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Claims from "Above Black"

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posted on Apr, 27 2004 @ 07:39 PM
For those of you who haven't yet read the book "Above Black", I won't relay the entirety of the book for you here, but to summarize for the sake of the following information, the author talks about his time as a soldier in the USAF, and his work in a black project that found him communicating with aliens (The Greys).

Most of the time, he was simply relaying messages to his higher-ups, a lot of it appeared encoded. Eventually, he found time to slip in a few questions, and the answers he recieved are as follows :

• Time -
I learned that time, as we know it, does not have the same meaning for them. They
still age as we do, but they are not as bound by the physics of time as we currently
are. Of course, this would be an obvious assumption for anyone who follows any
amount of science fiction. I have always been fascinated with time, therefore it was
one question I asked on multiple occasions. Their means of travel across vast
distances is heavily dependent on the manipulation of time but not as we perceive it. I
asked if they can travel through time: for example - can they go backward or forward
in time? He told me that it was not possible to witness a reality that occurred in some
other time but the present. In order to go back in time, one must assume that there
exists a reference point from which to measure backward or forward. This is an
impossibility. Essentially, they weren’t able to travel through time but around time
and from time. I never really understood what Bones meant by this.
• Religion -
Being brought up in the Christian faith, I naturally had questions about the meaning
of faith and the institution of religion in general. One question I remember quite
clearly was when I asked if they had a soul. As was usually the case, his answer was
quite curious. Perhaps someone reading this will be able to understand it better than I.
He said that any entity that realizes its own existence has intellect and therefore must
have a soul. We have been created from the same oneness (my interpretation), and out
of that creation came intellect and non-intellect. These are the only forms of life in the
universe. We were both (them and us), along with many others, a part of the
intellectual aspect creation.
When I asked if there was a God, he answered that it was not his place to answer that
question. But he said something like “the question you ask answers itself.” It was all
kind of obscure to place any concrete meaning to. Based on what he was saying at the
time though, I do remember coming to the conclusion that there must be a “God” that
we all shared.
• How long they’ve been visiting -
He said they have been visiting us (again, he used the term water-vessels or some
such equivalent) for a very long time. I really didn’t understand the terms he was
using for time when describing to me how long they’ve been here, but I remember
thinking it must have been a long time. He said they had visited cultures from time to
time throughout our history. None of the direct contacts they’ve initiated turned out
well. This is one of the reasons they are not “common” (my interpretation of another
unfamiliar term) visitors today. However, he said that it was much easier to visit our
people in the past than it is today. They revealed themselves on many occasions in the
past and even contributed to certain societies and their technologies. They learned
much from the engaging of other people. But since our technology has leap-frogged,
the risk of revealing themselves on a worldwide scale, at this time, is not a
worthwhile endeavor.
My own readings have led me to believe they most likely impacted the Incan, Mayan
and Egyptian societies. I think these would be obvious assumptions, if you knew
aliens exist and visited past cultures. It is also very possible that the lost continent of
Atlantis is a remnant civilization that was effected by aliens. I never asked this
question, although now I wish I had.
• Interbreeding -
I stumbled upon a piece of information during one comm but I can’t quite remember
what the line of conversation was about. I do remember thinking that they had
interbred with humans at one time. Maybe it was another species of aliens... I can’t
remember. But I feel it is quite possible there are people living today that are
descendants of “inter-terrestrial” parings. My suspicions are, if this is true, that the
Basque people of the mountains between Spain and France are the most likely
candidates in the search for their progeny. I have read that the Basque language has
no identifiable roots and that they are also genetically different than all other humans
on the planet. As far as I can tell, from the scientific community, they are a human
anomaly. This could explain why.
• Other intelligent life -
According to Bones, there is a vast number of other “intelligences” in the Universe. I
got the feeling when I asked this that he felt it was a dumb question.
• Sexes -
I had asked at one time if they had two sexes like we do. The answer was yes. It
seems they procreate as well, but not in the same manner. I didn’t go any further in
my questioning, and he didn’t volunteer any more information.
• Mode of travel -
When he answered this question, I didn’t understand half of what he was telling me
and couldn’t translate it if I did. What little I got from the conversation was that they
somehow use time and electromagnetic energy as a source of propulsion. (There were
times when I regretted not listening more closely in Physics 101.)
• Life span -
Their life span is similar to ours but I was not able to understand the time measurements
he was using. I always had a hard time understanding any aspect of time when it was
discussed in reference to a timetable. Bones made me understand that their life spans
are similar to ours, perhaps even shorter.
• Energy -
When asked about energy and what form of it they use, he didn’t mention their
energy source but did speak about our energy sources. He told me that our sun was
very unique and that someday we would understand how it really worked and how we
could utilize the same methods they use but on a smaller scale. He said our scientists
have just begun to understand how the sun can be used as a source of energy for our
future needs.
• Project Preserve Destiny -
When queried on this subject, Bones would almost always sign off. There were two
occasions he didn’t though. Once he answered the question of how many countries
were involved with it. His answer was less than exact but it was an answer. He said,
“more than one.”
The other question was concerning the future event that I had been told this whole
project was about. He said only that “the Earth is in its geological infancy and that we
should expect much change.” With that he signed off. What did he mean by this?
Was it just a ruse, and the project was for something else? I’ll probably never know.
• Noise cancellation technology -
So what did my run in with the white van have to do with anything? I asked Bones
about noise cancellation and the significance of same. This was one of the topics I
never received an answer for. I thought it quite odd that he would either not answer or
sign off every time I asked about this topic. Of course, by reacting this way, I became
even more intrigued than if he would have given me a simple answer and moved on.
To this day I still wonder what noise cancellation has to do with PPD. I have done
much reading on the subject over the past few years (since the white van incident)
and have come up with some interesting information, but nothing necessarily linking
it to PPD.
If taken to its extreme, noise cancellation has numerous military applications. Some
forward thinking physicist may even be able to correlate it with propulsion somehow.
Noise cancellation works on the principle of negative phase theory. If you analyze the
frequency of the noise you want to eliminate, determine its discreet phase angles at a
very high data rate, you can generate an identical frequency calculated to be 180
degrees out of phase with the original frequency. If you mix the two frequencies
together in a process called “heterodyning” you get 180 - 180 = 0. Of course, I’ve
summarized this explanation for the sake of simplicity. It is my theory that the
government is working on this type of technology and is eons ahead of the civilian
noise cancellation world in terms of advances. Again, if taken to the extreme, this
technology can go beyond the original uses of simply canceling an unwanted noise.
Light is also made up of electromagnetic energy and has a frequency. What if a
person could control the cancellation of light at will? Think of the implications if a
country had full use of this ability. I’m not a physicist, but I can tell you that the uses
of this technology are innumerable.

posted on Apr, 27 2004 @ 07:43 PM
you shouldn't have posted that... it's one thing to want to read the book and share, but give the others a chance to read it for themselves.

I have read it and am excited about it, it was a pretty good book

just my personal opinion.

posted on Apr, 27 2004 @ 07:53 PM
"Signed off"?

What, was he talking to him over AOL?

posted on Apr, 27 2004 @ 08:00 PM

Originally posted by Esoterica
"Signed off"?

What, was he talking to him over AOL?

no no no... ya have to read the book, it all ties in nicely.

*hint* there was nothing electronic wise to sign off of..

ooops, I said too much..

posted on Apr, 27 2004 @ 09:20 PM

Originally posted by elevatedone

no no no... ya have to read the book, it all ties in nicely.

*hint* there was nothing electronic wise to sign off of..

ooops, I said too much..

Oh, so it's psychic mumbo-jumbo.

posted on Apr, 27 2004 @ 09:29 PM


I don't understand how many people take books like these seriously - in case you didn't notice, it's under fiction (I believe).

There is a reason for this.

posted on Apr, 27 2004 @ 09:56 PM
I read it. Did not believe any of it.

There always seems to be this self-importance factor with the people who write this stuff. In this case, the writer claims to be some sort of alien/human progeny and was once protected from an accident by the aliens as a child.

That being said, it was an entertaing read. The writer should look into writing sci-fi, because that is what the book was. IMO

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