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Research Project Proposal: Alien Abductions

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posted on Apr, 25 2004 @ 11:02 PM
I am curious if anyone here would like to join me in a research project into the phenomenon of alien abductions. I find the subject to be fascinating. Because either thousands and thousands of people are being taken against their will by alien beings and are being experiemented on, or thousands and thousands of people are experiencing a form of mass hysteria induced fantasy. In either case, I believe that the phenomenon is equally intriguing, and really is of epic proportions. Either our society is under attack from beings from another world, or there is the single largest mass delusion taking place, which would suggest that a large portion of humanity is quite mad.

There is of course the possibility that abductions are real, but that they are carried out by human beings for nefarious purposes.

The Mission

The mission of this research project would not be to draw a determination of whether or not abductions are really occurring. Our mission would be to collect and present as much data as possible, and try and draw some possible explanations for the phenonemon, including hypothesis's for different, possible scenario's.

The way I see it, we could break the research project into several categories.


A history of the phenomenon, a who, what, where, and when, as well as some possible why's. This history would go from the past, I believe the Hill's were or are recognized as the first "alien" abductee's, until the present. With enough data collected we may even be able to project a future analysis of where the phenomenon is headed.


What happens during an abduction? What happens after? Is there any correlation to people who are the victims of multiple abductions? This will require that we interview a number of abductees. We will need to brain storm on this, but I have found several web sites, actually support groups for abductees. We would need to contact some people and ask a standard set of questions. All would remain anonomous.


As with anything related towards fringe science there is the hoax factor. We should coallate a table of known hoaxes. We can try then and speculate on why people do hoax. Off of the top of my head I can say attention and money, but is there a more subtle connection between those that hoax and those who do not?


Is there a pattern to where and when abductions occur?

Who is responsible?

This would be a rather large and well researched area to cover everything. I gave 3 possibilities for abductions above. There may be more. My intention is to explore each of these as thoroughly as possiblE, and to remain as objective as possible at the same time.


This is another interesting aspect. People and doctors claim to have had objects implanted into them, which are later removed surgically. Some of these claims can be explained, for example a piece of asphault from the \road gets stuck in your skin. Yet some examples are not easily explained away, and there have been some very interesting findings in regards to these types of implants. So our mission again is to remain as objective as possible and present the findings in these cases.

Methods of Lost Memory Retrieval

One of the most common themes in abductions, on the surface, is that people do not remember the incidents until the memories are coaxed from them via certain methods. A widely used method is hypnotic regression, and this method is very controversial. It is an aspect that really needs to be explored, and if possible, can we chart the different types of memory recoveries, from having no memory loss what-so-ever to having complete memory loss.


What about people who claim to be in contact with alien beings. Again, this needs to be well documented, case by case, from everybody from Adamski to BO (heavens Gate) in the spectrum. As always we should try to remain objective while collecting the data, and leave our opinions out of it until we are ready to make a project summary.

I think it would be a good idea if everyone involved made a project summary at the end. Again, the goal of this project is not to debunk or prove the allegations. I dont think that is possible. But it would be a great data base for researchers, on one of the most important sociological phenomenons to occur in human history.

I am looking for 3 or 4 people to help in this project, so please either respond to this thread if you are interested or u2u me and let me know.

[Edited on 4-26-2004 by William One Sac]

posted on Apr, 26 2004 @ 12:45 AM
I just had 2 post on this one ive had that one movie that was based on a true story. called fire in the sky. great post william. people should be coming around in due time.

Back to the abductions. Do i believe this is really going on? Of course. This has already been concluded on. How could somebody possibly be missing for months time, have all these alterations in his body, have symptoms of insomnia, still not prove to people that things really DO happen? I think most people just wont allow such a possibility for their minds to comprehend.

Therefore, they deny. Thnx for postin this up will.


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