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The Pope,Tariq Aziz,and a just war.

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posted on Feb, 8 2003 @ 01:20 PM
Stalin famously stated once when the pope criticised him,"How many Divisions does the Pope Command?".I'm sure Bush and his advisers are jokingly quoting Stalin everyday now as we aproach war.

We do seem to have a couple of interesting stories coming up as both sides(pro-war/anti-war)try and claim God(a traditionally fickle ally)to their cause.

First this story:

Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz is to meet the pope in the Vatican next week.

A Vatican spokesman says Aziz, a Christian, has requested the meeting with John Paul.

The Vatican has been outspoken in its opposition to a new war against Iraq, with top officials saying a preventive strike would have no legal or moral justification.

For those intrigued by Tariq Aziz's Form of Christianity here is a little cut and paste about Nestorian Catholicism:

The Assyrians are the remnants of the Nestorian Church that emerged with the Christological controversies in the fifth century. The Nestorians, who have a Syriac liturgy, stressed that Christ consisted of two separate persons, one human and one divine, as opposed to having two natures in one person. Their doctrine was condemned by the Council of Ephesus in 431 A.D. Subsequently, those Nestorians who accepted this doctrine formed an independent church, which has only a few thousand members in Lebanon.

Before anyone says that Tariq Aziz is a Godless Pagan involved with an obscure sect it is well to remember that Nestorian Catholicism was around a thousand years before Protestantism.

Secondly,we have this:

THE American Government, alarmed by the Popeís opposition to military action and by preparations for a peace mission to Baghdad, is attempting to persuade the Vatican that it is pursuing a ějust warî.

For all those curious as to what is a "Just War"you may wish to visit:

At the end of the day this discussion on who's side God is on may be academic as we all know God is on the side of the victor who then writes the History Books.


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