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Did U.N. bank conceal theft of oil-for-food money by hedging a 9/11 collapse of Enron shares?

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posted on Apr, 25 2004 @ 02:31 PM
If AXA Financial, now in the custody of the U.N.'s and Saddam's escrow bank in New York, BNP Paribas, wanted to help its clients hide $10+ billion of dirty money stolen from the oil-for-food program, then it would 'hedge' against a 9/11-induced panic and the resulting collapse in its shares in Enron and the other bubbles it had helped to create - WorldCom, Tyco, Qwest and Dynergy.

Having bought into an Enron hedge position using the clients' dirty money, AXA can then hire al-Qaeda mercenaries to CAUSE the 9/11 collapse and AXA's clients get their dirty money back nice and clean.

Sorry about the dead children in Iraq and the workers in the World Trade Center, but we can always blame Bush!

That's what AXA does folks, its past and present presidents are out on bail right now for the use of its life insurance contracts to launder money from drugs and weapons trafficking.

Funny how one of the victims of the AXA scam was the the Florida State Board of Administration - the trusteed public-servants pension funds chaired by state governor, Jeb Bush.

Contrast the U.N.-loving Democrat spin from the Bilderberger AFL-CIO which claims the AXA scam was Bush's fault versus the more Conservative "follow the money" article which shows insider manipulation by AXA and the enrichment of its "off-book" U.N. clients.

Isn't 9/11 exactly what the U.N. CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Maurice Strong and his buffoon of a sidekick, Michael Moore, need to usher in their paramilitary NWO agenda? Stupid white man and there are two!!!


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