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Lurker no more ! [yay]

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posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 07:39 AM
Hello All!

I've been a lurker here for a long time and figured it was about time that I became a member, and in the spirit of here is my introduction post.

I'm just a regular guy, I live outside of Chicago which I hate because I cannot stand the cold, I had to move here from Florida last year and it's the suck. I am a programmer for a slave driver company that is ran by people that I am positive have no idea what it is we do or what products we make at all which always makes my day full of fun and adventure!

I have no special abilities or powers that I am currently aware of ( although I have been a student of Kenjutsu ( with an emphasis on Battojutsu) and Iaido since I was 4 so I guess thats kind of an ability just not a super power) I have never seen a extraterrestrial UFO nor do I know anyone who has, although I do believe that they exist because the universe is a pretty damn big place and it seems silly to me and rather arrogant to think that this tiny rock is the only place that has life on it. Do I think that we have been visited, I don't know but it's possible. Just my 2cents there.

***Fun Facts**

I am Japanese and Irish, let me tell you how awkward it is when people expect a super asian and instead get a 6'4 230 lb mostly white boy instead ( I really only show my Japanese in my eyes and hair color ) It's neat. I especially love being asked if I am sure that I am who I am. To which I reply " are you sure you are who you are?"

My eyes are double colored ( don't know the term for it ) both eyes have a blue ring with a green ring inside the iris, sometimes the colors are well defined other times they blend together, it' a neat accessory that I never have to change.

I have curved pinkies, yay more genetic faults! I blame the Irish and Japanese fighting for genetic dominance, at least that sound cooler than " yea my genes are teh suxx0rz"

I like walks on the beach, good food and a great sword fight on a moonlight beach after a good meal.

I happen to be gay, if this is a problem for you then keep it to yourself please, I don't throw it in others faces, I only bring it up because if I say it now then it's already been said and besides why hate me for that when I am sure I can give you much better reasons to hate me ;P

I tend to be sarcastic but never mean, I'm one of those people that if I take the time to joke with you, it's because I like you, if I don't like you I won't bother at all. I do not like to be mean or get into internet fights however there is only so far I can be pushed, but you will have to push a long ways as I have a large amount of patience.

My name is Itachi, my screename Itachimaru is my little tribute to my mother who has gone on to the next life ( Itachimaru is a pet name)

I'm sure there are other interesting or not so interesting things about me but I cannot think of anything else at the moment. Suffice to say, if you want to know something ask, and I will see you all on the board!



posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 08:29 AM
reply to post by Itachimaru

Hi Itachimaru,
Welcome to ATS.

We have a few things in common ! ;-) I also have dual-colored eyes, mainly brown in the inside and slightly blue on the outside. I have never heard of anyone else having it... and I have the curved pinkies, I guess the Irish is strong in us lol.

Take care and have a blast!

posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 10:56 AM
reply to post by Itachimaru

Where do you practice Kenjutsu? It looks amazing...
Take care,
"Kenjutsu is a discipline recognized as “the technique of the sword” through individual application and style. Unlike iaido, where you begin with a sheathed sword, kenjustu and kendo begin with the sword already drawn.
Kenjutsu is considered a classical bujutsu (art of war). Training using steel, wood and bamboo has been well established for hundreds of years. Classical kenjutsu schools tend to be quite secretive of their techniques.
There is little written on kenjutsu but much on iaido, kendo and the samurai sword. Do not be discouraged about this since one has to learn through hands on training only gained through personal study and diligent practice. "

posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 11:33 AM
reply to post by WendyHalo

Well, I don't go to a school anymore, there are very few of them, I don't think it catches on with people as there is an extreme amount of discipline that is involved vs other martial arts ( not to say other martial arts aren't disciplined there is just a difference) also kenjutsu dojos take in a very small amount of students, when I started there were only 8 of us in the class. My grandfather started me off with it when I was just a wee lad, after I showed aptitude I was enrolled in a school in Cleveland ( where I grew up)

I've had the privilege of training in Japan (Hokkaido) near where I have some family during the summers I would spend there.I train in Iaido as well, although it is somewhat different than traditional kenjutsu, it works well with my subset skills. I am skilled more in what's called Battojutsu, which basically you start with the sword sheathed and a certain stance, the point is that when your opponent attacks you draw and counterattack, you base your counterattack on their primary attack. It's a bit more indepth but it's hard to put into words ( at least for me ) it's just something that I do.

I would reccommend looking into Kendo, if you cannot find a Kenjutsu or Iaido school as Kendo goes hand in hand with those. I was trained a bit more traditionally than alot of kenjutsu schools teach now, as in I was trained in the old ways, following the teachings of the Hagakure as well as other notable Samurai.

I hope this rambling helps, if you have any more questions please feel free to ask !

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