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United States Empire ?

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posted on May, 5 2004 @ 09:27 PM
While on a trip to the United Kingdoms, the president of the United States of America, George W Bush had an formal meeting with the Queen.
In one of the conversations the two had the President of the United States made clear his intentions of becoming an Empire. The Queen remark to this was to simply state that to become an Emipire one must have an Emperor. Since the United states did not have an Emperor this would be out of the Question.
George W Bush, obviousley saddened and by this revelation countred with how well his country is doing financially and spoke of the success of the American intrests abroad. In finishing this speech he expressed how he felt that it would be in America's best intrests to become a 'Kingdom'. The Queen poiletly smiled and pointed out that America does not have a king so therefore cannot become a Kingdom.
The president, showing some embarassement now at the points he and his advisors had overlooked.Turned to the Queen and in a last attempt to redeam himself told her how since his election America had become more stabilized and that his rating in the polls had climbed untold. In finishing he expressed that the United States should become a Princedom. The Queen now becomming distressed at the poor Presidents constant harpings, turned to George, and with her most politeful smile and heartfelt voice told the president, "You can't become a Princedom, because you don't have a prince".
After her reply the Queen could see the obvious hurt the President was feeling, so to cheer him up see turned to him and said "George I think you are doing very well as a #ry."


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