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Ammunition Shortage, The Players and The Banning of Lead

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posted on Apr, 23 2009 @ 06:38 PM
The shortage of ammo and plan to ban using lead in bullets have legs leading back to Marc Rich, Clinton and Bush and the Red Chinese.

Who is Marc Rich?

You can find out here.
The 10 most notorious presidential pardons

What does he and former presidents have to do with ammunition?

Why are Red Chinese manufacturing ammo in California?

Why are the bullets using tungsten projectiles rather than lead?

Why might lead be banned in bullets?

You can find out here.
Skolnick - Marc Rich...King oOf The US Bullets

Marc Rich and his sidekick Pincus Green, "Pinky", head up one of the world's largest transacters in metals, such as tungsten from Red China. Part of the dealings on the Red Chinese deals have been arranged through Prescott Bush, Jr., brother of George Bush The Elder and Uncle of George W. Bush, alleged "President". According to published accounts, Prescott Bush, Jr. has also worked corrupt deals with the massive Japanese mafia, the Yakuza. To make the Red Chinese tungsten deals work, Rich and his firms paid a "commission" or bribe to Clinton as President as well as the First Lady Hillary and contributed heavily to her carpet-bagging campaign to be U.S. Senator from New York. The funds were funneled through tax-havens like Antigua, Andorra, the Channel Islands, and similar tax-dodge money black holes.

Grabbing up both ends of the strategic Panama Canal was not sufficient for the Red Chinese and their secret police. Penetrating fundamental equipment of the U.S. Military and local and federal police was more pertinent, toward the future date when they might decide to fight the U.S. The Red Chinese have been positioning themselves as the major supplier of bullets for the United States, military troops and civilian police use.

Helping the Rockefellers set up the Red Chinese on U.S. soil in bullet manufacturing have been members of the George Bush Family and their little-publicized confidants, Bill and Hillary Clinton. Together, the excuse they have, although not yet widely noted or discussed, is that lead bullets are toxic. Dubbed "green ammunition" because it is deemed to be environmentally "safe", the tungsten-core bullets manufactured by the Red Chinese has quietly started. Production has commenced at a huge facility arranged by the Red Chinese in Adelanto, California, which is relying on Red Chinese tungsten, brokered by Marc Rich with the aid of the Bush Family and the Clintons.

A populist newspaper, in a headline story "China Angling To Be Principal U.S. Ammo Provider", described it "The conversion from lead to tungsten for ammunition is expected to spill over into the civilian sector, where all lead shot used in shotguns, as well as the cores of bullets for rifles and handguns, will also be BANNED. This will have a major impact on American sportmen who cast their own bullets from lead, which melts at a relatively low temperature. Tungsten requires the intense heat of oxy-acetylene-generated temperatures to melt."

Some questions are answered here.,
Marc Rich - CIA Rich, The Secret Accounts, King Of The US Bullets

Questions, of which in our various website series we have made partial answers

Q- How many foreign and domestic political assassinations has Marc Rich reportedly arranged and financed, disguised as metals and grain deals? See some of the details previously posted about Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and the Chicago Board of Trade dirty business. Are these events occurring through the aid of Rahm Emanuel, managing director of Wasserstein Perella & Co.? We think so. And Rahm is reportedly linked to Marc Rich and the Red Chinese Secret Police operating IN THE UNITED STATES.

Q-Does Marc Rich's ex-wife, who reportedly directly contacted Clinton asking for a pardon, and Marc's/her hotshot lawyers have any knowledge of his high-level crimes on behalf of the bloody American CIA? We think so.

Q-Did Bill/Hillary Clinton use Marc Rich to come up with the loot to pay for the private "hit", as mentioned, on their crony Vincent W. Foster, Jr., because Foster was engaging in treason and was imlicating them? Some background "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush" part four, our website series.

Q- Is it true that Rahm Emanuel, for six years having been on and off Clinton White House Senior Advisor, has been, in effect, Deputy Director for North America, of the Mossad, Israel's spy agency? And was Rahm an instrumental part of Marc Rich's dirty, bloody business for the American CIA? [Rahm Emanuel went on to become a managing director of Wasserstein Perella & Co., now merged with Germany's Dresdner Bank A.G., all reportedly tied to the Red Chinese Secret Police.]

Q-Is it true that the spy-riddled, oil-soaked monopoly press has suppressed stories, known by them to be true, that Marc Rich has had unholy deals with Bishop Paul Marcinkus, originally from the Chicago-area mafia enclave of Cicero, who went on to become head of the Vatican Bank, linked to the mafia and the American CIA? In numerous items on our website, we discussed Marcinkus' role in dominating the First National Bank of Cicero which to get the stink off themselves have changed their name now several times.

Q-Is Marc Rich, apparently now having bribed Bill/Hillary Clinton to get a presidential pardon, returning to the United States, to assist the American CIA on American soil with money laundering and reportedly facilitating/financing political assassinations, foreign and domestic?

We expect to post more details of Marc Rich is CIA Rich. Stay tuned.

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