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Increasing the Biological Consciousness Field Output for Dummies

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posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 01:05 AM
What is the Biological Consciousness Field? I'm going to use a commonly known term. The "soul". I use the term Biological Consciousness Field because of the religious connotations that come with the word "soul".

The Biological Consciousness Field is what makes you YOU. It is pure energy, and energy cannot be destroyed, only change form. When people go scuba diving or astronauts go out in space, they require scuba gear or a space suit. The body is like a space suit. Unless the Field is of great power, it has difficulty manipulating physical objects in the 3rd dimension.

The Biological Consciousness Field (BCF) radiates positive or negative energy depending on the stimuli given to the body in the 3rd dimension. Emotions like "love" increase positive output, while feelings like "hate" increase negative output. Denying pleasure stimuli also decreases output. Increasing BCF output in a positive way will lower stress, increase creativity, and make you physically and emotionally healthier.

There are a multitude of ways that increase BCF energy output.

Direct Brain stimuli

Most drugs out there including coc aine, nicotine, caffeine, cannabis, psychedelics, and opiates increase energy output. How do they increase BCF output? By creating pleasure. Drugs directly stimulate the "reward pathways" or "the pleasure center" of the brain. This does not mean go out and start smoking and doing drugs if you don't already, or if they don't appeal to you. If they don't appeal to you, then they could have the opposite effect. This could mean that your system is not configured for increasing output by drugs. But that doesn't mean don't do them if you're curious. If you end up not liking it, then no problem, you now know to not do it again.

Acoustic Stimuli

Low tones like bass stimulate the pleasure center of the brain. Certain drum rhythms also have the same effect on the brain as drugs. Music in general lowers stress, blood pressure, and can help you sleep if listened to before bed. Plus it's just so cool to listen to all the creative ideas contained in music. Depending on the type of music being listened to, one can become "pumped" or relaxed as well.

Don't forget to listen to the world around you. Are the birds that chirp not beautiful? Does the engine rumble of a tricked out muscle car not sound awesome? Is the sound of cheerful banter and laughter not glorious? I think it is.

Optical Stimuli

When's the last time you saw something with a bunch of beautiful colours and all you could say was "o0o0o, pretty!" That was a large spike in BCF output. Looking at artwork, colours that you like, and surrounding yourself with things that "just look cool" to you increase energy output.

Certain shapes can have effects on the brain such as curves. Curves are captivating to the brain. Notice how the female body is so beautiful, and advertisements and logos of businesses, even cartoons have a lot of curves in them? Shapes can also carry energies with them. Look at firearms, not only do they look cool, but the design of them looks intimidating.

The clothes you wear can not only make you look cool, but also increase your confidence and thus increase BCF output.

That's why we hang pictures and posters in our homes. This is why colour was introduced into the third dimension. This is why cars look so rad.

Scent Stimuli

Scents are tied in closely with memory. Things that smell good are pleasurable and increase output, but sometimes a scent can have the opposite effect if the smell is tied in with a memory that is not appealing, even if the scent could be considered "good smelling".This is why flowers smell good, why we wear deodorants and perfumes. All the little things you can think of, even fresh cut grass.

Taste Stimuli

Eating the foods you love increases BCF output. This is where the term "soul food" comes from. While some foods that you love may be "unhealthy", the BCF output increase can overcome any problems that arise in the 3rd dimension when you're implementing several BCF stimuli at once. The five physical senses interact in stimulating the pleasure center of the brain by eating food, but I felt taste would be the best section to put it in. If people become overweight or unhealthy by eating the foods they love, it's because of an imbalance in other stimuli.

Slow down and enjoy your food.

Touch Stimuli

Touch increases BCF output. Some parents are instructed to provide maximum skin to skin contact with their newborn babies to increase development. This is also true with animals. Massage is another great source of touch stimuli. Materials that feel soft, or clothes that feel comfortable increases output.

Sex is also a huge BCF increaser. Orgasms are like atomic bombs in higher densities, and when two people orgasm at the same time, the effect is unlimited. Semen also acts like a natural antidepressant because of the mood altering hormones.

This is why we hug, kiss, hold hands, and cuddle.

Recreational Stimuli

The old saying "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" rings true. If "Jack" is your BCF, then it becomes "dull" or lowers output by not having fun. Doing what you love to do increases BCF output drastically. People into "extreme sports" are creating massive spikes in BCF output due to the adrenaline "rush".

Emotional Stimuli

As it was mentioned in the beginning of this paper, certain emotions can increase or decrease BCF output. This is more of a higher density matter, but it can be influenced from the 3rd dimension. Emotional and physical stimuli can work together in increasing output. The way this works is that if you're taking care of your BCF needs, then your
emotions improve. If your emotions are improved, then you'll be more likely to seek out more physical stimuli. Then it just snowballs from there.

The more negative energy your BCF radiates, the more of a "slump" your BCF gets into, and the more it will take to pull it back out so that it's radiating positivity again. True love is the most powerful way to increase BCF output.

Lesser forms of increasing emotional stimuli can be something as simple as holding the door for someone. Even charity and volunteering. It feels "good" to give and to help others. Don't you agree?

This is also why it's important to not lie or "sweat the small stuff".

Taking Care of the Body

If you take care of the body, the body will take care of you. The body has an intelligence of its own, and can even guide you from danger, so listen to it. If you don't take proper care of it by denying it pleasurable stimuli, your performance decreases. This is why a well rested worker is a productive worker. If you push yourself too hard, the quality of your work will decrease. That's why it's important that if it's tired, rest. If it's hungry, eat. If it's thirsty, drink. Keep it a well oiled machine and you'll see a great difference. It is your responsibility to keep your body well rested, so even relaxing could be considered "work".

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that you can open your senses to a huge world of stimuli that will increase BCF output. This is accomplished by recognising the things you love and pursuing them. It is up to YOU to utilise these tools. Love is your weapon, now fire at will!

posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 02:04 AM
Nice thread. I like the way you think.
I have always had a problem with the word "Soul",
now I have a new term I can use.

I think that people need to stop identifying so much with their bodies and focus more on what/who is driving those bodies if we are going to ever be able to begin to change the world we live in for the better.
That being said, we need to take care of our bodies at least as well as we take care of our car.

But, taking care of the needs of the field???

[edit on 23-6-2009 by Jesus H Christ]

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