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BenLaden is an evil, but he is a really good tactical...

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posted on Apr, 23 2004 @ 06:20 PM
Sorry, I wont have any link for this information. I've read it in a newspaper :

Recently, US polices forces have catch in a port, somewhere in USA, about 8000 machineguns model AK-47. And who was the expeditor ? AlQaeda mens, BenLaden lieutenants...

that's a really good strategy, no ? To arm some groups to fight, in the state, against governement...

BenLaden understand what mean the words :"To attack an ennemy from his camp"...

The same strategy had been used for the 9-11 2001 attacks. Kamikazes used US plane to hit the WTC.

The target of the WTC was not also choosen by hazard. With these attack, Benladen tryied to destabilize market economy. The days after WTC fall, wallstreet losed about 20 % points by day !

The 9-11 attacks was really coherents :

WTC was an attack on economic power
Pentagone : Military power
and the white house was planed to hurt or kill the USA political headquarter...

You follow me ?

I think BenLaden have understood that USA have a big problem with guns, and that it can make an explosive civil war situation, if utilized correctly.

The next target that BenLaden will try to hit will be, probably, a political target. Because he know that he can destabilize power and authority in USA and cause the start of a civil war.

posted on Apr, 23 2004 @ 06:29 PM
do you really have that little faith in man?
yes BIN laden is a pretty wise fighter but your idea that these things like an illeagal gun ring or an assination will lead to toatal anarchy and a civil war is:
a) just what that crazy S.O.B wants
b) kind of insulting to the basic inteligance of the people

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