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Disclosure/Exopolitics 101- Ten minute video-

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posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 08:40 AM
At some point the UFO movement has to go beyond cataloguing sightings and rehashing the Billy Meier case. Exopolitics is the study of the total implications of Human/Off-worlder contact: From patent law and international boundaries through to the retooling of industry and energy production, few people have given much thought to the vast repercussions of this potential cosmic watergate.

A film by Jake Gould of Exopolitics Hong Kong, who won the best short film award at the Loughlin UFO conference for a piece on time travel.

Featuring Neil Gould, Paola Harris, Stephen Bassett, Rebecca Hardcastle, Angelika Whitecliff, Michael Salla and Jeff Peckham.

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