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Rare Naked-Eye Occultation/Graze during May 4th Total Lunar Eclipse

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posted on Apr, 24 2004 @ 03:30 PM
Didn't we have a great alignment on may 5 2000?
Here is another (minor) one on May 4.

The 2.8-mag. star alpha 2 Librae = ZC 2118 = Zubenelgenubi will be
occulted during the total lunar eclipse on May 4th for observers in
southern Africa, as noted on pages 104 and 106 of my article in this
January's issue of Sky and Telescope (with the northern limit shown
on the map on p. 103). Alfons Gabel is leading an expedition to the
deserts of Namibia to observe this rare event, and there will be
efforts to observe it in South Africa, as well. For details of this
event, maps, and plans, see the 2nd item from the top of my Web site
at . That Web site also has large .avi files
of my video of a similar graze (same star, also total lunar eclipse)
that I recorded in Sudan on 1985 May 4, a 19-year Meton cycle before
this year's event. There will not be another occultation of a 3rd-
mag. star during a total lunar eclipse again until 2050 May 6, when
Zubenelgenubi will again be occulted, but that event will be visible
only from Antarctica, with the northern limit entirely south of
Africa. As noted in my Sky and Telescope article, there will be
occultations of 7th-mag. stars during this year's May 4th eclipse
visible from parts of Europe and Australia. Some information about
those events is in my article in Sky and Telescope; in a few days, I
hope to post on my Web site maps of the limits of those and other
occultations generated by Eberhard Riedel

posted on Apr, 25 2004 @ 06:35 AM
Hah! Paul Maley's going to Namibia. Sounds like a fun trip.


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