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Moses moves to Korea

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posted on Apr, 30 2004 @ 06:41 PM
Not really.
Noboby is needed to part the sea in Korea. It happens on it's own. No miracle, just nature.

No Moses needed to part these waters

If the story of Moses parting the Red Sea in the book of Exodus didn't make you a religious person, try visiting Jindo island.
Every spring and fall at the island in South Jeolla province at the southwestern tip of the peninsula, the third largest island in Korea, you can witness a similar natural spectacle.
Jindo island's Muchangpo Beach is famous for the appearance of a dry path in the middle of the sea that appears on the last and first few days of the lunar month in spring and in fall.
This dramatic natural phenomenon, which has been the subject of debate among scientists in Korea, is no religious miracle, however. It is caused by changes in tidal currents in Myongrang Strait, which controls the tidal range for nearby seas.
Every year, about 400,000 tourists visit Jindo to walk through the parted sea on Muchangpo Beach. The same phenomenon occurs elsewhere along the country's western and southern coasts, in areas that have a jagged coastline and a large tidal range.
Sado in South Jeolla province and Jebudo in Gyeonggi are some of the other well-known places to witness this scene. But the parting of the sea happens in those regions throughout the year, whereas at Jindo island, the phenomenon is limited to 5 days a month in spring and in fall.

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