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Human Looking Aliens and Why Society Does Not Speak of Them (Exo-HK)

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posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 09:09 AM
An essay by Neil Gould on Human looking aliens, including analysis of contactee accounts. Have they been walking among us for milennia? Includes an encounter anecdote from the author himself.

16 March 09


The nineteen forties were the turning point; mankind found it necessary to interfere with the basic structure of the atom. Man was unaware that the consequences of this action would be the arrival of teams of human looking cosmic specialists, some of who would be tasked in transmitting the gift of consciousness to our academia. Others would endeavor in convincing governments to cease developing nuclear technology.

Diplomacy with government and military proved to be futile since the priority of the military was to increase its technological know how with regards to weaponry. The spiritual aspect was not considered important; akin to a child craving to get into his father’s gun cabinet before being mature enough to consider the safety aspects.

This paper serves to review some of the timelines regarding the arrival of Human looking cosmic specialists and comments on some of the contact cases. Clearly our cosmic friends had decided that governments would not listen. It became expedient that contact was to be made directly with sectors of the civilian population. Intrusion in the form of abduction was justified; any alternative to their forced entry was not on the agenda. It was the greater good of all that justified the circumstances surrounding the “Cavallo Case” and some of the cases, which appear in the book “Alien Bases” by Timothy Good.

What effect did all this have on the medical profession, psychiatry in particular?

The military became aware of human looking extraterrestrials. How could they be sure that none had infiltrated the Pentagon? We briefly discuss Command Sergeant Bob Dean’s testimony.

Conctee testimony with regard to Spiritual enlightenment is presented for consideration.

Finally we take a look at what is beyond the horizon for mankind. Will mankind unleash a genetic threat? After all it would appear that God needs a little help.

The beginning

The events that took place in a remote area of New Mexico during the predawn hours of July 16, 1945 forever changed the world. It occurred at a location 35 miles (56 km) southeast of Socorro, in the early morning the incredible destructive powers of the atom were unleashed in the form of a huge bomb blast. What had been merely theoretical became reality.

The fabric of space-time had been torn apart. Witnesses to the events at the Trinity detonation test site had signed their lives away to the official secrets act. Observations within the first few milliseconds of detonation revealed black marks on the negatives of the cellulose film. It was apparent that these black shaded areas were rips in space-time.

Not too long after these events those who worked with in the atomic program i.e. Oppenheimer and Einstein et al, had realized the implications of uncontrolled nuclear technology. By 1953 they were no longer trusted men and accordingly discharged from the atomic program. Security clearances were revoked leaving the two men to ponder the future of mankind within a highly dangerous nuclear age.

During the nineteen forties there were many scientists who had apparently entered a phase of revitalized conscious conditioning. Whilst reviewing their involvement in the development of nuclear technology, their thoughts may have been intercepted by divine guidance, tweaking their consciences into revealing to others the folly of weaponizing the military with a nuclear capability. A letter by Einstein and Oppenheimer to President Truman clearly demonstrated the deep concern that they had for other Celestial civilizations that by all accounts were more advanced than ours.

As founders and pioneers of quantum mechanics, they must have known about frequencies and densities within the universe. A rip in space-time would be detrimental to civilizations between the dimensions, some of which could materialize into our reality. It would not be a good idea to challenge these people militarily and would be a better idea if mankind would stop and think and create a Supra organization, which represented our planet in terms of galactic diplomacy.

The two scientists were trying to prepare the government in the event Ets would arrive on earth, as a result of irresponsible scientific experiments; such Ets would be referred to as those who are Celestial.

The arrival

Encounter at Desert Centre. 12.30pm 20 November 1952. With six witnesses watching, George Adamski made contact with a Venusian ET called Orthon.

His hands were slender with long tapering fingers like you to pull hands of an artistic woman. In different clothing he could pass for a beautiful woman. He was six feet six inches in height and about 28 years of age. He was round faced with an extremely high forehead. Large but calm grey green eyes, slightly Asian at the outer corners; with slightly higher cheek bones than an Occidental, but not so high as an Indian or Oriental. His hair was sandy in color and hung in beautiful waves to his shoulders. (Flying Saucers have landed – Desmond Leslie & George Adamski)

This extraterrestrial called “Orthon” was human looking and there were many more cases to follow. Timothy Good has catalogued in his books, a series of human looking ET contact cases stemming back from the early fifties.

Angels appear in the Bible from the beginning to the end, from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Revelation. The word "angelos" in Greek means messenger, they have been guiding us since the dawn of man. Sometimes angels take human form, as seen in the three men who appear to Abraham in Genesis 18, the two angels who appeared to Lot before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19), or Raphael appearing in human form to Tobias.

The case of Valient Thor, a human looking ET who arrived at the Pentagon during the Nixon era, is highly thought provoking. Thor’s contact and friend, terrestrial born Theologian, Dr frank Stranges, asserted that Thor did not have fingerprints or a naval. This adds to the notion that some of these Space people may well be celestial angels, walking among us and sharing enlightenment. President Nixon had explained to Thor that if the government made his presence known it would create social upheaval and economic turmoil. That being said, the government refused to take on board the spiritual advice given by Thor.

1n 1953 around 19th August a Mexican taxi driver, Salvador Villanueva came across 2 humanoids whilst he was fixing his car. Their behavior was cordial however for fear of not ever seeing his family again he declined an offer to ride in their ship.

On the 20th August 1954 in Norway 24 year old Edith Jacobson and 32-year-old Asta Solvang had an encounter whilst picking strawberries. The man was human looking, medium height, friendly and warm. He seemed to give them a sense of confidence.

Further contactees had surfaced such as George Von Tassell, Howard Menger, Dino Kraspedon and Eugina Seragusta, in naming just a few.

There appeared to be intense interest by human looking extraterrestrials in our planet. Many forms of contact took place; some with consent and others by way of benevolent abduction as in the case of Maurizio Cavallo. Intrusion was deemed necessary in order that mankind fast comes to realize the reality of the populated cosmos; the truth denied to the peoples of earth by their wicked military and governments.

The writer of this paper recently emulated an experiment which Timothy Good himself had carried out. On January 18th, 2009 he visited a restaurant in Hong Kong with his family and a woman business associate.

In the corner was a local Chinese girl sitting with two olive skinned people, a man and a woman....

posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 09:16 AM
Their features were more chiseled than normal and were extremely striking and beautiful.

In jest the writer said to his son Jake, “Watch, I bet they are ETs, I will ask her mentally to touch her nose”.

She did so and all the family giggled at the coincidence.

The writer decided to repeat the challenge and Jake requested him to mentally ask the girl to run her fingers through her hair.

Within ten seconds she did just that.

The family group became very quiet, perhaps even nervous. The writer’s wife then asked that they try to mentally ask her to drop the little blue pack of tissues (that restaurants hand out), on the ground.

They all experimented with this mental request and waited more than 10 minutes. Nothing happened and a sense of relief surrounded the table. Rather disappointed the writer called for the bill and when they left the restaurant he looked back one more time. Both strangers were staring at him with a very warm smile. The writer looked at the table; the tissues were still there, but when he looked at the ground, there was another blue pack lying on the floor.

The emotions threw everyone into a state of bewilderment. The writer realized that their last action was one of plausible deniability, a message in itself to leave them in peace, free of any unnecessary attention.

Conscious Conditioning

Perhaps due to laws of the universe and respect for our free will, mass open contact causing disruption would not be allowed. Too fast a change to the human paradigm could cause catastrophic economic collapse. More so it could cause fear and panic as seen during the famous broadcast by Orson Wells - War of the Worlds. A Social research Project funded by the Rockefeller Institution.

With so many detailed reports by researchers such as Timothy Good, Wendelle Stevens and many others it is clear that a cautious approach towards enlightening humans has been taking place assisted by human looking extraterrestrials. It has served to break our paradigm of reality on a careful stage-by-stage basis. Institutionalized medicine; psychiatry, has been challenged. Dr David Jacobs has been dealing with abductions; he perceives them as an alien threat.

Abductees often described having been shown visions of war and destruction due to man’s irresponsible behavior. Some folk have been brought onto the crafts to take care of hybrid children. Fear and anxiety caused by these reports might have been necessary both biologically and psychologically. We are told that remnence of past nuclear detonations have caused high levels of strontium in children’s teeth and that radiation has caused mutations within some of the biota on the planet.

Human DNA is being damaged due to the erosion of the protective layers, which surround our planet. Some Hypnotherapists (Mary Rodwell, John Mack) have determined, whether right or wrong, ET confrontations have led a clear path towards the raising of consciousness and of the reality of the extraterrestrial presence.

In contrast to Dr Jacobs, Harvard professor of psychiatry Dr John Mack views the abduction phenomena as one of the necessary tools in changing the World View. He calls it a public outreach program for the needy, by the extraterrestrials.

The public has become much more tolerant about reports of extraterrestrials. In its wake have arrived many books, films and TV series on the subject. Several cases similar to Cavallo’s with regard to human looking extraterrestrials living among us are abounding. These cases are matched by reports from Wendell Stevens, who talks of a family of human looking extraterrestrials under the protection of the government now living in Texas in the United States.

The Clarion ships, some transparent continue to fly over the coast of Italy whilst at the same time new sightings continue to be filmed both on video and mobile phone and are freely available on the Internet. An overwhelming amount of extraterrestrial material now dominates areas of the Internet. It has created a critical mass of new consciousness that is expected to finally bash down the cosmic Berlin wall of the media truth embargo.

Should this momentous event occur, it would show that the Galactic Diplomatic methods of the cosmic community worked wonders in bringing about an orderly transformation for humanity? It will allow mankind to continue with his spiritual evolution leading to formal contacts with extraterrestrial beings.

A young Sicilian stigmata Giorgio Bongiovanni takes a very messiahinic approach to the ETs; perhaps because they are human looking. In 1989 he told of his encounters with Mary and Christ and alleges that he was told the secrets of Fatima. His goal is to sensitize the consciousness of humanity to the great changes about to happen on earth. If true, it confirms that Human looking ETs have always been our shepherds and that they do walk amongst us.

Military assessment

The extraterrestrials never fired the first shot. In some cases the military had attacked these advanced UFO craft and others had come to close to the electromagnetic fields causing the instruments to jam with severe consequences to the craft and pilot.

Galactic Diplomacy of a visual kind was used in putting pressure on the military. NICAP, the National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomena had produced data and statistics. It was found that high concentrations of UFO sightings are found over nuclear power stations and nuclear bases. Captain Robert Salas reported a UFO over his base, which incapacitated the electronics of the minuteman missiles. Echoes of these reports had alarmed the military since they were dealing with technology well beyond their own capabilities. Peaceful diplomatic pressure has always been exerted on the military.

Command Sergeant Bob Dean, with 27 years of active duty broke his security oath and told the world about a top secret file called "The Assessment" - An Evaluation of Possible Military Threat to Allied Forces in Europe".

This file was COSMIC TOP SECRET relating to the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrials. Some were human looking; this was of most concern for fear that they could have infiltrated the military.

Sufficient evidence exists to substantiate the fact that some extraterrestrials are working in underground bases with the United States military and are perhaps working with technology within the framework of the agreements concluded without congressional oversight. To what extent these agreements are drafted is very difficult to conclude. Whistleblower Dr Michael Wolf asserts that advances in genetic experiments have taken place with technology received from extraterrestrial scientists.

The military realized that the more spiritual extraterrestrials had made direct contact with the civilian population. Most were human looking and thus easier to evade detection. A strategy to combat this was put in place by the control group majestic twelve through the psychological strategy board; creation of a disinformation campaign. A counter intelligence program (COINTELPRO) was set up which resulted in the harassment and ridicule of the contactees and their testimony.

In order to demonize the ET presence on Earth, it was decided to sell the worst image possible, of an Alien to the public. Their key features were chosen, large black bug eyes and a short stature with insect like limbs. A profile such as this would sway public opinion away from a perception of benevolent human looking celestial angelic beings. Perhaps the men in black were used to instill even more fear; although human looking, were described as semi robotic or with evil looking eyes carrying out acts of aggression against their subjects.


posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 09:19 AM
In 1997 Arthur C Clark once wrote: “One of the chief reasons that I have never been able to take reports of Aliens seriously is because no spaceship ever contains Aliens. The occupants are always human looking. Oh yes they do show a few variants, pointed ears and large eyes but otherwise they are generally designed like you and I”

It appears that some of these advanced races may have been a resident on this planet for perhaps longer than we have. Reports of the Tall White sightings are not that uncommon. Some have been seen accompanied by guards, wearing sunglasses and hats and sitting at a poker table in the casino.

Maurizio Cavallo describes a visit to an underwater base, which allegedly exists off the coast of Italy.

The extraterrestrial’s abilities in harassing and embarrassing the military could be one of the reasons that we find the major countries releasing their previously classified UFO files. These governments can no longer deny the public the truth. The seeds of consciousness have been sewn long ago.

It is thanks to the courage of whistleblowers, researchers such as Wendell Stevens, Maurizio Cavallo and Timothy Good etc that the disclosure door is widening.

Messages to Contactees

Society is crumbling, financial markets are in turmoil and the polar ice is melting. The sun has no sunspots and warnings are to expect solar waves by 2012. We are on the brink and it requires more than physical means to bring us back to safety.

In the Italian Siragusa case, a stern warning was given that we are destroying the delicate balance of nature essential to the survival of the earth’s biosphere. This is through nuclear energy and other irresponsible applications of our science.

The Itibara ET contact case which occurred in the Amazon, by the German born Ludwig Pullman, investigated by Wendelle Stevens is about planets which had been "lost" in technical thinking, and thereby loosing nature and God (the Whole/All consciousness SPIRIT BEHIND - WHICH IS the NATURE).

The seven commandments of Cosmophilosophy were given by these human looking ETs. These are the spiritual laws on Itibi-Ra

1st Commandment

You shall not inflict fear or harm on God, man or nature

2nd Commandment

You shall not be a hypocryte to yourself or others

3rd Commandment

You shall respect the rights of other beings

4th Commandment

You shall abstain from all excesses

5th Commandment

You shall work at all times according to your talent and character.At all times be kind and cheerfull, nor shall you feel superior to others.

6th Commandment

Yu shall undo the sins against others and yourself without delay and respect the laws of Cosmosphology.

7th Commandment

You shall not let others die in pain.

Messages of love and respect dominate these experiences. It is the intention of the ETs that we evolve on our own, with the least amount of intervention. Contactees are sometimes told that we have common ancenstors with them; accounting for the similarity of our physical features.


The testimony of Cavallo confirms the writer’s deepest intuitions. Not only are we being prepared for a cosmic integration, but also we are being prepared for an awakening with regard to the true abilities of our DNA.

Cavallo was told that sounds, keywords, music and speech are genetically coded frequencies. Our DNA contains a programmed syntax, which can be modified and reacts to modulate impulses.

“Our DNA is not junk DNA”, they are multi-dimensional networks. The Clarion’s fear that men of the earth will insert gene fractions, creating aberrations, monsters and evil code actual effects which they will not be able to prevent nor dominates.

Part and parcel of our spiritual evolution and our connectedness to the other dimensions unavoidably involve the higher functions and power of our DNA.

A new protocol will be included when man finally meets extraterrestrial within the framework of a formal planetary voice.

It will be about the responsible manipulation of the human genome. We will come to learn that these strands control not only our physical biology, but also the pathways to the greater knowledge and common consciousness shared by all beings in all universes.

Contactees are exposed to effects which appear to be magic such as materialization and dematerialization. Mental telepathy and quantum entanglement appear quite disturbing however they are completely natural and harmonious and are the result of more evolved human abilities through upgraded DNA.

We cannot imagine the potential of humanity without being able to relate and compare ourselves with the more advanced spiritual beings. They let us know that they are here, human looking and doing their very best to coach us along the road, which we have to build ourselves. They have not been shy in telling us we are immortal spiritual beings nor have they been shy in telling us about the marvels of the quantum physics which lay ahead in our future. They are human…. we could be like them.

We must learn to be responsible and exercise a mutual respect for man, animal and planet, thus giving up our obsession with nuclear energy; we will finally be welcomed as beginners in the new golden age which is perhaps only just around the corner.


posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 09:32 AM
Damn, alot of very interesting points in those posts, like the ones in the restaurant and getting the person to drop or do the actions, i gotta try this out on a few people i know, they seem too weird to me, but then again im surrounded by weirdos

Nice info and posts OP, good work

posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 09:43 AM
Nice thought provoking write-up.

And I ALWAYS 'call' out with my mind (almost hourly at various points of my journey) incase any ET's are in 'earshot' ( I try to call next the centre of London, near the financial centre and the Houses of Parliament - stands to reason that the ET's would be near to the seats of power), I somehow didn't think that should I be contacted on the street because of my 'calling' that it wouldn't have been a 'Grey' but more like a human looking but with softer features.

One can hope for contact. and soon.

posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 10:08 AM
I have a couple questions instead of a reply.

Do all second generation ET's know they are of "Off World" decent ?

Do the ET's stay strong in their enlightment? Or do they fall into the same traps 'we' Planet Earth beings have fallen into?

posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 11:37 AM
Starred and flagged. This is a very important information. The recent research by the Russians into language, music as well, perhaps frequencies, but just simple human language changes our dna in real time, and the metaphysical implications are profound and staggering. In some ways, its as if its so obvious that science and spiritual growth must progress into higher levels together. We really must ask for help from them as well.

posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 11:44 AM
S & F!

My feeling is that at least SOME of these visitors ARE us, or an evolution of us. And / or they seeded us and created our genetic lineology. Too many witnesses have seen these "nordic" looking beings to chalk it up to imagination. Like datawraith, I too call out to them telepathically on a regular basis, and often times I get reponses of craft overhead, or bright flashes above me. No face to face yet, but I have a feeling it's coming...

Great thread!

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 12:19 AM
Interesting thread. I've been following the topic of human looking ETs for years (if not decades). It seems like if a person is really serious about finding the truth about them - you'll have an experience of your own.
Here's an account by David Hughes-Narborough, who set off on an experiment of his own;

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 10:07 PM
This is a great read. Thank you for posting

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 10:15 PM
Cosmic top secret just means it's top secret that can be shared with nato members.

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 10:25 PM
Early explorers and immigrants to new worlds/lands are always perceived as threats. Earthlings, no matter what their race or culture should be well aware of this. Do you blame them for hiding?

posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 02:38 AM
For those that don't know about "the experiment" Timothy Good conducted, it's writen in his book 'Alien Base'. Tim Good is a highly respected UFO researcher and for those that don't know his work, here's some of his material;

One experience Tim Good had was in the late 1950s or in the beginning of the 1960s. He was travelling with an orchestra in the U.S. (as a violinist) and already had an interest in ufology. He hoped to meet George Adamski and see what he was all about but due to schedules he wasn't able to visit. While in a diner in California he saw a woman who reminded him of one of the "space people" George Adamski had described. At that moment he tried an experiment in telepathy and formulated (in his mind) the question; 'are you one of the "space people"? The woman who was waiting in cue walked up to his table, looked him straight in the eyes, smiled and made a little bow before him and than returned to her own table. . .

Another experiment Timothy Good conducted was later on in time, in the 1980s if I'm not mistaken. He was in New York and made a telepathic request; 'if there were any aliens in the vicinity they should come and proof it to him'. He was sitting in a hotel lobby at the time and within half an hour a man entered who caught his attention. Tim Good asked (in his mind); 'if you're one of the aliens, can you proof it by placing your finger on your nose?' The moment he formulated that request in his mind, the man did exactly that. If my memory serves me right, Tim Good made the same request again with the same result. The man placed his finger on his nose again. Tim Good was absolutely flabbergasted at the time. Before the man left the hotel lobby, he looked Tim Good straight in the eyes. . .

As you can see Neil Gould's and David Hughes-Narborough's experiments (listed in this thread) were inspired by Timothy Good's experiences. Oddly enough, they got the same results. . .

[edit on 29-4-2009 by TerraX]

posted on May, 7 2009 @ 08:41 PM

Originally posted by DimensionalDetective
S & F!

My feeling is that at least SOME of these visitors ARE us, or an evolution of us. And / or they seeded us and created our genetic lineology. Too many witnesses have seen these "nordic" looking beings to chalk it up to imagination. Like datawraith, I too call out to them telepathically on a regular basis, and often times I get reponses of craft overhead, or bright flashes above me. No face to face yet, but I have a feeling it's coming...

Great thread!

I believe that we are the generational "crops" from planet seeding from travellers stopping by our quaint little rock long ago, a new cycle of human evolution seeded here and left to grow; unfortunately, the care takers have not always had the best interests of the garden or of its occupants at hand.

It is a very real possibility that our visitors are here to help with our developement and hopefully one day we all will meet them face to face in a warm and loving atmosphere instead of the fear of the unknown that seems to be such a large part of the human paradigm.

Good post,DD.


posted on May, 7 2009 @ 10:23 PM
reply to post by TerraX

I read his thread that he wrote about this experiment on ATS, it was really inspiring. I'd lost the link to his blog, thanks for posting that.

posted on May, 7 2009 @ 11:10 PM
reply to post by HiAliens


That was surprisingly right on.

You have put much into your Op, and the only problem I have with any of it is the Timothy good strokes which I just cannot get behind.

Other than that, looks as if you have done your homework and what I would like to know is just how you see the year 2012 in connection to the Alien Phenomena?


posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 05:01 PM
Hello TerraX and Mystiq. I feel that the encounter that I and others have shared ends in a deep penetrating stare as a shift in Consciousness occurs at this point. I know that ultimately this is the purpose of the encounters, to expand Consciousness and to become aware that we share the same Consciousness universally, that we are One.

The shift in global and ultimately Universal Consciousness, is well underway and could very well be related to year 2012 as mentioned by Mystiq. When Unitive Consciousness awakens as I feel it is, these beings will no longer be interpreted as aliens but as ourselves in another form.

[edit on 28-6-2009 by David H N]

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 05:13 PM
Why anyone seriously interested in this subject would willingly choose to propagate such utter bunk is beyond me.

There are so many ridiculous points here I don't know where to the alien "specialists" coming down here to deal with the academics and the military, then acting surprised that the military wants weapons, lol. Must be some stupid alien specialists if they didn't think the military would ask for weapons. One of dozens of idiotic things in this completely fabricated, and made up story.

This stuff belongs in the gray area forum so as not to get the stink of it on us here in the more respectable forums, where we haven't completely turned off the ability to use logic, reasoning and common sense.

[edit on 28-6-2009 by IgnoreTheFacts]

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 05:14 PM
I think that media, Hollywood, etc want us to see aliens as anything other than human. In fact, they are a wide variety of species -- some human, some very non-human and some are not even visible. I'm presuming TPTB want us to see them as all non-human to create a separation. After the mental separation is created, it is easier to create fear. After fear, control....

posted on Nov, 13 2009 @ 07:47 PM
your post never cease to amaze me. You make the things i have been thinkin about and plauging my head so clear and informative i see you are using your talents right. i wish the thread wouldnt fall on deaf ears as they say.

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