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'Fellowship of Friends' vs. Wikileaks/GLP

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posted on Jun, 26 2009 @ 12:05 PM
So here's an ATS pertinent and interesting story developing before our eyes ...

What is 'The Fellowship of Friends' according to wikileaks?

The Fellowship of Friends (FoF) is a controversial Californian headquartered "Forth Way" religious cult. It claims 40 chapters around the world and has been the subject of a number of law suits in the past five years. The suits, instigated by former members, allege, among other matters, that the supposedly celibate founder and leader, Robert Earl Burton, kept or keeps a secret harem of teenage boys.

Recently Wikileaks released a Censored Fellowship of Friends cult letter from former legal council David Springfield

... and apparently someone over at GLP posted a copy of that letter.
(i will not do likewise, but a copy is available for download at Wikileaks)

What happened next ...

On June 21, 2009, an administrator of GLP received the first in series of legal demands over the Springfield letter from "Abraham N. Goldman & Associates, Ltd." of California, who stated they were acting for the Fellowship of Friends. The demands insisted GLP remove references to the WikiLeaks information, claiming copyright and client-attorney privilege on the Springfield letter.

As far as I am aware GLP has not removed the related posts/threads ... good for them.

I find wikileaks, much like cryptome, to be excellent sources for delivery of whistle blowing material. The problem is that they are usually on the front lines of any potential retributory or legal action from those who will do a great deal to keep their secrets.

FoF seems to be following down the ill fated path of the CoS, threatening and intimidating those who will go out on a limb to expose their secrets.

On a side note, it occurs to me to me that this sort of thing must happen quite frequently here on ATS, with millions of posts and tens of thousands of threads surely some fearful folk must have contacted the ATS PTB and attempted to influence their content. The fact that we never hear or made aware of it doesn't mean that their efforts in this regard shouldn't be noted. So quick and earnest thanks to the top brass for protecting its membership, keeping the content pure, and letting the truth flow.

As far as the FoF ... calling out all Anonymous!

posted on Jun, 27 2009 @ 02:58 AM
Well I am surprised anyone even pays attention to GLP... I left their site long ago over the Amount of bogus things that went on there... It is a surprise to find them getting into trouble over a real conspiracy ..


I like ATS So much more.

As for the FoF... They sound like Scientologists.

Do they have an ultimate advisary I could worship and put on T-Shrits?

posted on Jun, 27 2009 @ 12:36 PM

Originally posted by titorite

As for the FoF... They sound like Scientologists.

They do ...

Their cult is founded in the Fourth Way. Much like the CoS, their belief system has some elements of earnest spirituality in it but twisted to serve the inherent cult dynamic. And when that dynamic is threatened via illicit documentation about their leader it is obviously a little upsetting to them and their pocket books. How very spiritual.

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