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Aliens in the Dark

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posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 11:48 AM
It has occured to me that many, many sightings of UFOs and aliens have happened throughout history. No doubt many of them are fakes or plots at fame and money, as we all know. However, the classic line of the believer is "What if just one of those are real?"

Well, let's assume one of them is real... better yet let's assume that 10% of them are real. If that is the case then there have not been that many real aliens here, in relation to population ratio. I mean if they are coming here, for study of our planet and so on, doesn't it seem likely that the population of their home planet have been kept in the dark about the fact that we are alive? I mean if they are anything like us, wouldn't they too keep possibly superior life forms other than their own out of their mainstream knowledge? It is probably impossible to know this, but based on the fact that even 10% of sightings wouldn't equal much of any kind of percentage of their population, again, assuming it is as large as our own.

I wonder this, but at the same time know that it only took one spaceship and moonwalk for our entire population to know what the enviroment in space is like. Is it possible to keep a whole race in the dark, when such a small mission (in comparison to pop. ratio) alerted the whole planet to what space was like? Could the whole of their population be oblivious to our existence? Should our population, as a private sector, endeavor to reach these alien races? Would this be wise to do? Maybe there is a reason why only a small percentage of Humans are aware of the Extra-terrestrial presence in fact.

posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 12:04 PM
reply to post by esteay812

You must also understand that we are not just citizens of a country or the planet. We are citizens of the Galaxy. How would trying to find our place in a Galactic society be any different from how we are here? I agree that their culture is probably nothing short of otherworldly. However, they are otherworldly. Personally, my biggest problem is we don't spend much on manned space travel. FTL, Space bending, etc. are not really studied as much as they should be. I love our planet, it is a beautiful place, magnificent in all it's splendor. However, I am human and therefore have an instinct to explore my world. I would hope that if they found us that they would tell their own kind. There is no sense in both of us thinking we are alone in the universe. The knowledge of this could also be a good thing. It could unite the human race (in other ways besides the nasty NWO). It could also prove disastrous, but the point is since we are floating around in this massive universe anyway then why not find a place in it instead of a place on a blue ball floating through a void where no one appreciates each other. I would rather know my place then going on my entire life "knowing" I am the most and only intelligent species in the universe. We are a scientific race. The implications in scientific knowledge could instantly be boosted 100+ years. Plus if this species lost their planet for one reason or another then they would be a great race to learn from since I personally do not want to see the beautiful earth die for any reason.

On a side note i just wanted to add that in my opinion our planet is more important than any government, than any secret plan, than any corporation or any economic crisis. The Earth is our home and a much more deserving life giver than we give her credit for. We also share this planet with millions of other species that have just as much a right to a clean livable environment as we do. But i digress.

posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 12:15 PM
Hi, you made an interesting question to think about.. you may have a point there that maybe there's only few in also alien species knowing about humans & earth in general. But then again.. why act so secretive, if they're advanced than us? Since secretive ways are totally the way of a twisted human-mind-game.. it doesn't exist in any other life-forms than ours - by my knowledge at least and I can't think of a reason why would higher entities lower themselves to lie. (So what I'm saying that in my opinion humans were screwed genetically at some point of history by demons or higher beings who made us build a tyrannical sicilizations throughout history)

Anyway.. the way I'd see it is that those aliens must have a really good plan that is not like ours to see things. You could ask yourself first: why are they here? Is our planet someways different than theirs just because it's so cool and lively? Or are we the problem, making a disturbance in the space? Since all things are someways only frequences of sound and waves, then my god Earth is really a noisy rock.

In some studies and in an interesting document-film I saw recently called "the Secret" they talked about this concept of 'Law of Attraction'. Meaning that what you think, either positive or negative, you'll attract that same energy towards yourself or repel it. That made me thinking that if our thoughts are indeed universal and can be 'heard' through galaxies (just maybe), then what if our constant conflicts over the Earth and this wave of destruction has finally reached to those who are merely concerned what's happening here and now are trying to set things right?
But then again.. it's a good question who to be sent here to do that?

You know this 'Mothman'-legend, right?
In those times people were supposedly interviewed by several alien humanoids at Point Pleasant, Virginia. Each time these strangers appeared and confronted people, they said that 'Don't be afraid. We'll see you again in time." They always mentioned time in one way or another. And even then there were several types of aliens seen. That Mothman-type with bat-like wings and red eyes, then of course the Greys who watch, and then there's the friendly strangers who offer advice and appear from nowhere. And also there's the mighty thing of Telepathy through dream-state, which requires no travelling of any kind. We could be receiving voice-mails from planet Neptune each night if we'd just found the right dial, haha!
So maybe they are totally mastered time-travel so they surely don't need much more than the knowledge to control that to infiltrate to humankind.
But is that a bad or a good thing? it depends on how you see things.

Personally I see it that world needs them to intervene, since if nobody doesn't do anything, then we'll just continue digging our own grave and make sure that all these Doomsday predictions really do come true eventually :/

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posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 12:22 PM
damn I make a lot of typos today. Sorry about all the edits.

posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 02:14 PM
Darn, I thought this mught have been a video of aliens materialising out of the night... Oh well
this is a cool topic so let's have at!

reply to post by DaMod

That was beautiful, and I couldn't agree more.
I've always considered myself a citizen of EARTH (could extrapolate to the galaxy or even universe), not this sorry state of a country known as UK.. We are all one people, and we all have our place in the galaxy.
I reckon the ETs of the galactic federation are keeping their distance, as we're still not that bright at the moment.
They may have stumbled upon us by chance, and seen potential, but are waiting for that potential to be realised. Then again, we may have been seeded by them, and they're waiting for us to blossom.
They want us to realise our place and stop bickering amongst ourselves. We fight. All the time. Over land, resources, ideologies. Over SECRECY.
Some of us are above that, we look and wonder why. But we're benched along with patience and reason by those of us who are base and irrational, and this prevents us from ascending.
They want us to see that we can live peacefully, then and only then will we be admitted to join the various races and together we will explore the galaxy.

posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 06:49 PM
Those are some great thoughts you all have so far. I believe the changes brought on by the knowledge of other intelligent life outside of our planet would be great. You could imagine what some of the changes would be in the instance of this type of knowledge.

With the knowledge that there are other beings outside our planet some might expect changes in the order of:

1. A uniting of different races on Earth, instead of the steady arguing and racial aspects throughout everyday life around the world. Knowing about another race it is quite possible that we will (those who don't already) see ourselves as Humans instead of white, black, brown, yellow, red, or whatever. I believe that this would come through a common ground knowledge that we are all the same race, just variations within it.

2. Could it be possible, through this type of untiy, that a new, universal language would be utilized to communicate here on Earth? Probably even a language that already exists here would be adopted by the entire planet for a more fluid stage of communication.

3. A uni-liateral co-operation between different civilizations on Earth. this would make commerce and trade so much easier if everyone were united under one common goal.

You could think of a million things that might come about if this knowledge were released.

Another thing to consider, in the event of disclosure, would be how the knowledge is endowed to us. Surely, if there is knowledge already of aliens, we know quite a bit about what they are, their origin, they cellular make-up, their planet or planets and so on, it couldn't be all poured onto us at once. This information, if ever given (if we even have it), would probably be trickled out to us a little at a time so we could properly digest it. Even then we may never know the whole truth.

posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 09:33 PM
There could be a lot of possibilities. They may be making sure huge asteroids don't destroy our planet. They could just be visiting. They could be ancient astronauts. I believe that the ET's are ancient astronauts, and therefore I would assume that the ET's don't keep the "aliens in the dark".

And since I believe the ET's are ancient astronauts, I also believe that their culture is far beyond out wildest imaginations. Look at their artwork for example. If you consider ancient cave paintings and text from ancient scriptures and whatnot to be from ET's, and if you consider crop circles to be of ET origin...

They are truly magnificent and amazing beings. I bet the artwork, paintings, buildings, statues, and structures on their home planet are absolutely breathtaking. If they are ancient astronauts and such.

I'm not worried about ET's. I am absolutely intrigued by them, and hopefully in my lifetime I can study and learn about their culture(s).

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