow, I don't see it over racial tensions... maybe it will be portrayed like that on the news... they always say that those who oppose Obama are racists...

(Follows an financial disaster.)
It's already in the pipe and will only get worse.

(Defeat in Iraq.)
Americans troops being kicked out entirely? Iranians attacking US troops in Iraq following an Israeli strike?

(Soldiers needed at home.)
The whole martial law apparatus is ready... only need brainwashed soldiers.

(Buy a bicycle)
CAP AND TRADE, DOLLAR CRASH + WARS in the middle-east + speculation, OIL will soon be very expansive.

So... if the planned economic collapse happens in september/october as all people are saying... and the cap and trade BS is passed, + anti-gun legislation + ACORN having all this power...

TSHTF by the end of the year... like that guy said.


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