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Possible explanation

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posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 11:03 PM
It happened to me yesterday. It was really strange.
I went to shower and I had a strange feeling that I will get abducted.
So I showering and suddenly I felt some sensation that somebody had pulled me from
my body. And I found myself in a dark room, and three figures showed up.
I could see the bathroom at the bottom of the room like a circular portal and above that
there were these creatures.
Then I said to myself that can not be true, this is a dream, and tried to get back in my
body, but I couldn't. Then I started to panic, but quickly calmed down an tried again.
But to no avail so I said this is something different.
The moment I said that to myself I realized that my eyes were open, and what I thought
that I was seeing was the window and the top of the bed(my bed is on two stages, Im a
So my eyes were open and my brain couldn't perceive what was I seeing, so the
imagination stepped in.
This is what the experience looked like.

The white circle is the bathroom I was talking about. My dream representation.

Then when I started to think rationally and logically I suspected that I was having
sleep paralisys.

Here is a picture of the location of my bed and the window.

And what I was looking, when I woke up.

The white circle in the first picture was the window
, And the top of the bed the
dark room.

So anyone that says that they have been abducted think again, there might be an
earthly explanation. Im not saying that you cant be abducted but think you should
consider all of the possibilities.

Sorry for the grammar and the funny pictures

I hope you agree with me.


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