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Against Their Will ( Hanoi Extorts Huge Amounts Of Money From Paris )

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posted on Feb, 10 2003 @ 02:30 AM
A post where we need a frenchie opinion.

Hanoi Extorts Huge Amounts Of Money From Paris

It has become clear that not all the Frenchmen who remained in Vietnam after the war, had chosen their fate freely.

Some were held against their will, and even many who "rallied", may have been denied a real choice by communist intimidation and indoctrination.

For example, French radioman, Yves LeBray, returned to France more than ten years after his capture in December 1953, as reported by NEWSWEEK in 1964.

The communists had "packed off" LeBray "to become a slave laborer", near the Chinese border, at Lang Son the report said.

Just like the Americans who would later be seen by the "Mortician", the Frenchman had been isolated from friendly foreigners and kept under constant supervision by communist officials.

When French diplomats learned about Yves LeBray, they immediately pressed Hanoi for his freedom.

The 32-year-old soon returned home to his Breton village of Pleudihen, where town officials were forced to remove his name from the War Monument to those villagers "mort pour la France", which translated means "died for France".

For decades after the French withdrawal, Hanoi used the French dead to extort huge amounts of money from Paris.

By 1968, Paris still carried 40 of its men as POWs, 36 as deserters and 358 as "disparus", French for "disappeared".

Prisoners from the French colonies also remained in Vietnam during the 1960's.

U.S. Intelligence reported that blacks from the French forces were cutting grass at North Vietnam's Cuu Long Agricultural Center

More : LINK

And you still have a communist and socialist party in France ???? Really, I don't understand....


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