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Negative Energy Surge

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posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 06:21 PM
Seems like I have fallen into what is the opposite of the past couple of weeks, a negative energy vortex of ridiculous proportions.

Every where I go I see behavior that reminds me of the worst case of Bipolar Mania. People start out nice enough and then WHAM! They switch and are so negative and closed to what only moments before they were nice about.

For instance I had trouble with my AC and so started my morning purchasing another from a radio show that you can buy sell and trade on.

I stopped by some house near me a small business where there are always guys working hard at various things so I stop and ask if they could help me put the window unit in and that I would be happy to pay them for their gas and time.

No problem the main guy says yes I will help and dont worry about any gas or payment. I would later offer again...

So we go a mile to my house and he is nice and talking until we discover the unit will not fit in the wall, he then throws his hands up in the air and practically yells at me that he is not going to break his back for anyone and that he owes me nothing!

It was unexpected and off the wall, and now I am thinking oh no I have made a mistake bringing him to my home... too late now.

I run after him and say as nicely as I can, please except at least gas money for your trouble, I appreciate your trying and your time.

He sped off like a hateful lunatic that was POed at me for some unknown reason.

But that is not the reason I started this thread, I just 'feel' as if there are dark and negative forces enveloping the planet right now as the moon goes into a waning period.

I have sensed this energy before and know it when it comes my way. Time to recluse myself and stay focused on creativity and inward reflection.

Now mind you I have never talked about it openly before but when I get these feelings they usually mean something really horrible is or is about to start somewhere in the world such as a genocidal attack on my fellow human beings or some form of major attack or invasion.

Often I notice that people also start getting the same feelings only a few days or even a week later, again I usually just keep it to myself and observe.

Skunkworks is the best place for this kind of discussion because I do not have to give any proof of what I say and you can take it for what it is worth or walk away.

I kind of felt like not even posting the past couple of days because I am so sensitive to the negative energy, but maybe talking about it is the best thing.

I dont know does anyone else feel an influx of negativity the past few days and no matter what you say or do it makes no difference?

It scares me to think about SITX when people cannot get their meds... Or when the Lower Astral energies become more prevalent in our dimension prior to the shift. They are not only physical beings themselves but also many have the ability to take over other humans that for various reasons become influenced by these entities.

Yes I feel vulnerable right now, and wanted to see if anyone else is.

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 06:37 PM
That is odd I have a star and a flag, but no comment? Please if you have something to add I would love to talk with you, now dont be shy. This is not my typical thread topic, so who knows maybe if we talk about it we can come to some conclusions about what is happening say for instance astrologically or something? Sunspots, magnetospheric disturbances?

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 06:43 PM
I personally think its a result of stress, people are worried about jobs, homes, family and debt now more than ever.

I think everyone has that little extra on their mind and snap more often at people. I've noticed a big change in how quickly people seem to get angry or annoyed recently. Im uber relaxed and laid back and its something i always notice, but there has been a huge increase lately of people being more aggressive.

We are living in strange times... Fear, worry, uncertainty i think its bound to have a negative effect on peoples outlook.

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posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 06:44 PM
I know what you're talking about. Seems like every once in a while there's a wave of negativity. When people are running on autopilot, they tend to look for the closest person to blame when they experience bad vibes. When I find myself in such situations, I go into full objective mode and look for any lessons to be learned from the experience. I mean what else can you do? Unless you like the drama.

I find that these waves of negativity are as common as waves of positivity. Lately it's been pretty balanced for me. Here's hoping you get out of the vortex soon along with a little extra wisdom for your trouble.

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 07:01 PM
Thankyou and that is kind of how I try to look at things. I am basically a positive person or a optimistic pessimist, lol. Like they say when life hands you lemons make lemonaid and I do for the most part but every now and again this negative energy comes and at its peak there is usually something happening that I can pin point either personally or for the planet in general. This one seems very very dark and I can only hope it passes soon.

And so trying to see if others are sensitive to energy and what you may feel right now .

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 07:04 PM
Good weekend to stay home and get those little creative chores done around the house you have been putting off rather than meeting at the pub with the buds.

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 07:41 PM
I kinda know what you mean...
the only difference being i noticed this only about today... oh and that i am not completely sure i can completely relate to the last few lines of yours.

Actually was intrigued to do a thread myself.

Today my day went perfectly fine. Or so it seemed.
I went to the various sites i had to visit as usual. Spend some time to do some paperwork at office completed some customer requests and everything seemed to flow fine despite the pressure.

But let me go back at the start of my day for a second. Last night i did some observations on stuff related to my father which was a bit disappointing/frustrating to me. As i woke up in the morning i saw my father getting along with his usual habits when he informed me about something we were having an eye on. For some reason i couldn't relate to the conversation and i wasn't getting the answers to the questions i posed. It wasn't as important and i could get the info later in the evening when i would have more time to go over things. Instead i went bazarg and made a big fuss out of things greatly insulting my father... something i deeply regretted the exact second after i opened my big mouth. I might have been right about a few things but i never went into the trouble of calmly discussing it over at the proper time. Instead i just took a lot of anger out of me without making any point or even sense... I apologized before leaving but the damage was donne...

In regret i spend the rest of the morning at work as described previously.

I was late in the office at early afternoon when i thought i ought to go by my parents and have lunch with them and ease my conscience and my father. It seems i was too late and they were fast asleep in their afternoon siesta. So i ate alone and thought why not have a little nap myself before heading back to office. So i did. I had the need for some peace and after all i had a dancing class with my other half between 10-11 at night and i could do with some extra energy, since i was taking off in the classed.

I overslept and woke up at 19.00 in good shape, or so i thought.
I got dressed and headed off to my father so as to have a smoke before work, chit chat a bit and check that he was OK after this mornings incident. It seemed that all is OK but something wouldn't allow me to rest my mind.

I came back to my office and was relatively if not very efficient. By 21.30 i had carried out quite some work, made a few arrangements and was happy to go and meet my woman to go dancing.

Guess what. Although i was very conscious and receptive to everything and everybody i felt as having a distance and difficulty to relate... Pretty weird. It has happened in the past but its not a daily thing. I was there but not completely there.

Anyhow we enter the class with some 14 other students and the two teachers. There were people dragging me one direction or another and i lost my lust for dancing. I had already dropped out of 4 dances other times willingly while other times things just came this way.

I know i am an oversensitive person and i thought its just coincidence. Its a bad day in some certain ways and i shouldn't show others my frustration. So i headed outside for a smoke. A little later my woman comes around i explain and she nodes to me. She got the picture with my difficulties in relating to the newcomers in the dancing class, cheered me up and told me to relax because you could see in my face that things are not alright...

So... dancing was over and we headed for a stop by my parents to have a pizza, give them a couple of presents she had bought and have a relaxing glass of wine. By now i was conscious that there was something weird going on with me. It was just one of these days...

The gathering went alright but i could tell that both me and my father were influenced by something other than my morning achievement...

I drove my woman back to house and said that i better go to my office and do some work since i am a mess and wouldn't fall asleep anyway.

So here i am writing those lines at 03:25 in the morning doing the same thing you suggested.


I will. Its just hard to express in words what you and me have in common. You have to live it in order to get the picture of what lies behind those lines i just typed. Some will say i am crazy too while there are a lot that know what we mean.

I don't know if there is a conspiracy here, if i am oversensitive to some stimulants or whatever.... I thought of the moon phases myself and gave it a good part of responsibility for my state just now...
Maybe its just the effect of the Moon. Maybe not. I just gave it a gaze outside my office's balcony and it stands right there at the exact same spot as last night, only slightly fainter tonight.

Lets hope that tomorrow will be a better day for all without any genocides or bad incidents as you suggest.


posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 07:48 PM
reply to post by GEORGETHEGREEK

I know exactly what you mean, dont worry about it that's what i say. In my experience the easiest way to make things seem better is really obvious and a classic cliché solution... sleep on it. When your well rested and had a good nights sleep everything usually seems much better. Im sure tomorrow will be a better day for you

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 07:54 PM
reply to post by refuse_orders

Lets hope so. I am not though ready to go to sleep yet.. so maybe i won't get enough of that...

Thank you for your kind reply

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 08:13 PM
Yes it is as if a sad shadow of negativity is just making us feel 'off' not crazy , just off. It is good George that you see it, that is very powerful stuff and sounds like you do have your priorities in order and you respect those who you should.

Be sure and stay very hydrated and do go get some sleep soon ok? I love to meditate with the rising sun it seems to wash over the uncomfortable night when things get heavy like now.

I hope you are right and that it will pass without anything major, but we will see.

Thank you for your story you sound like a very good person with empathy and a caring heart.

I can almost see you dancing, and smoking...

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 08:19 PM
We have external schedules, but what we usually don't notice is that the unconscious mind has its own schedule and those two schedules may not be always synchronized.

As our understanding of certain, everyday concepts, grow and ripen, our attitude slowly changes and things we usually find normal, suddenly aren't normal any more.

These shifts will create anxiety or stress, because of the now existing difference in potential.

We may still try to pursue our old ways, but technically it's not possible because of our changed position and attitude.

The real fight is to bring this unconscious, intuitive understanding, to conscious articulation. Don't expect from others to always understand your motives or intentions, especially if they're also unclear to you.

And the snappiness, sudden explosions are there because of this quick shifts which produce surplus energy. If we haven't yet articulated it, it will probably be like an explosion. That's why we qualify it as "negative" energy.

I often explode towards my family, because they tend to repeat their intrusions, and completely unaware what they are doing. Now, I should know from anticipation and experience to ignore it, but I don't. Why? My only answer is that I actually indulge in being snappy

Just treat it as human folly and don't ever give it some serious significance, which may drag along for the rest of your life when it comes to interrelations with others.

The paradigm of the world is changing, everybody is affected with this "crisis", time seems too short for us to give it a serious thought. People feel like being pushed to their limits.

My usual tactics is to get rid of unnecessary things (or operations, like habits) and try not to burden others with my problems.

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 08:19 PM
Just wondering if anyone has experienced more negativity since the Digital conversion? Any frequencies out of the ordinary? Could that have to do with what I am sensing?

Is it only in America? Or did other countries also go digital/analog?

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 08:29 PM
Well we havnt had to upgrade our television sets here in Canada, so I'm not sure if this makes a difference in the signals, or what? But I havnt had a sense of negative energy for the past couple weeks and hope stops for you soon. One of the things I've been doing though, again, is turning on my light therapy lamp and excercising for one to two hours nearly every day, and this may actually offset my awareness, even if there was a wave like this.

What I've experienced that is negative is feeling that I was monitored while driving eight hour round tirp to pick up my oldest son. My father said I was just being paranoid, but it was very unusual. I 'd left early in the morning, so there wasn't much traffic over the pass. But twice, with exactly the same scenario, two cars, small and black, pulled out of rest areas behind me, then passed in front of me, and then kept my speed. If I sped up, they did, when I slowed down, they did. In each case, the driver had been lying down, and I had seen a newspaper up, but hadn't thought anything of it. Each time, after a while, a hill with a line up of semis came up, so I passed them all. Then later, in a road construction line up, a small red car was behind me. When I noticed the guy, quite good looking wearing sun glasses, he laid down on his seat, and a newspaper popped up. I was a little freaked by that time. So do you think its possible, we're actually being monitored or followed now?

Also if negative waves start to become prevalent for a time, would it be possible that it is technologically oriented?

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posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 08:33 PM
reply to post by antar

I think your right about the digital world impacting us more than we realize. Wifi internet, mobile phones, phone masts etc... They are all effecting us constantly, i know for a fact about the dangers of phone masts/towers. I have a friend who worked in telecoms for 15 years and he told me on more than one occasion to stay as far away as possible due to the radiation outputs. Maybe its all to do with the electro smog? I've read stuff about other countries having towns with huge increases of minor illnesses and depression after having phone masts turned on. Who knows how much damage the digital age is really having to us physically and mentally?

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 09:38 PM
You both have some great posts (the last two) and mystiq mine also started with a long distance road trip where i was challenged by either being marked and followed or the syncronicity was over the top. Either way it was not a positive experience to say the least and I am known for positive experiences happening on road trips not bad.

They even showed up at my hotel seconds after us, and then the following morning were on the road passing as we got onto the freeway.

Everytime we stopped they did too. Across 3 states...It was rediculous. I wont go into it more right now but it was really too much if it was mere coincidence.

I smuged all the way home and put prayers of purity and higher light around us, but today it seemed to follow me.

I just 'feel' off, like the time we were hit by energies discussing the lower aqstrals. That said I did 'drive by' the place where that was, I couldnt bring myself to go down the actual road, but I was close and I could feel the dark energy begin there.

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posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 09:45 PM
reply to post by refuse_orders

As for the digital connection, there are people, unconscious people being activated and I know it, they do not see it or even care to understand it, but there are people who are not in control of their actions and it is most likely related to some advanced technological diabolical plan.

I know I sound out there right now, but without saying too much I am just trying to open the discussion so that others can too if they need, and I can learn from you as well.

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 09:49 PM
Hey, has the sense of being monitored continued? I had a few feelings of this for the last few days since the road trip. One friend said this didn't resonate with him, so he presumed it was lower astral or something and I had to not partner to or feel for or pay attention to the energy. But I had a sense of a militia type monitoring. In any case, the cars I could see and thought they weren't normal for the trip. But the sense is hard to prove, just a feeling and awareness. But I'm a bit psi and 90% of the time when I have awareness I get feedback, ie. somebody writes or phones that I'm pinging on, or they come on the computer and email me, or related to other things, theres feedback most of the time. Why should I distrust the feelings that don't have immediate feedback?

So, in other words, though I can't prove, I guess I'm getting paranoid enough to believe it, but ignoring and keeping shielded and positive. I truly believe the part about not partnering to the lower vibration, not even thinking about it, but immediately seeking higher thoughts, higher vibrations, even just a thought of our HS, and who we are, can help.

I wish I still had the sweetgrass my native friend gave me, and she used to burn cedar a lot around me. Should look into finding these things.

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posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 09:58 PM
I came back from Taos with a bunch of great smudge sticks and a large braid of sweet grass!

I know that keeping a positive thought process does help, but I also know what you mean about it being out of sync when I cant pin point it to a friend or loved one, hate it when it deals with me in particular.

Do you suppose it had to do with me 'passing by' the portal? I have not felt any negativity like this since we worked on the lower astral thread.

We should probably discuss this there really, but this feels so much more expansive and less like something in a particular area. I think very dark things are being done in secret right now that will affect many good people mystiq.

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 10:04 PM

Originally posted by antar
reply to post by refuse_orders

As for the digital connection, there are people, unconscious people being activated and I know it, they do not see it or even care to understand it, but there are people who are not in control of their actions and it is most likely related to some advanced technological diabolical plan.

I know I sound out there right now, but without saying too much I am just trying to open the discussion so that others can too if they need, and I can learn from you as well.

I totally agree, i think the combination of things we ingest and are exposed to make us putty in their hands... To what ends... who knows??? Profit probably.

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 10:15 PM
reply to post by refuse_orders

Right it probably is a combination of food and enviromental stuff, can you imagine next fall if they do start innoculating everyone for the flu?

The foods we take in can perhaps activate the properties in the enviromental contaminants or visaversa.

Scary stuff when our choices are so limited on what we can buy from the stores that is affordable. The air we breath, well that we cannot help.

I think of how the water can be changed by intent, I also wonder if all of the junk can also be changed, wouldnt that be a kick in the arse for TPTB?

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