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can anyone help explain this dream i just had??

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posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 05:55 AM
Well the title pretty much says it all. But let me explain what happened to everyone.
Well 1st off,I always have nightmares of way worse thing than this one. Like demons/monsters just overall really creepy sh1t.and it never bothers me at all. Ill just wake up from it and go back to sleep hoping I keep having the same dream.
But this morning I had a dream I was at my friends old house at his garage door and when me and one other person(can't remember who it was or if I knew this person at all)opened the door there was a ghost in the form of a little boy.he just looked like a normal boy with normal clothes on but was see threw like most ghost are on tv/movies. And when the garage door was opened the ghost was on top of a latter and looked at us walked down the latter and around the garage inside and walked past us. And the only words I remember being said were"ardent sentry" and it wasn't the ghost or me saying it was just a random voice saying it about 4-6 times. And the weirdest part about it al is my gf asking if I was alright and while I was half dreaming half awake my body was jolting/twitching really bad until I fully awoke and realized what was going on. And for the first time ever I actually awoke from a dream and was scared. I didn't want to open my eyes cause I felt like the ghost was still there in my bedroom after I awoke. And I didn't watch anything with ghost on tv before I went to sleep. I was watching my name is earl. And as far as the"ardent sentry" I read the operation blackjack thread like ten days ago on here so I don't know why that would be in my head still. I really havnt thought about that tread at all after reading it.
As far as the dream there was nothing scary about it at all really. That's why I'm so curious as to why it got me so scared in the 1st place. Where I didn't wanna open my eyes of fall back asleep. Could this really be a ghost or someone who passed away trying to talk to me or haunt me? I have never seen a ghost before or been scared of a dream or had my body act like that in my sleep. What could this mean. Any help would be radical. Thanks in advance.

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 07:08 AM
My opinion and a dime will get you a cup of coffee...that being said.

Sounds like (what i call) a contact dream. I've had similar and thats what i call them.

Years ago, i lived in an apartment. Always had a sense that something bad happend there. The apartment was laid out with the main area being entered from the north east corner of the living room . Immediately to your left was a bar and the kitchen. Straight and left to you to the bedroom and right to the bath. Connecting the two was a little "hall" made by a wall extension on the left that had a closet.

In this hall (when i moved in) the wall was damaged-pushed in pretty good just about 3 or 4 feet up. This was fixed before i moved in.

One night, i had a dream that was in the negative (and red) just like film (weird). In it i saw the images of a family and a voice (like yours) said "this is the horror of the xyz family". couldnt remember their name.

Just then i had the image of a short, hairy, black gorilla shaped thing crouched in my doorway. Before i could act, it sprang at me and tried to land on me. I woke up then but it was too real.

Someone had been deceased in the apartment before i understood. couldnt get info further.

My then girlfriend now wife stayed one night a few months or so later. I got up to go into the living room and heard her call my name and then scream. She saw the " big ugly". She hadnt been told of it.

Thought form?

Yeah, sounds like info of some sort. Maybe right time and place. I would try to research ardent sentry some. maybe helpful.

Hope i was of some use.

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 07:11 AM

You were picking up on this perhaps?

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 08:06 AM
Yeah I real all about "ardent sentry" almost 2 weeks ago in the operation blackjack thread but I'm not sure what it had to do with a dream of a child ghost. But that's not the part that freaked me out it was the ghost it seemed way to real I was as scared just as much when I woke up as when I was sleeping. Unless someone not here anymore is trying to warn me of something. I'm also in mich usa where the drills are not even taking place. If it happenes again I'm gunna be freaked the f out. Imma do some reasearch and see what I can find out and let you kno

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 08:23 AM
reply to post by agent0range

Agent, You have good reason to be scared. You are IMO, soon going to be a father, even if she doesn't know yet. These dreams always came to me when I was knocked up.

It'll be a boy he was saying Hi.

Sen·tient (-s̸hənt, -s̸hē ənt)


of, having, or capable of feeling or perception; conscious
(root word of sentry)

ar·dent (är′dənt)


warm or intense in feeling; passionate

He basically told you, in some words you have seen recently, IMO. Also, she may find out and/or tell you at said friends house.

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posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 08:46 AM

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posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 09:00 AM
I have had alot of ghost dreams. At this one house, i would dream of a little girl. In my dream she was a ghost. One time i woke up after this dream looked outside my room, and saw a shadow of a little girl sitting down. IT was pretty creepy.

This one time in michagan at my aunts, i had a dream about skeletons coming up out of the floor. I woke up and waked my mom. SHe just told me to go back to sleep. As soon as i closed my eyes, i would see the skeles again. If i opened them, they were gone. I crawled under the bed(closed spaces made me feel more secure when i was young)(i was also sleeping on the floor so it wasnt like i got off the bed to crawl under it.) and closed my eyes. Under the bed, their was a hole in the floor. It was green inside the hole. I eventual fell asleep.

This other dream i had.
I was sleeping on the floor in from of a little nightstand. In my dream i woke up and was on my upstairs when suddenly an entire dresser moved from the wall ito infront of the stairs. Where the dresser used to be, was a ghost. It was another girl ghost. She reached her hand out toward me and flung her hand to the left. It threw me with its mind. IT did it again, but to a different part of the room. She threw me one more time and i landed under a chair. When i woke up, it was a subtle waking, didnt know i was awake until i noticed the dresser wasnt moved. I woke up under that chair i dreamt i was flung under. Were i was orginally sleeping was 3 feet to the left and 5 feet down. I dont know what actual happened, if i crawled under their, or...
These are the only ghost stories of mine ill tell you for now.


posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 09:13 AM
reply to post by agent0range

Ardent Sentry makes me think of a steadfast guard.. one who is committed to his duty to safeguard something.

Could be various things as to what this is, but because there is a door (to the garage) then the ardent sentry could be a gate keeper. The boy could possibly have been a spirit or was a representation of what 'lay beyond' the sentry.

The boy had to come down to your level (came down a ladder). There is a common term that mediums use in contacting the other side.. and that is 'Come Forward', which may have been what the boy was doing.

As someone said.. this may be a contact.. it may be more than that.. you may be developing a bridge.. If it happens again then use the term 'come forward' and repeat it until things happen, but dont expect immediate results.

It may be that you are the gate keeper.. The garage could be a portal and may be a focus point for you to connect with.

Because previous dreams have been rather graphic and nightmarish, this could point towards more about the type of character you are in the dream realm or the spirit world.. it may be that you are a guardian of some form.. a dream warrior, so to speak..

Keep it up.. dreams take time to master.. you could discover far more than just dreams..

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 12:27 PM
Well I tried to look up what the dream ment and this is the best thing I found.

"GhostsA ghost may represent something that is gone but not forgotten, or something that is almost forgotten but that you simply cannot release. Ghostsdream interpretationmeaning of dreamSome believe that the ghosts in their dreams are real representations of the dead. This is an unlikely explanation of this dream. Ghost [82]To dream of the ghost of either one of your parents, denotes that you are exposed to danger, and you should be careful in forming partnerships with strangers. GhostsSome believe that the ghosts in their dreams are real representations of the dead. This is an unlikely explanation of this dream. More likely the ghost is representing a part of you that is unclear and that you do not understand. GhostThe meaning of this dream varies depending on what happened. If the ghost simply appeared in your dream, it is an omen of general good luck; however, if you were frightened by it or it spoke to you, ... GHOSTS: (C) Ghosts may represent memories, experiences or emotions from the past which haunt the dreamer. It may represent attitudes or patterns of behavior which were once alive, but now are dead. GhostsDreaming of friendly ghosts is a lucky omen, and that you should be receiving unexpected good luck. ghostSomeone you knew (or wish you'd known) in real life who is now deadSomething that has changed or doesn't exist any longer, such as a former relationship or former job ... Ghost In general, ghosts symbolize aspects of yourself that you fear. This may involve a painful memory, guilt, or some repressed thoughts. You may be afraid of death and dying. Ghost - a part of yourself that is not understood; feelings about a deceased person that have not been fully exploredGiant - self-doubt growing out of proportion; making mountains out of molehillsGiraffe - reaching out ... GHOST An old memory, an old fear, or the past, that haunts you or comes back to you. May represent a guilt, fear of death, intuitive knowledge, dread of the unknown, or things you have done that you have tried to bury and forget. Ghost.Pheasant Dreaming of pheasants, omens good fellowship among your friends. To eat one, signifies that the jealousy of your wife will cause you to forego friendly intercourse with your friends. Secret. Ghost. Remnant. Part of your world needs to be illuminated.ShellCovering. Protection. Seeking freedom from certain structures. To see the Holy Ghost descending on Christ, is significant of resignation to duty and abnegation of self. *Please see also Ghost.PharaohTo see or dream that you are a pharaoh, indicates that you are acknowledging the authority within yourself. It may also signify your connection with your spirituality and the divine. eye, eyelet, fairy godmother, familiar, familiar spirit, fellow, finger post, fist, forebear, foregoer, forerun, forerunner, form, front runner, frontiersman, fugleman, gasket, genius, genius domus, genius loci, get ahead of, get before, ghost, ... Ghost If the ghost in your dream was walking, it's a sign that money worries will plague you. If the ghost is talking, you are trying to fool yourself. Sometimes ghosts appear in our dreams to show how transparent our actions can be at times. Who is the ghost in your dream? Are its intentions obvious or transparent . that is, can you see right through them? I get hijacked by a "Scooby Doobie" cartoon involving an impending marriage, a ring, a Puritan ghost in the house, a black historian who is also Justice of the "Peace" and an Indian treasure hidden under the floor. Three is best known as a religious symbol - the father, son and holy ghost. It often stands for power and authority, like the three parts of a democratic government. Look where the trio is in your dream - is it part of your group, giving you power? Eagle: It represents the Holy Ghost. Eagle (flying upward): Happy event. Eagle (plunging): Unfortunate event. Eagle, wounded: Ruin. Eagle, dead: Total ruin. Eggs, to see one's self carrying or chickens hatching out: Internal birth. spirits or ghosts - Connections with another world. Fear: You need to address your fears about death or of the unknown. Vivid images of family members contain messages for you. Spirit images of loved ones try to console those they left behind. See also: Dream, May, Dreams, Present, Dictionary   ".

Its more info than I needed but that's what I found. I think your s are better imo. Hopefully I'm a gatekeeper and not about to be a daddy lol we shall see. I didn't even think about "ardent sentry" like that I just took it literally from what I read. If it happens again should I say come forward when I wake up or in my dream(if I can.) Ill try both. And hopefully I won't be a chicken # and open my eyes. This was my closest encounter with a ghost I ever had. Wether it was a dream or not

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 01:52 PM
I could tell stories, but they're mostly off-topic. I don't dismiss the idea that something profound happened to you. I've had experiences along those lines that I refuse to believe are attributed to coincidence or imagination. There are things about our reality that we don't even come close to comprehending.

I'll just say that you shouldn't let anyone tell you what your dreams mean. Think about them for a while. Try abstracting the content from it and not ponder pieces of the dream in such literal terms. You might have an AHA! moment. Then again, some dreams ARE literal. Only you can extrapolate its meaning.

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posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 02:11 PM
reply to post by ldyserenity

I wouldn't be surprised if this interpretation isn't correct, that the ghost boy coming down off a ladder is maybe an incarnating child.. would be interesting if that turned out to be the case. No wonder he was in terror for no apparent reason!

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 02:55 PM
reply to post by an0maly33

Yeah maybe your right I keep thinking about what it could mean. I was just thinking someone whould have more knowladge than me about dreams.

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