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looking for alien footprint images

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posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 10:51 PM
Searching the world wide web I tried to find footprint images of aliens, the ones i saw are small, like made by an 8 year old child, five toes on each foot, the big toe impression being triangular in shape, and the four smaller ones are round like ours. The footprints i saw told me that they dont use thier heels. I would really like
to find another 1st contact ufo witness that might of seen the footprints im describing, small feet, five toes on each foot, the big toe triangular, the four smaller toes round next to the toe, and only the front pad of the foot in the impression without the heels. I wonder if anybody in the world seen real
alien footprints like i saw. My ufo sighting happened sunday september 10th, 1995, and I will never forget it. In a way I like transfering and collecting info on ATS. I really need to know about alien footprints. Im not often on ATS, but i admit Im using ats to transmit info. One day I will press enter
on this site about something super important, the time is not right yet. But let me give the top a spin, the aliens seem to be very keen about this, the queen in england and germany are very tight lipped about 8 fossilized sicilian dwarf elephant stones carved 5.5 million years ago. The german government gave one to the queen of england in 1972 as a gift. Hers is a crude version, no little dragon carved on the
underside, and nothing inside, the seven others are kept away from the public in a museum basement in germany. one of the ones in the german panzer tresor is carved. Theres one missing, the one with
a little dragon carved on the underside. The leather of these stones didnt rot and aliens carved them
5.5 million years ago. The queen in england cut hers in half to see what might be concealed inside. German archeoligists found these by the tomb of the unknown king by entsen, south west
40k, from the town of koln in germany. France stole the 75 kilo gold armour of the unknown king in that tomb during
world war one, kaiser wilhelm was really mad but the german alien fosilized sicilian dwarf elephant stones remained in the tomb. Anyways the aliens want the 9th missing one. That one is the key, so now i guess ats can scratch thier heads a little about alien artifacts and alien footprints. Maybe somebody else seen similar footprints like I saw, or some other type, similar. Lots of ufo sightings but alien footprint sightings seem rather rare.

posted on Jun, 25 2009 @ 03:34 AM
Well so far your story would make a great film. Maybe not enough for the big screen, perhaps Saturday afternoon DVD material

What is missing is things like 'source'
Things I'd like to know about is who said these elephants were carved 5.5 million years ago? The Queen would have most likely donated hers to the British Museum for verification
And what the heck are aliens carving elephants for?

posted on Jun, 25 2009 @ 03:47 AM
i would like to know more about these figurines.any reference material u might got would be helpfull.would like to know more.


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