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How to enslave peoples with the social wellfare.

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posted on Feb, 8 2003 @ 05:14 AM

Just let them think that they don't have to work if they want money. But, you'll give them a few bucks, not too many. And don't forget, take this social wellfare money in the pocket of the workers and employees. After all, they are lucky. They have a job, they are earning money, so, you can take them their money !

Like this, everybody will feel upset and anger. The workers & the employees, because you are taking their money, and the jobless who'll do anythhings to have more bucks.

Just after, say to the peoples that guns are responsibles for the rising crime situation and that we have to ban all the guns. And don't forget to release in the nature a maximum of criminals, in the name of a so-called " humanism ". Because it will be very usefull for your anti-guns and anti-freedoms agenda !!!

Where I live, there is 30 years ago, we didn't have any jobless ( or just a few and allways the same lazy peoples) with a very very low crime rate, and we had a 10 million pop. DO I have to write that the "political correctnes matter " were unheard off !

Now, we still have a 10 million pop, we have a little bit MORE job than we had before, BUT WE HAVE MANY JOBLESS ,A HIGH CRIME RATE AND IF YOU SAY/WRITE SOMETHING THAT'S NOT " POLITICALLY CORRECT ", YOU ARE A NAZI OR A FASCIST!

What happened ?

I know what happened. The peoples voted and are still voting for the left & the far-left !


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