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A strange series of dreams

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posted on Jun, 26 2009 @ 05:46 AM
First off I'd like to say that it is very rare that I remember my dreams, and even more rare that they are vivid enough to stay with me for a few days.

At the beginning of this week I started to have some very vivid dreams that I would remember way past waking up. I've been looking at them and trying to understand what they might mean.

Here are the dreams.

In this dream I am back at a Church building I haven't been to in over 10 years. The building is shaped like a, H on it's side. The middle coloumb is where the Chapel and Main Hall are, the spokes coming off from each side contain Classrooms, Kitchen, bathrooms etc. Alot of people are there, quite a number I know from thoughout my life. They are all gathered in the Chapel and Main Hall awaiting someone to speak to them. For some reason I can't or will not go into the Chapel.
There are a number of people, including myself, stood in the corridor. Suddenly, overlayed on top everything I can see is another world. This one looks very much like something Sci-Fi, with hexagonal corridors in the classic Marine style from Aliens. As I'm looking around in shock we are attacked by Aliens, we open fire on them and are chased from the building. I run across the car park towards an elivator, which is in the ghostly overlay style, and get in. I punch a code into the keypad and the elivator begins to lift. Once it starts moving the cable snaps and I drop back down to the ground.
When I get backup, the overlayed world is gone and I'm back to the normal world of before, just out in the car park. I then notice a number of old ladies. They are dressed in crazy multi-coloured clothed, with a very odd seethrought cloth draped over them, covering them from head to toe, which also has sparkles of colours in them. The Old Ladies then begin to shoot lightning from thier hands, I fight a number of them with a silver sword and kill them. I then wake up.

There are very little details I remeber about this dream, apart from one major thing. I was being asked to fill in a document and sign it. They had put down that I was a Doctor, I told them I wasn't and they corrected the entry.

More to follow.

posted on Jun, 26 2009 @ 05:47 AM

I was back in my family home with my parents and my sisters. Everyone was happy and glad to see each other (which is always the case when we get together). In the living room was sat a woman who I instantly fell in love with. I remember having the feeling that she was my perfect ideal of a woman. The features I remember about her was that she had vivid red hair, a perfect personality, very intelligent. I also remember that everyone in the house was very excited that she was there for some reason that they didn't tell me.
I then wanted very much to call her. For some reason she lived at a friends house, I went to call the number but couldn't remember what she was called. I asked my family and they gave me an exotic sounding name that I can't remember.

I'm in a very large building, being built by the company I work for. It's on a massive scale, but I don't see any other buildings around it so can't compare it's size. I head down into the basement, which is still under construction. Lots of building materials are all over the basement. I also notice a number of mini fridges with glass front doors. I walk over to one and think about taking some of the cans inside. While I'm thinking about this I notice workers arriving in a part of the basement. I reach into the fridge and take two cans, one Sprite and one Tango Apple. When I take the cans some of the workers start to chase me. I run up through the building and into the Lobby and then outside. The ground around the building is sloped so that the base of the building is below ground level, there are large patches of grass in squares around the building. I run around one of these patches throwing the cans behind me which then explode in a shower of fizzy drink.
I turn around and there appears this woman who seems to be incharge. She then starts to tell me off about what was happening. I then respond to her that it was all a test and that currently she was failing the test. I pull out a laptop and show her the scores of the test. She starts to break down and cry, I then notice that she is very attractive, with dark tanned skin and dark almost black hair. I then tell her that because of the last excersie she has now passed, she is very greatful. We head back to a room in the building and end up having sex.

These have all happened this week, with no change in my normal routine or diet. I've not had any major changes at work, apart from being under a little more stress than usual.

I'm at a loss as to how to interperate these so I'm putting them up here for some help.


posted on Jun, 27 2009 @ 10:42 AM
sounds decent lol i think this is rely interesting have you been to any websites that might have dream explanations and try put them together if you get what i mean because i think this dreams could be more than just dreams esesh the 1st one you mentioned with the church it could mean somthing anyways research that dude :

posted on Jun, 27 2009 @ 09:50 PM
Dream seems to be about what you sense, people hiding on another level faking out, also your mind trying to define what a woman is.
Old hags are people cloaked in new age polish , Lack of heart and strength they weave webs, dodge the truth and manipulate.
All they have is self serving rhetoric and lack empathy and understanding.
Fake skin they weave: clwndnc: fools fakes are not the same.
Fools have good hearts and end up getting nailed by the heartless.

Good Women and Men are Kind based stronger with feeling and have universal respect , genuine honest hearts.
Even at there worst they refuse to use others out of values they have found to live by.

Kind of a war of the fakers against the kind truth based souls on another level. You sense it everywhere and has been going on for many centuries.

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