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conspiracy to keep youth violent

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posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 07:38 AM
ok i was watching youtube and i came across i video from newham generals a group from london that mc in the form of grime very big over here in youths

i heard somebody say that they haven't released there album yet because there waiting for the prophesy day to open gates of hell and they havent released album yet 4 about a year this is the actual video its called violence

what you think??

posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 09:12 AM
Interesting, I don't think in reference to your post you've shown a conspiracy...

but it's interesting nevertheless. Although I think more relevant to sociologocial factors... Grime, has emerged of the back of Garage music (sorry if the Americans don't get this), which itself came off the back of UK Hip Hop and the UK RnB scene* ~ these styles have emerged (mostly) from inner-city, urban (sic) areas.

* It may also be worth noting the Northern "Donk/Scouse-House" scenes.

There's a couple of things we want to look at here; firstly what the environment that this music comes from is like and secondly the reasons and motives for making it and making it in the way it is...

Mostly the environment it comes out of is (fairly) poor, aspirant(?), inner city areas, large council estates, generally areas with little hope... I think the music tends to reflect the lives and aspirations of those who are creating it. This may well sound crass and patronising, but think of 80s us rap, how it was originally an expression of rage at the social environment, poverty and injustice. Now, we have the same thing going on here, it's not a politicised medium (per se), but it might be one day, it's generally young(ish) males expressing their world view, even if that world view is an insular one, talking about the things they do and experience AND also (like old-school rap) giving a large slice of self-aggrandisement, that's just them selling themselves "I'm bigger, better, badder than you" ~ that kind of thing.

The reasons for making it are pretty much incorporated into the above...

The messages are pretty abhorrent to me and I would think to most people, but what's the difference between them and Ozzy, Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, NWA, Public Enemy, 2LiveCrew, The Shamen (remember them and the Ebeneezer Goode furore), the list goes on and on, there's a lot of money and free advertising in "outraging" peoples parents and the conservative media.

An interesting question to pose is what is the validity and intention of the lyrics, do they really want to incite violence and anger? I think yes, BUT, it's symptomatic of the environment that this music comes from, it's all well and good for nice, middle-class white boys to make dreary "nice" music like Colplay, but it means nothing to me and as far as I'm concerned is more of a conspiracy than most things, a "credible" alternative to the glib commercialism of boy bands...

Thing is, with Grime, it'll burn itself out quickly, to be honest, once the Daily Mail have caught on to it and kids in suburban areas are into it, it's over, it's lost it's edge and the people at the heart of it will lose interest and create something new.

As an aside, even though I'm not into this, nor agree with the messages, at least some of these people are doing something, being creative, they can put it out over myspace one track at a time, they can make this in their bedrooms, with no support, no media infrastructure, no record companies AND regardless of any talent/musicality arguments, there's still a degree of talent there, it's easy to "lay down beats", it's not easy to lay down good beats that people like and want to listen to again and again.

Christ I feel old.

posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 10:40 AM
I think you ask a good question. I have seen a rise in violence in the young, I mainly blame this on poor education, bad parenting, poor diet, supressed emotions and lack of things for them to do/reasons for them to occupy their minds.
I would say society is to blame for all of these problems. If you believe there is a secret group controlling society and purposely maintaining these ills then there is a conspiracy.
You know what I blame? Televison and MSM. It sounds far out but I can trace every one of these ills back to TV or MSM. It would be a long one but I generally blame the face of society, TV/MSM.

posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 11:18 AM
I think that the MSM, TV etc are more symptomatic of society and are more of the lense that we're seen through... although, there have been a lot of advances with regard to TV (as a whole - what we view in our homes), more strict rules regarding gender and racial stereotypes etc, however, TV has subverted this largely by commidifying people, reducing characters to little more than vague stereotypes and billboards. There are of course exceptions to this.

Mostly it's due to a lack of parental responsibility, it's easier to slap a "Parental Advisory" sticker on a cd/game etc than it is to sit down and talk to your child about the themes that are contained in these things. They're all made highly desirable through marketing and the culture of inclusion ~ ie: all the other kids in the playground have it, all the people at work have one... ad nauseum.

Apparently there was a move in British television (not the BBC) during the 50s and 60s, where there were lots of tele-plays being shown, that focused on working class family environments, quite often written by decent "high-brow" writers (Pinter, stuff like that). The advertisers, who in effect sponsored the broadcasts (in the UK, there was only one other channel - ITV), were uncomfortable with the themes these shows portrayed and desired programmes that reflected aspirations, desires for the trappings of a "modern" lifestyle ~ perfumes, aftershaves, deodorants, high-value products that weren't really necessary... ITV had no choice but to bow to the pressures of the advertisers because that's how they were funded, the advertisers now had themselves a caged-market, bombarded with messages about how to improve the perceived quality of their lives. Slowly, we moved towards a consumer society, especially post-war it must've been tempting to wallow in some luxury.

~ I'm sure the advertising model is the same if not more so predominant in the US and other "Westernised" territories.

So, slowly we have a major shift towards consumerism and ultimately selfishness. Somehow, we seem to have less time in the modern world, we're more bogged down by work and it's stresses, if we have children consciously or not it's a lot easier to put on the TV and leave them to it.

If there's a conspiracy, it's the breakdown of the family (in any role/form) - I'm no longer "Ben", I am what I consume, what I wear etc... if not in my eyes, then that of others.

I agree there is a rise in violence, but it's a lot more to do with the dehumanising of the individual - if we look at a lot of pop-culture. what do we see? When was the last time you saw mainstream musician that wasn't dripping in jewellery?

...and these things are increasingly becoming "by any means" - look at how people will degrade themselves on reality tv, not even for money any more, but fame??? ...and to do what with it?

To bring this argument back around, the music is symptomatic of society and it's subcultures, it's more often a reaction to the times and concerns of those that are making it. Disco was a reaction to 70s rock, something fun people could dance to, Punk a reaction to Prog-Rock etc, slowly these genres change, take on different facets, react to technology, the media, literature (occasionally) and world events.

posted on Jun, 25 2009 @ 09:42 AM
the reason i called it a consiparcy is because artist in the grime scene appear to be small and not that well known but every teenager (at least 1/3) teenagers no grime mcs and if there were grime mcs controlled to use propaganda ppl wudnt notice it

i dunno its just a though i listen to grime im 17 and this is another grime song from a well known grime mc

he talks about being a crystal child

posted on Jun, 25 2009 @ 01:04 PM
It's an interesting idea, but I think unlikely ~ the artists I'd worry about being a conspiracy are the mainstream ones that are on big record labels... I think it'd be hard to put someone in the position as a grime MC where they were somehow "corrupted" to be a part of any conspiracy agenda. I think the whole scene could be really exciting if they decide to start talking about a lot of the stuff we read about on here.

I couldn't quite make out the lyrics about being an indigo on there, could you quote them?

posted on Jun, 26 2009 @ 12:22 PM

dot rottens gt a big influence in underground grime he says big up all the man reading books
says read the luciferean consipracy and the 48 powers of law


listen im a crystal child so for all you other people that are blind kids in the matrix WAKE UP

ill defeat the beast
u cant delete me and defeat the peace
i see serpents beneath my feet
im on a deat elite something like that

fools say u can speak to me n preach your heat
i batter u think u can beat the beat
u may think that i sound madman\
when the savior comes hell be like calm down dad

they dont understand fully im a crystal child
the systems wild
how could you let them dumb you down fully
the snakes will run around cookies

something to bite and feed of
how could i be lost when i found myself
i aint gt the same mark that hes got
i wont bring no bad force around myself

all he does is whisper
deciever master trixtar
says hell do this n dat
as he disses me ill diss him back

cus i see hu excatly who you are
your real to me im not true to ya
n that last bar i ment the opposite
i gt the devil on my side im clocking ya (clocking means caught watch)

gods on my right devil on my left
god on my right devil on my left
gods on my right devil on my left
god on my right devil on my left
gods on my right devil on my left
god on my right devil on my left
gods on my right devil on my left
god on my right devil on my left

on the other side
theres a positive energy that makes a brother right
got a man thinking f*** a fight
my brain makes me strong but im muscle high
n gt stammy me n my girl f*** all night

but anyway back to the other side
that turns me to a gutter guy to wood(i think)
stops me from walking butterflys in woods

i got a good consious lookin after me
plus i see things that are hard to see
he helps me see them
nothing like a healthy demon
hes the god in me

that finds my path monopoly
the right ways he got to be
showing me to the light
not throwing me to the night

it like you open your eyes
tell you who your real freinds our
and who rolls in the skys

whos got a nife in there hand ready to stab you
wen your closing your eyes

hes the 1 you shud follow
the right side of the 1
1 that tells you dont fire gun
positive im positive
so why would i run from the

gods on my right devil on my left
god on my right devil on my left
gods on my right devil on my left
god on my right devil on my left
gods on my right devil on my left
god on my right devil on my left
gods on my right devil on my left
god on my right devil on my left

notice if u have headphones it says left in left ear right in right ear thats the site he tells you to visit

here is a video showing how big dot rotten is and hes not just a person trying to show truth very influential

posted on Jun, 26 2009 @ 01:39 PM
Cool, very interesting lyrics...

Personally, I think the whole indigo thing is junk, but it's good to see people with ideas getting them out there... I think the whole grime scene would be a lot more dangerous if it started doing the N.W.A. ".... tha police" ~ there's more than enough for the youth (and adults) of this country to be protesting about.

If anything, there'll be a conspiracy to make grime look bad - imagine when the Daily Mail or Telegraph get hold of some violence-related story to do with the scene? It won't go mainstream (really), chart friendly until reocrd companies figure how to take the edge off of it. There might be one or two artists that go big for awhile, but as soon as someone starts making decent money they'll lose their edge. I'm thinking of Wiley here.

Interested to hear you thoughts.

posted on Jun, 26 2009 @ 10:50 PM
personally i think crytsal child are all fo us that fell connected to each other and i no there is alot of peope that think please everybody please wake up its not so hard to see its all there jus have to reilies the world is not what u thinjk it is

posted on Jun, 27 2009 @ 01:29 PM
i was drunk when i posted that but oh well

the thing that is annoying is that the people listening to the song dont actually no the real meaning to it

and the thing about uk grime that i relised was its just as big here as rap is in america imo

what you think

posted on Jun, 27 2009 @ 11:26 PM
Ha ha, yeah, it looked like you were bladdered when you did that... I do it often enough myself...

I agree, I think it's big here, but I'm glad it's staying underground, the more it does the stronger it will get - look at the U.S. hardcore scene from the 80s, it absolutely thrived from a lack of mainstream attention. So long as it can keep working and moving it'll stay strong, as long as it doesn't go mainstream it'll have power.

It's 5:25 ~ I'm bladdered!

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