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Geoffrey Hodson – Great Sprititual Teacher

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posted on May, 4 2009 @ 01:59 PM
I wanted to introduce you to one of the greatest spiritual teachers, who is also one of the least known, Geoffrey Hodson. Without doubt one of the most remarkable and gifted spiritual writers we have had. His writings are sooo beautiful and inspired, some of the loveliest you can find, and represents a form of joyous spirituality that we should see more of.

Here is an excerpt from ”The Angelic Hosts” – hope you enjoy it:


Let those who seek the happier way forsake the haunts of men. Amid the beauties of Nature let them make obeisance to the One Life, honouring and worshipping It in every form. In the Sun's bright rays let them recognise the boundless beneficence with which that Life is continually outpoured. In the Sun Himself they may see a symbol of that Life. As the living, radiant body of the Ruler of our system He may worthily be worshipped and reverently praised for the continual sacrifice which He makes that His system may live.

The One Life fills all space, all matter and all form, but so boundless is the love in which all beings are embraced that even this splendid prodigality does not content the Giver of that Life. Therefore, as our Lord the Sun, He assumes His station in the midst, and from the birth unto the death of all that He creates bestows the glorious gift of solar life. He relinquishes His hold upon the One Life manifest in Him, and freely pours it forth as His own life blood, that His system may be filled to overflowing. Thus it is that systems grow more swiftly and provide more perfect vessels for the wine of the One Life.

Each man must serve in his own world as does the Sun in His, for indeed he is a Sun in miniature. The Sun's life supported him even in his mother's womb. His childhood and his youth were spent beneath the Sun's bright rays. Without and within he is pervaded by the life of the Sun. In gratitude for this beneficence let him, too, become a Sun. Let every man begin to shine with the brightness of noon-day. Let life and love shine forth from every heart in reverent thanksgiving, for the life which has been received.

As man thus gives, our Lord the Sun shall come to dwell in him. His body shall become the Sun's abode. Then shall he shine and then, indeed, his power and love shall flow forth illumined by our Lord the Sun. Throw open to Him your lives, your bodies and your hearts. Offer Him your gifts of love and gratitude in answer to His great love and make your souls fit dwelling places for His radiant splendour, your bodies pure and holy temples in which He may abide.

Fear not that He will withhold His love and life; fear not that your prayers shall be unanswered. For countless millennia He has poured forth His life; since time was not, He has brooded with an all-embracing love upon His children in the worlds which He has made. From the beginning He has longed to draw them closer to His heart, to achieve a perfect union with them. Still He pours forth, still He waits for the offering of love, which shall open wide the door that He may enter in.

Great companies of angels gather on the mountains of the inner worlds and worship Him. Celestial choirs sing His praises from age to age. Every angel in every world knows Him as the source of every form of life, of every power and of a boundless love whose limits are unknown. Men, too, have worshipped Him in ancient days. Fair cities have been built and dedicated in His name. Races of godlike beauty have appeared in them and known themselves to be the children of our Lord the Sun.

In ancient days men turned to the worship of our Lord the Sun. The wheel revolved and mankind turned to other Gods; it still moves on eternally and once again decrees that these old truths shall be revealed. Once more mankind shall take the sunlit path to God. Once more the ancient road, golden and glowing, stretches before their feet up into the heart of the Sun. Angels have used and guarded that road since time was not; now once more they throw it open to the feet of man, offering to guide him through the sunshine to the central source of light.

Come then, children of men, take our outstretched hands, that we may lead you into the presence of our Lord the Sun. Three virtues are demanded of you by the angel of the gate. Purity, selflessness and joy, let these shine forth in every action of your life and quickly you shall pass along the sunlit road. Purify your lives, your body and your heart and mind. Radiate a selfless love upon the world and learn to fill the lives of others with love and joy. Thus may you prepare to take the road which one day all must tread, the path which leads man to his solar home, amid the mansions of our Lord the Sun.

You can find some more of his articles here:


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