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Banks close - take to the streets?

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posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 10:11 AM
Thanks to geithner and his Bilderberg friends the American economy is now a ~gozillion~ dollars in debt and no one wants to buy American bonds. This is a scary time! There are plenty of threads with the facts on this, but it looks like America is OUT OF MONEY!

If our [U.S.] economy DOES collapse, which to me seems very much a reality, what can we expect??

Looking at past history, check out this video series on a similar situation in Argentina in 2001:

People taking to the streets, banging pots for support - country wide. I somehow don't picture the American military on a few horses, more like guns and tanks??

[I'll try to embed a picture-link to the video but for now here's the link.]

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posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 10:18 AM
I know this sounds crazy and suicidle but I think thats exactly what we need, a good wake up call. To start appreciating what we have- u dont realise what you had until its gone. x

posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 10:36 AM
Maybe then people will stop working for slave wages, slave laws and slave idealism.

what the hell am i thinking?

posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 01:38 PM
The video seems to point to exactly what's happening in America right now!

Well worth 6 minutes!

Part 2 of 12 is good too; haven't seen the rest yet.

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