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The Mark of the beast at the forehead???

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posted on May, 4 2009 @ 06:40 AM
Hey guys

If there exist a thread about (I didnt found some), please tell me.

There is a question which came into my mind one week ago and I didnt got a good answer for it.

The mark of the beast.
Better explain:
The 2 marks of the beast.
One at the arm and one at the forehead.

There exist many threads about the chip-implants in the hand. (*and at this time, nobody can sell or buy something without the sign of the beast..*)
But whats with the forehead? (*also they will wear the sign of the beast at their forehead...*)
Guess nobody of you ever saw somebody with a sign at the forehead. I didnt, so.

Therefore my question:

Can it be, that the sign isnt something like the chip?
Can it be, that its something more spiritual?

So I remembered:

At church, you always get the cross with water on your forehead.
Can this be the sign which was meant in the bible?


Tell me what you think.

Nia Wind

(please dont harm or jump at me. I dont mean this religious. Also i will not fight against people who really believe in god and jesus. Its simple a question which came into my mind after i was in church cause my son had first-communion...)

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 07:31 AM
reply to post by NW111

MAITREYA=666 (in every language that uses gematria)


25 of december =666

new age cult =666

Sanskirt = 666 (another name for Maitreya)

christos =666 Maitreya is called The Christ or Christos (a title JESUS IS THE TITLE AND THE MAN AND THE DIVINE SON OF GOD not The Christ he was known as Christ but also the Son of God)

a perfected man =666 (title of maitreya)

More examples of Jesus findings in English.

Jesus Christ=906 Jesus is Lord=906 Holy Spirit=906 Jesus Sacrificed=906 Jesus is Alive=906 Shed Blood for Man=906 Healing Promise=906 Love is the Law=906

The Bible Code = 540

Holy Bible = 540

The Jews = 540

Jesus=444 Cross=444 Gospel=444 Messiah=444 Yshua=444 Jewish=444 English=444 Gematria=444

nine one one =660

evil plot =660

attack by air =660

bomb in sky =660

9-11 targets =660

9-11 hijackings =666 (They conspired to do it within the government so it was a lie 666 a sin)

g bush elected =666

president =660

a war in iraq =666

saddam hussien =660

hung by neck =660

saddam hung =666

adolf hitler =660

heil hitler=660

the gas chamber =660

prisons =660

martial law=660

pope liars =666

illuminati =666

follow man=666

bio implant =666

a bio chip device =666

buy porn =666

corrupt =666

lustful =666

no more cash =666

digital id chip =666

What did Saddam really do? Bush had him killed (he is a satanic puppet)

The King Jesus=888 Divine Presence=888 Omnipresent=888 Scriptures=888 The Lion of Judah=888 Law of Liberty=888 The House of God=888 Biblical Prophet=888 Messiah Jesus=888 Gods Perfect Bible=888
English Gematria=888

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 07:33 AM
reply to post by watchtheashes

So that is my stance on the mark of the beast. A digital ID chip or RFID chip. Only now do we have this kind of thing. Hitler would go nuts if he had this.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 07:45 AM
It was Jewish custom to tie something on their head and or around their wrist to help them remember something. I believe it was mentioned in the one of the letters to the Corinthians. The mark of the beast on hand or forehead could be a reference to this same practice. The mark may only be a reminder of a number that must be remembered to perform any transaction. It may not necessarily mean a physical mark. We may know the answer soon enough. The main issue with biblical prophecy is that no one knows the meaning until after the fact. Look at the apostles. We sometimes wonder why couldn't they see what was happening? It was the times they were living in and was at that point in time incomprehensible. We must however be vigilent.



posted on May, 4 2009 @ 07:51 AM
Here is my take on it, most people will willingly take the mark on their hand or forehead and wear it like a badge of honour.
It will be a physical mark which will allow others to see at a glance that you are a believer of the mark.

we will use a hypothetical, you could use any scenario with the same outcome.

Humans are like sheep, they all want to belong and be accepted into the flock.
Imagine if an alien came to earth and told us our true origin, of couse some would resist the idea and others would embrace the idea with both fists, the alien preaches more and more, people are really taken by him and want to show their belief in some way, someone suggests a small tattoo on the hand and most agree, there are those who want to prove they believe even more than the others and take the mark on the forhead so they can wear it like a badge of honour.
as we all like to be accepted and not want to look foolish, people take the mark without really believing.
Now what do people do to those who are different than them, they isolate them and make them feel bad because they don't go along with the program and they need them to do it to validate to themselves that they have made the right choice.
If you refuse to take a mark, you will first be served last in the shop, people will start to avoid you and very soon you won't even be able to buy anything from the shops because people will refuse to serve a non believer.

now you can substitute an alien with global warming, people react the same way no matter what the cause.
You can use anything as the new craze because with marketing people will follow anything and believe it is true.
beleive it or not, they could even substitute global warming with a vaccine, if you don't take the vaccine you don't love humanity and are willing to risk the health of humanity by not taking the vaccine.

see, you can use anything as the reason to take the mark, the simplest, tattoo a barcode so no one can steal your money through fraud because your ID is on display.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 07:52 AM
reply to post by NW111

the mark in the forehead is symbolic of one who belives in their head and heart that the way of the beast is good and have a part in bringing forth the way of the beast. the mark in the hand is symbolic of thoose who need to work to feed their family and so choose to receive the mark in their hand instead of choosing to refuse the mark and rely on the creator for sustanance during the last days.!

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 08:02 AM
All of you Christians and non-Christians are forgetting that Jesus said that in the last days nothing made secret would not come to the light and nothing hidden would not be revealed. It is in its most literal sense, the Mark of the Beast.

RFID chip. Your interpretations are not necessarily bad though, they make a lot of sense to me as to why you would see it the way you do.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 10:46 AM


thanks for your posting. btw I know the mark and the nr 666.. my question goes the other way. There are many facts with this nr666.. my question was for the forehead mark...but thanks

the only post which answer my question a little bit



go on people


posted on May, 4 2009 @ 10:56 AM
Alright then. Since it will be the mark of the Beast though, that is where the chip idea comes from. Instead of a water cross, technology is in its place. That is what makes it the mark of The Beast.

I think you're referring to Ash Wednesday where they put the cross on the forehead. But it's a sign of from dust to dust. I highly doubt and don't know if Jesus ever taught that we needed to do such things to be saved and gain eternal life though.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 11:05 AM

yeah, I think so too:
Jesus meant something different as they pray now in churches..

btw I also read in the bible: and they will drink his blood..and the big hure of babylon ..

if the cross of water is the mark of the beast. then the whole catolic church pray to the wrong leader.

But whats with the people? Those people who think the church is a good thing? What will happen with them in the end-time?
The christening.
I was a baby (everybody in catolic was a baby) when i got my first cross at the forehead. So i belong to the church.
But a baby dont have a free will. so, i am not shure. Guess god looks into the heart
I hope he (or she/it whatever) do...
If not. guess then i wear the mark without knowing it (as many out there too) and have to pay for it in the afterlife.. haha
really dont make me happy.


posted on May, 4 2009 @ 11:18 AM
Remember that Jesus also said that representing that you believe over teaching what you believe are two different things. Churches are corrupt these days and only one Church era and a remnant from others will be saved the Tribulation. That is apparent in the Seven letters to the Seven Churches in Revelation. Only the Church of Philadelphia who live the law of Christ are accounted worthy. There is a post-tribulation Rapture afterward that gathers all who changed through the Great Tribulation period who are now no longer luke-warm in their ways. That is having a form of godly devotion, but following the Church doctrine of the "once saved always safe" lie that so many Churches teach today. They teach if one simply accepts Christ and repents they are fine. You must continually ask for forgiveness in you errors and certainly not 24/7, but one thing and believing are not enough. One must follow Christ and spread the good news of the Kingdom of God, not believe that you turn into some spirit being when you die. If you teach Heaven and Hell instead of the Kingdom of God coming down to Earth for 1000 years of peace after a period of turmoil known as the End Times and the End of Days, then you are not teaching about the Kingdom of God. The Bible says when we die our conscious being ceases to exist and our spirit is in God's hands. That doesn't mean we turn into some spirit for eternity. That puts the Resurrection nowhere in the doctrine. Also by representing a cross instead of maybe having a cross behind your shirt instead of outside you are holding a symbol in a manner that is fine. Such other ways could be considered boasting rather than teaching. So in a way the cross of water may be the mark in that sense. However with "once saved always safe" there is no room for the RFID chip version of the End. That allows you to donate to their plate and they claim its for God. I hold the view that USA is Mystery Babylon not the Church.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 11:30 AM
I always look that i go the way with god. And must tell you, that I for myself believe in Jesus when he said to the apostels (where they got those fire at the heads and spoke in all languages):
"I will leave you now, but I will let you the power of the holy spirit at earth, to show and care about you..."

..Thats a point all churches at earth dont talk about. The holy spirit. Only native civilisations (the native-american as example) knew something about that power. They called it "Manitu". but what did the church? They killed millions of them "in the name of god".


2. point:

The mark at the forehead can be the india point too. You know the red point in the forehead, they wear all the time.
(cause i asked up there: did anybody of you ever saw people with a mark at the forehead.)
the india-point??? I dont know


posted on May, 4 2009 @ 11:42 AM
Yes not enough Churches teach about the Holy Spirit, yet even then no one ties the Holy Spirit and prophecy together. Jesus wishes that the brethren prophecy AND speak in tongues if there are more than two or three witnesses but no less than two or three. Thus, instead of teaching "once saved always safe" we should teach the End of Times and the gift of the Resurrection to follow it in the Kingdom of God, so that others may find the grace and salvation of just what Yeshua did for us. By us I mean all men believers and non-believers that are alive today because it is closer than ever before. It applies to generations throughout time, but to this one it seems imminent.

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posted on May, 4 2009 @ 11:48 AM
There are 2 marks one can have on the forehead, and I think that is important. Someone can have the mark of the father in their forehead. I'm pretty sure the mark for the beast goes on the outside, as it would be needed to buy or sell etc.

IMO, the mark of the father in the forehead is an open pineal gland. As this is what causes dreams, visions or hallucinations. It's where our consciousness and souls are found etc. The "man" behind the man.

Numbers 12: 6And he said, Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the LORD will make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream.

Both of those are functions of the pineal gland. Jesus also refers to it as the "minds eye" and others call it the 3rd eye and so forth. There are many references to the 3rd eye in pretty much all cultures.

But anyway, kind of odd everyone is obsessed with the mark of the beast, but little care is given towards the mark of the father. Seems almost as if on purpose in society. As if to hide what that mark is, and to keep people from getting it.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 12:38 PM
reply to post by watchtheashes

When so many things = 666, doesn't it kind of take away the significance of it? I mean, sooner or later doesn't it kind of up being like "a white man", and then it can be any number of white people?

And at any rate, I thought it was the mark of the "beast", not the anti-christ. A beast is a form of government in bible prophecy. The form of government that allows for the superficial and fake "miracles" of the anti-christ.

Like, able to heal many = free healthcare provided by the beast, all seeing = spying and so on, all done by the beast. A beast which they believe they guide(ride), but in reality they do not. Like people believing they have a real choice in things etc.

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posted on May, 4 2009 @ 12:39 PM
I know the pineal gland.
What I speak about is what people can see.
The pineal gland you cant see. (with normal eyes)

Guess if your mind is open for the word of Father, your pineal gland is open. And you see and talk to him through your dreams and the intuitation.

In the bible stands: The Kingdom of Jesus WILL come.
So in my mind: all those churches, religions etc are wrong. Nobody of them ever teach the reality. No church is "the" church of jesus.
The church of Jesus will finally come when Jesus will maybe come back to earth.
No day earlier...

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 01:02 PM

Originally posted by NW111
I know the pineal gland.
What I speak about is what people can see.
The pineal gland you cant see. (with normal eyes)

Guess if your mind is open for the word of Father, your pineal gland is open. And you see and talk to him through your dreams and the intuitation.

This is correct. Plus, the beast is a government, not a person. Mark of the "beast", so I would think it would be on the outside as well, where as the mark of the father(wisdom, understanding and knowledge) would be on the inside. Which would come through the pineal gland.

From my experience, the only time the father(god) ever spoke to me directly was in a vision, and it was just a simple question. Outside of that, then I am given understanding and such in the way you mention, in dreams and intuition. I seriously just wake up knowing the answers to things all the time. I will sometimes dream the answers to things.

Even with work related things. I'm a programmer, so i have to come up with logic that does certain things etc. There are times when I literally dream of working on something.

But it never comes to me in a "accept this now!" kind of way. It just comes in the form of understanding, and then based on the understanding I am given I make my choices and so forth.

In the bible stands: The Kingdom of Jesus WILL come.
So in my mind: all those churches, religions etc are wrong. Nobody of them ever teach the reality. No church is "the" church of jesus.
The church of Jesus will finally come when Jesus will maybe come back to earth.
No day earlier...

This is something I say very often, and I believe it to be true. Would be nice if it wasn't the case, but that isn't the reality of it.

The church of Jesus is within, as is the kingdom of heaven etc. It is said, they enter not, and they do not allow others to enter. In society, even among christians when I speak of the things above, it is rejected completely. They speak of a personal relationship with god, but then all they talk about is having faith and say whatever the bible says. Which makes little sense to me. But then they go even further and don't allow anyone who doesn't speak or praise 100% of the bible and the churches understanding and deny it of them as well.

And where it gets really odd, is the bible even describes these things. Even in the OT is says - if someone seeks god early, they will find him. And those who love him will be given wisdom and knowledge. He will fill their treasures. But still these same people claim personal relationship with god, but then talk about faith. So I ask - where is their wisdom, knowledge and understanding? Why do they need to operate on faith? I have "faith" that the wisdom, knowledge and understanding I've been given is true and so forth, but I don't just blindly believe things because a book and someone holding that book told me so.

So IMO, when you actually have a real relationship with the father, then you receive that wisdom, understanding and knowledge. And then you get "Christ consciousness" base on those things, and then the church of Jesus can be found within you, and your path, actions and understandings will reflect that.

So yep, I agree pretty much completely.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 01:10 PM
Actually having received knowledge from the Father (Yahweh Himself) and the Son (Yeshua Himself) I can assure you that what I am trying to say is not in vain. I want people to know this so they will have some warning so they can prepare for this and for the Kingdom of God. Which is not in you but within you are treasures of faith. These treasures of faith lead you to Christ's Millenial Kingdom if you have patience.


Also: In the bible stands: The Kingdom of Jesus WILL come. So in my mind: all those churches, religions etc are wrong. Nobody of them ever teach the reality. No church is "the" church of jesus. The church of Jesus will finally come when Jesus will maybe come back to earth. No day earlier...

I don't believe in the religions either. I simply follow Jesus's teachings about the things to come, waiting patiently for the Kingdom of God, and I am not a part of any denomination. I will teach all peoples. tongues and nations what the Spirit and Yeshua had to offer. The water of life and food for the soul. Prophecy is not discouraged if it is within Biblical contexts. There will arise many false prophets yes, but the star is in the sky now. This isn't a game to me this is serious business.

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posted on May, 4 2009 @ 01:14 PM
.. so whats more true:

what you dream in the night?
what you hear from some preachers out there?

*still staying at the mark-question..

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 01:18 PM

The church of Jesus is within, as is the kingdom of heaven etc. And then you get "Christ consciousness" base on those things, and then the church of Jesus can be found within you, and your path, actions and understandings will reflect that.

I don't want to have to say this but CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS is a teaching of MAITREYA as is God is within. He will employ Scriptures to deceive and show signs and wonders. He will add 1 to the calculator so his number is 777 so no one can use this to reveal him as The Beast when he comes.

I do dream as well in fact I had one last night. Though I do not interpret my dreams but I wish the Holy Spirit to interpret the dream for me.

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