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Googling Earth- 51 & Skinwalker

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posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 04:12 PM
Ok, so obviously the green circles are an agricultural deal, but what about the ones in 51 testing zones, and Skinwalker? Here are the coords to some of the stuff I've found: Keep note of the imagery dates as you look at these.

Viewing Altitude- 21.35km coords: 36*23'07.62"N 117*54'09.74"W- This is Mountain WTF? Take a look at face of this mountain. There are several curious things on this mountain, but there is a huge geometric shape on one side that is either carved in, or is a bay door. It is where RT 190 and 395 join up. This is not in 51 but a few miles from it, just odd stuff on this mountain.

Onto 51: 51 can be searched, the coords are ALT- 24.34km 37*16'16.76"N 115*48'52.46"W.

ALT- 16.18km 38*01'43.92"N 116*01'17.46"W Agro circles with an obvious photo edit.

ALT-416m 37*54'29.95'N 116*46'34.03"W Blacked out building with agro circles to the north west.

ALT-5.48km 37*50'35.30'N 116*43'47.75"W Big Ol something in the flat, facilities near by. Believe this is the Tonopah area.

Alt- 3.35km 37*44'38.05"N 116*39'27.53"W Obvious arial target at Tonopah range.

ALT-2.47km 37*42'29.60"N 116*27'01.16W Facilities with large pool areas. These are either full of really odd black and elecric blue liquid or are blocked out.

ALT- 313m 37*35'42.45"N 116*54'05.71"W Artillery area. Take note of the white road grid layout here.... your gonna see it.... A LOT of it at Skinwalker... along with the little black trailers or whatever they are scattered throughout the grids.

ALT- 608m 37*35'04.72"N 116*53'06.52"W Obvious target area ( blast spots peppered all over, note the curious horseshoe gauged parts.

ALT- 431m 37*36'06.68"N 116*41'40.97"W The Eye on the mountain facility. No idea what the facitity could be.

ALT- 1.90km 37*25'16.78"N 116*34'16.57W This is a good one... Mountain with a road going up it.... zoom in to 120m and you'll see what seem like trailers sitting .... I can't tell if this is a flat mountain top, or perhaps this road goes into this mountain, as in it's kinda like the Chy's(NORAD) in Colorado.

ALT- 1.06 km 36*37'08.79"N 115*56'46.08W.... No idea whats this huge thing is, looks like a helluva lot of plumbing.

ALT- 6.51km 36*39'42.24N 115*59'47.16"W 2 facilities

ALT- 9.40km 36*35'07.95N 115*40'31.83"W CREECH AFB there are testing zones to the N. Somewhere around here ( I think ) is a antenna that is very tall and has a spiral shape, I'll find it again, but I failed to mark it before. To the right of Creech is a small mountain with a road leading to the upper portion, the road stops at a shadowed area, could be an opening, could not be an opening.

ALT-1.08km North East of Creech AFB, large bombing target with a tank at the center, to the right of this tank is a huge octagon design. North of these at ALT-3.87 36*40'19.91"N 115*29'22.89"W I found a cache of tanks. Zoom in to get a great view.

North of the tanks at ALT-18.57 36*47'37.98"N 115*26'17.93"W is an array of stuff from a MIG, large bombing target, hangars with what appears to be a large vehicle and something else, to facilities.

Thats it for 51 for now, next post I'll do the Skinwalker coordinates. Sorry for using * in place of degree marks, hope these coords help, Im new at GE and ATS.

posted on Jul, 2 2009 @ 03:30 AM
You really should provide a KMZ file. This is the first and last time I will do this for you.
kmz file for post
I managed to get some bug in waypoint 12, so it shows up as "no name."

Here we go.
1) Owens Dry Lake. Hardly a mountain.
2) Well, yeah, that is Groom Lake.
3) Dry lake near a ranch. I must have driven past it a hundred times.
4) Just north of the TTR mancamp, we have a water detention basin or something like that.
5) Antelope Dry Lake. It is the target of TTR bomb testing. See map on this page
TTR Odds and Ends
6) Visual target, one of many on the range.
7) Waste treatment for a facility at Site-4
8) Operation Roller Coaster was conducted in this general area. There are targets there now. Perhaps the specific area is undergoing a clean up.
9) Bombed area
10) Communications center. You can see the shadow of a tower. This is viewable from the TTR viewing areas.
11) Not sure. Maybe a threat site for electronic warfare.
12) That is a commercial mining operation on public land very close to the NTS.
13) Mercury
14) Creech
15) A10s shoot tanks here, probably with DU.
16) Just south of here is a fake compound made up of metal shipping containers. Very common.

Time spent: 40 minutes
Accomplishments: not much

I assure you that I won't be participating in the Skinwalker Ranch. If you expect any responses, you ought to present your data in a manner where it can be loaded into google earth.

Where do I send the bill?

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