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Elite or just scum?

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posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 09:22 AM
I wanted to make an entire thread to counter the silly thread regarding the so called 'elite' and despising them being based on jealousy - or such nonsense.

The so called 'elite' are not achievers - neither are they necessarily intelligent, in fact some of them are outright retards, Bush for example.

They do however have the following traits in common, they;

1) are protected by lies and misinformation courtesy of the MSM which is in their control
2) are 'appointed' by the current crop of scum, rarely based on merit - usually based on expediency or relationships
3) have one agenda publicly (peace and light) - and a very different agenda privately (skulduggery and theft)
4) have access to all kinds of informal powers
5) operate extra-legally, in other words they are not subject to the law (in fact the main reason the law exists is to prevent others from challenging them)

For these reasons the term I use in reference to them is 'scum', 'controller scum' or 'Bilderscum' - all of which are far more appropriate in describing their central character than the misnomer, ' elite'.

Those who try to rise to their level of influence through intellect or acumen are trampled mercilessly - Howard Hughes, Tesla and the Hunt brothers for example.

Hughes TW Airlines was a threat to the scums Pan Am airlines, run by Juan Trippe (Skull and Bones, backed by JP Morgan), they were trying to make a legal monopoly for only one carrier to fly US to Europe. They sent Hughes to court to face false charges, had contracts yanked on him - tried to kill him by sabotaging his experimental plane - and I believe they also poisoned him, causing him to develop severe COD - which would undermine his company. You can see details of this in the movie, The Aviator.

Tesla was a threat to the oil barons - so he was discredited, stolen from, harassed and I believe ALSO poisoned, same subtance as Howard Hughes to produce severe COD.

The Hunt brothers tried to crush the banksters fraudulent silver futures manipulation by forcing the banks to provide actual metal - which the Hunts knew they didn't have, instead - the tables were turned on the Hunts (who were acting purely within the law) - the regulations regarding lending margins was adjusted overnight (obvious underhanded illegal connections), forcing them into a muti-billion margin call (24 hrs to pay) which they couldn't meet - costing them a billion dollars, but to add insult to injury they were also tried and convicted of the very thing they were trying to unmask and crush - silver price manipulation - they had done nothing of the sort of course, they had acted entirely within the law, but laws can be changed an interpreted as desired if you have enough influence.

The real elite are the guys who are taking on the scum, such as Ron Paul - the scum are just that - scum.

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posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 09:29 AM

in fact some of them are outright retards,

While I can't disagree with the sentiment of your statement, I'm truly not crazy about the terms you used.

Consider also, that in the process of vast generalizations you used (notice I didn't say "spewed" or other emotionally charged/bating words) you might just be painting whole groups of people that don't necessarily belong to any such group.

Aside from that, I don't disagree with the overall flavor of your thread. As you noted "elite" is a very imprecise term, as evidence by the many ways in which it is used, and people tagged with it.

Those that would seek or be successful subverting the U.S. Constitution or to control global finances to their own ends and care not a whit for the damage and ruin it causes to others would seem best described as "scum". Pond scum even.

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 11:37 AM
reply to post by argentus

Well, I can't disagree with the guy. It's gotten to the point that anybody that's successfull is considered scum. There are so many 'at the top' that got there through underhanded means, outright fraud, various manipulations, etc... That those that have worked hard to get there are looked down on even though their rise has been ethically proper. Even those that are there through a simple means such as inheritance are looked down on, granted they didn't 'work' for it, but it is theirs.

I used to believe in fairness, but the system doesn't reward the ethical.

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 05:00 PM
I've heard that the so called 'elite' want to reduce the population by 95%

If they do I'm sure the elite are going to be the ones left.

They seem pretty helpless without lackys and minions.

Just how are they going to survive? Their stored food will only last so long

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