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This weekend coming event

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posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 06:27 PM
I am not one for going out on a limb with predictions and I am a bit 80/20 with this one but I thought I would stick this out here just in case something does happen because if it does the official explanation given by the media will be a complete lie. If I do not post this and it does happen it would be very frustrating seeing everyone swallow up a lie. Whereas the alternative if nothing happens is simply some people being annoyed at me which I can understand.

The date I am about to give might be wrong but I would strongly suggest that this will happen before the end of july, the reason I say this is because we are based around a calendar that might not be accurate of the date in question.

To cut this short I am going to say something and I am no blossom goodchild or anything worse and I might not be any better I guess for saying this but I feel I should alert people to this possibility that I have stumbled upon.

This sunday 21st June there will be a large event that will end up in the media over the world, it will either be a massive disappearance of people, UFO invasion, terrorist attack, some form of attack on a western or eastern country or something else that is not exactly good to say the least. Basically I am saying that I expect this to happen this sunday. If it does not, by the end of July and if it doesnt come then I must be wrong. I thought it would be worth warning people about this because the story told by the media will be a lie and a big fat one at that.

I would not normally create a thread like this but everything in my life right now seems to be leading me to this conclusion but of course conclusions can be delusions.

Unlike other things before me that I have read and have witnessed I seek nothing other than a quiet read from another member and no cash

Anyways I am interested to see if anyone else is feeling the same or if they have reached a conclusion similar.

To the logically minded I apologise for lack of clarity but if you were in a position where you had reasons for posting this but could not properly justify what is going to happen or a specific date due to calender reasons how would you approach it?

Anyways, ignore or post.

This might be a waste of time but time will be the judge and if im wrong I am just that. I would not post this though unless I strongly felt something big, at least is going to happen soon.

Pretty vague yes but pretty accurate with dates if you flp the coin.

I have no special source or special alien being speaking to me other than intuition here

Im just concerned for a possibility that could come true and the lies that might come if it happens.

I did ask in another thread about a specific riddle I had found but I have yet to get a reply from anyone on this site or in my personal life so I cant name specifics with this topic entirely. Feel free to answer here

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posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 11:35 AM
I will say that the post is kind of vague but i wish you no luck with your predicition probably mostly because its not exactly the most exciting or joyful event


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