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BAE: UKs Biggest Arms Firm in Saudi Corruption Scandal

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posted on May, 4 2004 @ 06:27 PM
The UK Guardian newspaper is reporting the Ministry of Defence police have seized 386 boxes of "slush fund" accounts.

The documents reveal that payments totalling more than 60 million pounds sterling were made to prominent Saudis.

The documents also reveal 17 million pounds sterling was paid by BAE, the UKs largest arms company, in benefits to the key Saudi politician in charge in charge of British arms purchases, Prince Turki bin Nasser.
The documents also list by name every Saudi official alleged to have received benefits from BAE in recent years.

This is the biggest arms corruption scandal to be revealed.

Read the full investigation here.

The implications for the US Government are immense.
Lockheed uses BAE as a sub-contractor on the F35 fighter, and the scandal is bound to raise questions as to whether US arms companies are also involved in paying "benefits" to Saudi officials.

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