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Brzezinski : "massively destructive clash of civilizations"

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posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 03:07 PM
I wanted to put my formulations out here for others to consider.

Parenthetically, If you don't want to consider these, no worries. I'm not thin-skinned.

There are many other things that I need to get done today; usual chores like cleaning the garage, washing the car, etc... but I wanted to make sure I document the thoughts while they are still fresh in my mind.

Here goes... I watched a sound bite from a speech that Brzezinski made back in November 2008.

The keywords that caught my attention were "unprecedented political awakening of the world's population". What did he just say??

When an international figure like Brzezinski (almost par with Kissinger) makes a comment like that it should make headlines. AND he should qualify his statement. So, I went looking for the complete context. (Now, I can't find the video clip, however...)

I was able to find the transcript of his speech in a number of websites. Easy to find.

Alternatively, Here's the link to an article that Brzezinski wrote in China Daily where he duplicated his words from the video.

There's More.

The body of his article is presented in a sickly sweet 'can't we all just get along' yet at the close of his article he raises alarm:

China Daily : 2009-01-15
In an era in which the risks of the massively destructive "clash of civilizations" are rising because of the unprecedented political awakening of the world's population, the deliberate promotion of a genuine reconciliation of civilizations is urgently needed.

It is a task which our next president Barack Obama - who is a conciliator at heart - should find congenial, and which Chinese President Hu Jintao - who authored the concept of "a harmonious world" - should welcome. It is a mission worthy of the two countries with the most extraordinary potential for shaping our collective future.

You have to know that international negotiators don't bring real olive branches to the table when they negotiate. They certainly close the doors and have rhetorical inuendo and threats, immense threats, and global payoffs, immense payoffs, that can only be made at a global level.

America is the only nation to ever use nuclear weapons on another country. And civilians at that. If 9/11 was an inside job as much evidence and many people believe... What bargaining chips those despicable acts would be.

Anyhow, This made me question when was China brought into the fold of WTO? When did we (using diplomatic avenues) entice (read coerce) China into the global economy?

Oh yeah, it was in Sept. 2001 just after the 9/11/01 WTC was attacked & collapsed.

Could it be that 9/11 'solved' a number of issues.

Including showing China that even though there were huge profits to be made by joining WTO (that wasn't convincing enough for them) we still needed to show them that any threats to China that were made behind closed doors would most certainly be followed through. And once given to the media, the US gov't propaganda (with other allied countries) would sway world opinion against China. The threats carried out and they were justified because of ________.

If you put many known facts together along with some educated guesses and some good skepticism this seems plausible in my tiny mind.

What bearing does this theory have on anything?

Brzezinski's opinion that people becoming politically aware is a risk of a "massively destructive 'clash of civilizations'".

He's in talks with China, and as some people claim, part of the Bilderburgs and other nefarious organizations then I can only conclude that everything that he stands for has, absolutely, everything to do with evil. Inhuman endeavors.

Oh yeah, and he's an international political consultant to the Obama administration.

A true globalist, to my mind, would embrace people that are politically aware. Globally minded, etc... (Warm fuzzy thoughts)

This may not be an original theory, If someone has already posted this theory, sorry.

In my opinion, it seems important enough to put a bow on these threads and tie them together and make some sense. Is this a crock theory?

Off to clean the garage. If you have a spouse, don't forget to do something different/special for them today; they may be putting up with a conspiracy theorist.

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posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 03:43 PM
I have to commend you on a well thought out argument.

I too have misgivings about the nature of this theoretical clash, and the results.

But more frightening to me is his assertion of a 'political awakening.' I worry that this is a warning... but not for US, the population. Instead it is a warning for those who desire with all their hearts, that we remain still and quiet... and allow THEM to do the thinking for us.

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 03:48 PM
s and f my friend. Brzezinski is a pure evil. he came from Poland and as a polish citizen I am really ashamed cause of it.
he was always a mastermind of the dirty games worldwide.

together with Kissinger they do control all the american presidents for many years. althought the chances are small but I still hope that one day the truth about those guys will come out to the public. and what is more important people will finally BELIVE what they should understand for a long time already.

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