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Raising your FRV and sleep Paralasis-is there a connection?

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posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 04:18 AM
I was doing some research on other dimentions,dreams and sleep paralasis. I'm wondering if this is what happens when having OBE's or visions during sleep paralasis. If youd like to read more from this site its at-
" Now, through intent and the transmutation of negative emotions into positive, it is possible to momentarily raise your FRV. The end result should be an elevated mood and conscious lucidity, reduction in passivity or reactivity, and greater perspicacity.

Raising FRV from neutral to positive mood is used to connect one with positive probable futures, as when manifesting through intent, or initiating communication with higher positive entities. Raising FRV from negative to neutral is done by degrees to get one out of a depressed or reactive state of mind, particularly one that is the result of psychic attack or lunar energies.

The thing to notice is that the raising sensation can be felt. It is not just an auto-release of endorphins as that is just a byproduct of something nonphysical, rather it is an actual feeling of being raised, but not in any three dimensional direction. So let’s make a working hypothesis that raising your FRV actually shifts you in a fourth dimensional direction. This hypothesis is useful because in accordance with metaphysical fact, by raising FRV enough you could leave the 3D plane and enter into a 4D positive realm. So tuning the dial to a higher station gets you there.

Likewise, lowering your FRV by intensifying and purifying your lowest frequencies of resonance would eventually pop you into the 4D negative realm. One might ask, how can lowering FRV bring you into a higher dimension? Answer is shown in this diagram:

As you can see, lowering FRV simply moves one in a negative fourth dimensional direction, and raising moves one in a positive direction. This is interesting because from a 4D perspective the negative realms are actually beneath 3D. Those of us accustomed to thinking in terms of “densities” (degrees of consciousness) may not have found this initially apparent. But here we are talking instead about dimensions (degrees of freedom in motion). Fourth density STS beings are higher than us in terms of density and complexity of dimension, but positionally lower than us in the fourth dimension. Remember that the third dimension is just a subset of the fourth and like a horizontal plane there is space above and space below. So when heaven and hell are said to be above and below, this is just a metaphor for positive and negative realms being ana and kata, respectively. Ana and kata are the four dimensional equivalents of up and down.

One reason this hypothesis works is because mythology frequently makes references to dark forces residing in the abyss, underground, in tartarus, at the bottom of the ocean where it is cold, dark, and still. It is true that negative beings have bases that are literally underground, but the myths also refer to their being fourth dimensionally beneath us. The abyss also seems to be the quantum foam from which our three dimensional physical existence and its timelines spring forth, and likewise it is the place physical dimensions and timelines may return to when wiped from active existence."

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