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The Agenda in Films! Swine Flu, Martial Law, Quarantine!!

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posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 06:48 PM
Amazing how much truth is out there. I remember reading somewhere that most of the time these elite people like to put their plans in movies ect. to condition people to a certain event, and to laugh in our faces.

I remember watching the movie "Quarantine" where there was a panademic and then the people got quarantined.

That is why i even made this post back then

After watching that movie i thought something on that date to this extent might happen, but of course like always dates are always wrong lol, but since people in the government were claiming these dates i thought there might of been some truth to it.

anyway long story short we are in the end of april, There is a "Swine Flu" frenzy soon to be a "panademic". Even though the regular flu kills more people then this haha. But this is what they have chosen for their play.

Will the next step be, quarantine? martial law?

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