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Stakes of the meeting of Geneva on Iraq...

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posted on Feb, 7 2003 @ 03:15 AM
Announced Monday by new the Swiss Minister for the Foreign Affairs, the human project of meeting on Irak is specified. THIS CONFERENCE will be organized the weekend of February the 15 and 16 in the international Center of conferences (CICG) of Geneva.Invited (INVOLVED) countries are : IraQ and its neighbors, United States of AMERICA, EEC Great Britain and member States of European Union.

"At the governmental level, we invite the persons in charge in load for the human questions, specifies Joachim Ahrens. In certain countries, they have the rank of minister. But, in others, as in Switzerland, they are top-civils servant."

Principal agencies UNO such as OCHA, the HCR and WFP will be also of the part. Just like those of the international Committee of the red Cross (CICR).

United States would have announced their opposition to the presence of the Iraqis to the human meeting of Geneva.

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