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Obama equal Bush's third term - Every promise Broken

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posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 08:11 AM
How come the media is not stating the fact the United States has Not gotten Change except for the worst from Obama.

What happened to all the rhetoric during his campaign? Where is the change, where is the transparency, where is ending the war?

Obama is continuing Bushes policies and even doing the most ridiculous! His administration is defending Cheney's secrecy in court by saying "It can't become public, because the Daily Show would use the information to make fun of Cheney". Seriously! WTF is that? link to

The Senate passed Obama's bill making sure torture photos are not released. What happened to the ending of all of that and the "coming clean to the world".

He already broke his transparency commitment and bills would be on the internet for 5 days before they are voted on. The stimulus was an immediate vote starting at 9am in the morning, when it was released at midnight the night before, missing 3 sections. It was voted on before any Congressman had a chance to even read it. More bills have had the similar fate since then too.

Obama has broken almost every single campaign promise - where is the diplomacy promised with Iran and the rest of the world? Where is listening to the American people?

But more of a question, why is it the American people have not recognized the fact Obama is a continuation of Bush now. His administration is in all the various courts defending Bush and Cheney in the various lawsuits about disclosure.

Obama is doing everything opposite of what he promised. Where are the American people and media pointing that out and demanding he follow his campaign promises?

Yes, I admit I voted for Obama, but I am not blindly following him, I voted for him, because I thought the government would go back to "For the People, By the People" government.

Will he be held accountable for his campaign promises? It does not look so.

Welcome to the third term of Bush!

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posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 08:38 AM
Nice to see you again, I love your threads.

I am one of the people that voted for what I hoped would be change and like you am so angry that things are the same or worse. I do believe that the honeymoon is over for our president. The left is furious about all these broken promises and the right is just having a fit over the economy. His struggles are only beginning.

We have entered the era of the Czar in the worst way. He has now appointed more Czars than Bush and over some very important issues. Freedom is slowing going down the drain.

With the MS press seeing him as the savior of the nation, it is going to take a grass roots campaign to get these needed criticisms out there and heard. I am very afraid for my children and grandchildren...what kind of country is this going to be for them????

posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 09:23 AM
if obama can not get any halfway progressive laws through, with a overwelming democratic congress on his side, it will never get done. i might as well make plans to move to a more democratic country and leave america to the corporate and wealthy.

i have to say that the wealthy have done an excellent job in keeping the middle class shrinking, and the poor becoming a larger part of our society. well done in these areas:

shipping jobs overseas
GATT and NAFTA by clinton
tax cuts for the wealthy and massive devaluation of homes by bush
401k's retirement income lost
labor unions practically gone
many more millions of people without healthcare
COLA ( cost of living adjustment) raises in paychecks, just a memory
increase in local fees, taxes, while decreasing taxes on investments
cost increases in food, utilities, gas, and cuts for flat screen T.V.'s
massive layoffs keeping fear of losing a job high
jailtime for marijuana smokers, no jailtime for revealing a covert CIA agent (valerie plame) working in a covert CIA company (brewster & jennngs)
ACORN workers a threat to our nation, abortion-doctor killers doing god's work
using torture...pros and cons
wiretapping...pros and cons
homeless camping out in public...absolutely forbidden
passengers cash confiscated at airports, 8 billion in cash secretly flown out of the country by the government.
wars and jails...good, but need more federal money
schools and clinics...bad, need less federal money

posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 12:37 PM
reply to post by redhead57

I find it very interesting, they are always using the word Czar for any person over a certain segment of the government. Czar is such a socialist word associated with the Soviet Union type government, compared to a Democracy. Bush did not use the word Czar, why is Obama and his administration using that word for everything?

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