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Not here to float my own boat, any theories or ideas?

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posted on May, 4 2009 @ 11:21 AM
To me, a lot of the people on these forums over the years seem to be trying to feel better or special about themselves by posting some pretty crazy things without any proof(sometimes).

It seems people like to use the forums to inflate their egos or make false predictions and accusations.

As a fairly young individual, I'd just like to put something out there and be honest about it. My experiences with the paranormal, without sugar coating anything or over dramatising and see if anybody has any ideas or theories or referals?

I have two or three things, to give a background of myself, I am mid 20s and empathize very well with people. Up to the point where I can tell what people are thinking, if I am close enough to them mentally, etc. As in close friends and family. But that's easily explained with science. But it goes further in so far as when seeing family in hospitals, cemeteries etc, I can't usually stand it. I can't stand having hundreds or thousands of peoples feelings pressing down on me, I feel as if I am experiencing everyones loss and not just my own. It becomes unbearable to the point where I feel physically ill and have fainted at times.

So I avoid these situations when at all possible and it extends other ways, if I am feeling incredible anxiety or upset, I sometimes accidentally push it outwards onto others and make them feel the same. But again, this is all easily explained through science and I'm merely explaining my own experiences with paranormal or near paranormal ideas or theories.

And the last point is that, my father is an extremely empathic man, to the point where it is disabling sometimes, it makes him weak and unable to move, but I feel I can stop it getting that far, hopefully. And my mother is very spiritual, but not in a classic sense. She is incredibly adept at Tarot readings(which aren't prophetic by the way, it is merely used for introspection) and she claims, and this has only recently been revealed to me, that when I was younger, occasionally when she would check on me late at night, she would see things, her best example was once when I was young (I don't remember anything before I was around 5 or 6) she walked into my room, very late at night after hearing me talking or mumbling in my sleep and as she opened the door, she saw a blue light, similar to electricity or lightning shining above my bed, in a ball kind of form, and as soon as she made a move to walk closer, it disappeared in a flash... almost like lightning, and she has never known how to explain it.

She never speaks about it to anybody, and is usually a very rational and logical person. I just felt it was strange of her to mention it. And was wondering if anybody has any ideas regarding this?

Just a few thoughts, maybe a diagnosis of some sorts? Haha. I also have incredibly vivid dreams in which it feels as though a story is playing out, and occasionally they come true, but only the strangest and most mundane dreams become reality. In the form of bizarre conversations and other such happenings that I never really take notice of... but they strike me with intense deja vu sometimes, frustrating as they are...

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