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Actions Speak Louder than Words... But ....~

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posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 08:33 AM
Posted in a different thread -- thought not responded too.... re-post for comments...

If you have a beef... don't encite a military response...
We Americans - We may not be in control at the moment, a condition that's only temporary... And we are Armed with everything -- So, you dont want to take us on ... on the field of battle -- thats for sure ... there is not a force on earth that can adapt quicker and be more lethal than our well equiped and trained military... and as long as we keep this stern face and heavy club ... well we can kick most countries rear ends... except for two ... China and Russia ... these two once Foes have made it a too close to call engagement if one ever materializes.
Speaking as an Average American ... I have nothing but thanks for Russia and I have nothing but wiery mis trust of china ... tenimen square ... and I can not recall when china came to America's aid... where as Russia has intentionally intraviened more than once or twice to prevent the unnecessary death of Americans... I think they protect us more than our own government -- but who knows exactly what the circumstances are of these florence nightingale acts Russia has a moral compass where as China has a moral wallet...

Let me explain, I use to believe in truth justice and the American way... and then 911 happenend, and further I learned of 1953, 1962, 1967-USS Liberty and 1898 USS Maine... I wonder who side our government is own if its not ours. and then a wise man showed me the Devil in Washington and then the lord showed me the way ... we are a force for evil not one of peace as we fight for this entity of evil we are temporarily given this liberty and freedom with catch 22 results on all rights, we must fight to remain Free and they really mean it... and now we are weiry of this entity after we have discovered lies, murder, drugs, media control, and now we are awake in the real world in a land of ultimate evil... where the governments in which we have conquered do terrorist attacks on its own population to force its agenda, and then uses media to brainwash the masses into blindly following this evil entity.... and there we are left with one or two Undeniable Rights given to us as creatures created by God.
We The People and Freedom of Speech ... so, I want someone to read this and think about it and post it for all to see and understand....
We The People make the Laws of This Land... PERIOD ...
the 16th Ammendment is Illegal - lets replace it with a Legal Ammendment... one that allows The People to Polygraph anyone who accepts Public Funds... the question should be revealing yet, patriotic and difficult to defeat... lets say the question is: Have you served the citizens of this country with Honesty and Integrity... and no one gets hired unless they know what these two things are... and then from that moment - we can spot these Zionist Collaborators and take effective action... until you figure out who is who... you can not solve this issue that we face in this country... we are they - they are us... until the bullets start blazing and then unfortunately -- if your in Uniform you will be a target ... and that is the sad thing... innocent people will perrish because of this mixing the enemy has accomplished over time... just like Ron Paul said.... words of freedom actions of enslavement...

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 10:01 AM
again this idea is the only way I see forward... please comment ... I am always in search of knowledge... we could also check to see if they are human... which I think not - since they have little to no reguard for human life just their own ... their fore they must not be part of the same race ... we could look at them in different wave lengths of light, check their core temperature... examine thier skin for flaws ... all of these things will reveal either we are nuts or we are in a fight like Independance day style revolt... I find it odd, that most nations on earth seem to be against their own governments ... except for China and North Korea.. the people are content or scared... your choice... all others are at odds with their leaders.

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