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A Quantum leap in consciousness

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posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 12:24 PM
The first public exposure of an alien kind came as a scare with Orson Wells narrating "The War of the Worlds" over the radio. Through the 1950’s the movies expressed our fears of these alien visitors as enemies waiting to take over our planet. That they traveled millions of miles and hundreds of years in suspended animation from their own star system looking for a suitable atmosphere like there own. Remember the classic movie the day the earth stood still with Michael Rene’. How about the invasion of the body snatchers, the crawling eye, invasion of the flying saucers, or more recently "they live."

Slowly our attitude changed. TV shows like star Trek gave us space as the final frontier, and an acceptance to move out beyond our earth. In the late 60’s came the book by Von Daniken "the Chariots of the Gods" which sold 45 million copies. This was so successful a sequel followed as well as other authors contributing to the new openness. Von Daniken pointed to unusual sights and buildings in the world as proof of ancient astronauts which we called the Gods visiting us. Huge drawings which could only be viewed from the air were proof of visitors of extraterrestrial intelligence. The ark of the covenant for Israel was interpreted as really a radio transmitter to these astronauts. (Indiana Jones inspiration?) The pillar of fire and cloud leading the Israelites was a UFO. With this predisposition, imaginations went wild. This laid the groundwork for a paradigm shift in our perspective of life, history and the world we live in. New movies came showing that UFO's were not really our enemies but our friends. They weren’t coming back to look for a new food product after all, but were our friends welcoming us to a new frontier. The Intergalactic view was launched and gave birth to movies such as ET, Close Encounters. etc..The current popular TV series is the X-files does not show the paranormal in a good way always, but obviously reflects how fascinated we are by the unknown. Earth's final conflict created by Gene Roddenberry is an interesting series which shows the deception of these creatures who want to take over the planet.

We have cards with different creatures of many worlds collected by our kids, the cartoons as well, have basically prepared the younger generation to believe they exist and think of them as their friends. Our whole culture is literally being reshaped before our eyes by the media. Many of the movies have subtle anti-biblical teachings. The Star Wars "force" of George Lucas was influenced from Carlos Castaneda’s Tales of Power. In the Empire Strikes Back the director Irvin Kershner is a Zen Buddhist who depicted Yoda as a Zen master. In almost all the new Sci-Fi alien pictures there is the element of a universal power, an energy that can be used by those who seek it.Take for example the new Stars Wars movie the Phantom Menace. Anakim Skywalker is born of a virgin who is to become the hope, the savior of the universe for the rebel forces, as the force is with him. This whole movies theme is reminiscent of the spiritual hierarchy of the new age ascended masters who have a government over the universe and fly around in their extra-terrestial vehicles. They claim to be visiting and contacting mankind since the beginning of time. There certainly may be some biblical truth to this, if one reads between the lines.

Now our imagination runs with anything that looks like "this may be that". The Cydonia "face"on Mars is a monument constructed by these intelligences revealing their knowledge of the message in the stars. Pyramids on the moon, even the face on the Sphinx is a cherubim. The pyramid is built by Enoch and has secret prophetic messages in mathamatics from alien visitors. The hollow earth theory of"Agartha" where there is an underground alien civilization. The inhabitants of Lemuria and Atlantis as advanced civilizations 50,000 years ago left in a cataclysm and are again visiting us. There’s always enough for those to be tantalized in their pursuit of what they consider knowledge. I’m sure you have heard this and much more. Its been said truth is stranger than fiction. Sometimes falsehood in its most bizarre presentation is accepted, because its so abnormal it must be the truth!

Most religions and cultures if old enough speak of visitations from the stars or other realms. "The records of ancient Sumeria tell of Gods descending from the stars and fertilizing their ancestors."(Alien Encounters p.51 quoting Von Daniken) Scientists that are also philosophers (parapsychology) have surmised they may be us from our own future, or awe are glimpsing into another dimension a veil so to speak is being lifted. How can we discern who these foreign visitors are.


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