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How would you go about unveiling a big conspiracy?

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posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 08:34 AM
This question has often run through my mind whilst on ATS.

What would a wise course of action be before revealing something big? I would imagine most would like to post the info here on ATS, but would you just post away without a care, or are there precautions you would make?

Before anyone asks, no i haven't got something i want to share lol, this is a "what if" thread.

I think i would firstly make absoloutely certain i had my facts right, you can look a bit of a fool on here if they are not.

Maybe speak to the management first if it's that big a story? You never know what comeback the site or yourself could get from releasing the story. I'm sure they would be able to advise a sensible course of action that would keep the member and the site safe.

Keep backup files/discs/papers on any info you have. No good having just one source and suddenly finding out it has mysteriously dissapeared.

Would you need legal advice of any sort? Not sure about that one, but someone here may know.

Be prepared for what may come your way, and i'm not talking about rewards. History is awash with stories of what happens to whistleblowers and anyone who talks....i'd like to remain a member here for at least a few more years.

Anyway these are just curious thoughts which one day could indeed present themselves as reality here. I like to think that when the next big one comes along, it will be an ATS member that breaks the story.



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