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Dealing with hopelessness

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posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 02:39 AM
I go through various emotions daily (please move mods if in the wrong place) because i'm human. Need no further explanation.

I just listened to Makes me Wonder by Maroon 5, the made the song for President Bush, Girls, and etc. lots of reasons actually!

I like the band personally, they showed me a side of life to girls I needed to know at the right time years ago.

Theres the video.

So, lately i've been feeling the inevitable, hopelessness feeling, you know where, everything you do turns to f and dust sooner or later. We've all felt it i'm sure.

Instead of talking to my pill happy friends and family, I feel ats is more alternative, for a temporary feelings, (as i'm not obsessive depressive!).

I just feel like everything in life is worthless and meaningless, it's good in ways but a complete bummer in others.

maybe i'ts because i'm atheist, and don't believe in a being that is watching me and judging my good deeds. I judge those personally. Those who acknowledge them I care little of their opinions. Sad to say.

Every relationship I have will end, every pet I have will die, every accomplisment I have will be surpassed, everything I do is a stepping stone, or worse for something else. It's ultra depressing to think about it.

I can say I just want to be happy and thats my goal in life, but thats what 99 percent of people want, what makes my life more special then those is what I strive for, but it seems unless your born with it your SOL.

How do others deal with this, is there something motivating, I can see, or do I just have to wait this damn feelin through its course, because if you know me, I feed off emotions of others, and supress my own feelings. Every now and then these sneak there ugly heads on me.

I'm a genius, (iq wise) and I work at subway, because i'm still waiting for a past mistake and sacrifice to come off my record. My life right now is at its worst, but showing signs of improvement beyond belief! Although i'm curious, if I can't accomplish anything in the worst of time, can I accomplish anything in the best of times.

Like say you blame your city for why your the way you are, if you can't be the shining star in your city, what makes you think you can be a supernova in another city? Shouldn't you shine everywhere?

Just depressed and venting, f-k this thread if you will. LMAO. Haha. Just wondering how hopelessness catches up with people.

I'm still young and go off that, but dmn sooner or later, I'm going to have to do something big, (proactive mind you) to redeem myself, alot of self put pressure I guess.

Looking for thoughts and inputs.

posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 02:56 AM
I totally understand where you are coming from, and I would feel exactly the same if I didnt hold the beliefs that I do... and they are not religious beliefs, I can assure you.

Good on you for having the guts to come and post your feelings, -- because you are quite young, it probably wouldnt be easy talking to your friends,... though you may be supprised, that some of them could even feel the same as you, but are just scared to say so..

The feeling 'will' pass, -- but you have it for a reason, and if you can delve deeply enough, you may be able to understand what that reason is...

feeling like crap is not a bad thing, sometimes we just have to go through it and 'feel' it, -- it is through the 'feeling' of it that we can work out why it is happening, and possibly find the missing puzzles in our lives...

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posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 02:58 AM
reply to post by Jacqua

Eh i'm in my low 20's if you must know!

But yeah my friends consist of horny girls, and well.... that's about it. Never really had guy friends? Except for in high school and that was just to talk about the horny girls.

I'm not taciturn about telling emotions though, although whenever I do, I get looks like I just revealed the CIA's top secret documents, and am about to be snipered off!

posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 03:03 AM

Originally posted by Republican08
reply to post by Jacqua

Eh i'm in my low 20's if you must know!

But yeah my friends consist of horny girls, and well.... that's about it. Never really had guy friends? Except for in high school and that was just to talk about the horny girls.

I'm not taciturn about telling emotions though, although whenever I do, I get looks like I just revealed the CIA's top secret documents, and am about to be snipered off!

the reason I mentioned your age is usually (most) people your age have not quite come to terms with themselves... um, their spirituality, so to speak, and this is not god related, ok lol

I feel that you are possibly advancing a bit quicker than your friends are... but thats okay, and its a great thing! -- you may find that you start to attract a different set of friends... one at a time, -- it will happen, ... just keep trucking on, ...

posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 03:17 AM
reply to post by Jacqua

The girls i'm 'with' are from 30's to 40's, so i'm hoping when i'm around there all be with girls in the lowers 20's like me! LMAO

I am surprised how well I fit in in those types of groups though, although noone really notices i'm a decade younger then them, i'm fun as all sht.

Although, I do worry about the long term and not the short term, I don't really care about here and now as much as, millenia from now, what will people think of me then, and thats what lacks.

But actually surprisingly from what you've said has uplifted me somehow, fker!

I feel better though, thanks for that, I needed that somehow. You get a star, on whatever your last post was, in a starrable post, i'm drinking, as you can tell, but a drunk mans words, are a sober mans thoughts.

I appreciate that, i'll even as you as a friend bro, I somehow hit a realization, and a better understanding can't explain it, but i understand tammy's philosphy a bit more because of this, maybe I needed to talk to someone who talked like myself, to talk to myself to understand myself, makes sense to me, and that's what matters because... that's what I would say. Internal Dialouge only in sometimes is it appropriate and great, also what I would say!

Wow, i'm glad I posted this, well now anyways, i'm not the emotional type in the least bit! But glad bein that way got me a little closer to a happiness persona! I need to lay off the words of the day!

posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 03:29 AM
Listen, if you haven't "helped" yourself using drugs and alcohol, then consider yourself lucky. There is a lot of meaning to life, even for atheists.

Now, I don't call myself an atheist per se. I believe in a spiritual power, but not necessarily a god. Anyway, this is not your source of trouble.

Your source of depression is boredom. I, myself, am a member on Mensa. I have dealt with immense anxiety and depression all my life. I believe that maybe we may exhibit certain "un-explored" sufferers off autism, if you will. I don't necessarily believe in autism, but I find that the extremely artistic to communicate on a wholly different level than most. I am not saying we are smarter, I'm saying we may have a different outlook on the world that this society does not speak to.

My parents for many years told me to take medication. I refused, because it destroyed what was really me: my personality, my art, my emotion. Eventually though, something had to give, and I started destroying myself with every other substance known to man.

Basically, I still feel the urges. I don't consider them addiction, because I feel nothing physically. I fill the gaps with creativity.

Sorry, I talked alot about myself.. haha, its cathartic. But really, you need to preoccupy yourself. Its difficult with the whole "why?" thing happening to you now, but if you do your best, you'll grab on to something special eventually. I recommend maybe a weekend all by yourselves in the woods. Grab a tent a supplies, some journals/scratch pads/etc. and just relax. Detox mentally and physically.

I understand you. I had a really bad day today. Feeling the same way as you... I often do. But, its a process, and I myself am very new to it too. But I feel I am dragging myself out of it more each day. Stay positive when you can.. When those feelings come just ride them out and realize, they are just chemicals in your brain, and you do have power over them if you practice.

Please u2u me for some more info. I find that unless you are absolutely beyond help, that self-realization is the best technique in dealing.

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