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Ideas Online, Yes, but Some Not So Presidential NEWYORKTIMES

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posted on Jun, 25 2009 @ 05:08 AM

“Please, as fellow human beings of this great planet Earth, disclose all known information on space/UFO’s because the world needs to know,” wrote sprinter5160 on the site,, which attracted thousands of similar comments on fringe topics.

While it was not exactly what administration officials had in mind, they noted that democracy can be a bit messy.

“Even for people who want to talk about U.F.O.’s or the Kennedy assassination, we have created a forum for people to have a conversation with each other, and potentially to go off and organize and develop this further,” said Beth Simone Noveck, a New York Law School professor who is Mr. Obama’s deputy chief technology officer for open government.


Well, there you go....another article....Seriously though.....We NEED a STRONGER voice.......

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