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(SUBMISSION) Canada's #1 Enemy of the State: Cloak and Dagger (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on Apr, 23 2004 @ 02:52 PM
Originally submitted elsewhere, this is the story of one true conspiracy theorist who struck a chord in the corridors of power in Canada and the United States and had his radio show shut down, his computer and website fried as well as his home illegally invaded by the police service he accused of being drug-smugglers for the New World Order.

Originally at:

Cloak And Dagger: Lenny Bloom Canada's #1 Enemy of the State

By: Braatz and the Tyranny Response Unit

Cloak and Dagger: Who is Nelson Thall?

Nelson Thall hosted Toronto Radio Mojo 640 AM’s top-rated show Cloak and Dagger and saw it shut down. This he believes is the result of revealing too many state secrets of corruption in Canada, the United States and United Kingdom. The modus operandi of the “powers that be” is to silence him and the information he has been revealing to the public about the criminal occupation of 24 Sussex Drive, 10 Downing Street and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Have Canada’s media been silenced, or are they self-censoring a story of potentially international proportions?

Thall’s Arrest

Nelson Thall, A.K.A. Lenny Bloom, is out of jail after a run-in with the scandal-ridden Toronto Police last week. "I just came home and they were in my house, going through everything" he said in a telephone interview last week. "They entered my home without a warrant, arrested me on the spot. They kept my family downstairs while they slapped the cuffs on me upstairs". Thall was charged with 64 charges related to the storage of guns in his Forest Hill home, as well as pot possession. Thall was sent to prison for 3 days and was not permitted to call his lawyer from his home. In a recent email, posted at , Thall wrote:

My firearm collection was registered for over twenty years and stored in locked boxes. The Police invaded my house without a search warrant and came in when I was out of the house. I have a disease known as Tinnitus. My doctor prescribes THC to stop the ringing in my ears. Tell the world

What were “they” trying to say? “Don’t push it” Thall says . “They are attacking me as an intellectual, and they are saying “don’t push the issue”’. The Toronto Establishment has also carried out character assassinations in the past – one on Toronto’s biggest conspiracy theorist of all time – U of T Prof. Robert O’Driscoll. He was the author of The New World Order and Corruption in Canada, New World Order and The Throne of the Antichrist as well as The New World Order in North America : Mechanism in Place for a Police State.

O’Driscoll’s books represented a new direction of scholarship – engaging in public debate over what really goes on behind the scenes. He was the first high-profile person in Canada to give voice to David Icke and even Ernst Zundel, who is currently being held as a political prisoner in Canada. O’Driscoll fell victim to a character assassination after publishing his trilogy of books, which were labelled anti-semitic, as they gave voice to Icke and others who claimed that there was a corrupt elite who sought to bring about a New World Order. O’Driscoll was also a scholar of Ezra Pound’s works that examined the Federal Reserve Banking system.

At the time, O’Driscoll’s claims seemed outlandish but seem to be coming to pass before our very eyes. “O’Driscoll was a former professor of mine” said Thall. “He came and stayed with me when he needed a safe house”. O’Driscoll died in 1996 in Dublin. Thall says that Eric Phelps of passed through Toronto on his way out of the US to Israel. “This guy was forced out of his own country. Someone threatened him. We didn’t really talk about it, as we had no time” said Thall.

The Timeline

On January 31st, 2004, Thall issued a press releaseon his website, that gave the specific details and websites like thoughtcrimenews.comand quickly linked to the story. Days later, the story was picked up in the mainstream press by the Globe & Mail’s Mike Posner, who had done a previous story on Thall and conspiracies. Posner’s story did not make it into the print edition of the Globe & Mail in western Canada, but appeared in the 7, February, 2004 entertainment section across Eastern Canada. The article made it into the entertainment section, which reduced its political implications, but this was likely due to the satirical nature of the show.

When asked how serious the show (Cloak and Dagger) should be taken, Thall replied “You have to realize how melancholic people become when they hear of this information. Satire tends to lighten it a bit and make it easier to take”. Satire, it turns out, is not Paul Martin's preferred style of humor. Martin has been suing satirical websites and threatening them with legal action.

Likely, the management at MOJO thought the show was entirely satirical and fell under the category of “info-tainment”. The average listener cannot corroborate anything he says with what’s happening in the media. Few people, however, realize that Cloak and Dagger is connected to the underworld through Thall’s past work as a pilot for spies. “A lot of these guys owe me their lives in some way or another” said Thall. His sources are in the underworld of spies, assassins and hit-men – not the mainstream media. “Some of this stuff spills over onto CNN from time to time”. Cloak and Dagger is positioned such that it gets information months or even years before the info comes into the mainstream, which is why it is easy to dismiss first hand.

Thall’s information can be difficult to corroborate, so it is dismissed as “mere conspiracy” or “tinfoil hat”. Thall would argue, as a former student of Marshall McLuhan, that the current mainstream news coverage is the infotainment, because it distracts from the real, behind-the-scenes issues of corruption. Cloak and Dagger aired un-scathed for 76 weeks releasing “State secrets” over Toronto’s airwaves. ”Our footprint was expanding down into Detroit and the US, and they couldn’t take it. If this stuff were untrue, they’d sue for libel. Unfortunately, it would unleash a whole can of worms if they took me to court over this information. That’s the last thing they want, and this is why they feel the need to use strong-arm tactics behind the scenes”. Cloak and Dagger was broadcasting at “blowtorch” status – radio lingo for a maximum-watt radio station.

The Toronto Sun newspaper covered Thall’s arrest recently, but has pulled the story from their website, probably just to archive it. It is available in the caches of google Other media outlets include a brief mention in the Toronto Star print edition as well as a Toronto-only section of the Globe & Mail that featured in-depth coverage on Thall's arrest.

Internet Attack?

Thall spoke of the propaganda blanket that covers the US - "PUS" he called it- in reference to the media coverage on the Iraq War and the criminal elements of the Paul Martin and George Bush regimes in Canada and the USA. Paul martin is scheduled to meet with President George Bush this month to open up US borders to Canadian beef. Tom Henigan, one of Thall’s connections and close confidant of Al Gore, had received intelligence that when Bush and Martin met in Monterrey, Mexico, Bush “strong-armed” Martin into doing what he could to get “that loudmouth from Chicago” and Cloak off the air. The “loudmouth from Chicago” is none other than Sherman Skolnick, investigative journalist and judicial activist who is notorious for “outing” president Bush’s strange relationship to fellow Bonesman and Knoxville, Tennessee Mayor, Victor Ashe. Strangely enough, when President Bush met with Martin, the Globe & Mail documented an incident where Bush told Scott Reid, Martin’s aide “You got a pretty face. You’re a good-looking guy”, which only served to fuel the speculation about other bones in Bush’s closet.

The disconnect between what is happening in the world and the coverage by the media has grown so large, that Thall wonders what will become of tiny forums of free-thought exchange on the internet. Thall says that one week after his last show on Cloak and Dagger, (where he aired an interview with Andreas Von Bulow, who argues that the CIA was complicit in 9-11), he came home to find that his computer was completely melted. "Something was burning. The housing on my computer was melted and smelled like it was all burnt up inside. Turns out was. Somebody did a highly sophisticated attack on my computer. They didn't go through the network, but somehow sent a power surge to my home that fried my surge protector. My computer guy said that the surge melted the wiring inside. The breaker popped completely out of the housing on my surge protector".

When asked if this meant it was possible for key websites, or even the internet to be taken out, he said" The military built the internet. They probably know how to pull it. I mean, they pulled the World Trade Center. The internet is already under attack - spam and porn, most of which is coming from the US. They create the problem and propose a solution". When it was pointed out that the internet could not technically be taken out, as it was a network, Thall replied "they just need to take out the key sites like mine". On April 20th, wired magazine detailed a fatal flaw that could cripple the entire internet. “It’s funny how they let these things out into the public shortly before they happen” said Thall, in reference to another story about a possible terrorist attack on Canadian soil.

Connections to Stern

Nelson Thall’s woes are related to Howard Stern vis-à-vis a man name John “Incubus” Hayes. Hayes is the crazed radio station manager portrayed in Stern’s movie Private Parts who fired Stern not once – but twice. Hayes first canned Stern at WNBC in New York. After becoming president of Canada’s Corus Entertainment, Hayes fired Stern at Corus Radio in Toronto. According to the Globe & Mail, Hayes moved himself into Nelson Thall’s neighbourhood – Forest Hill.

Hayes is known as a radio station turnaround and restructuring specialist who knows how to get a radio station to turn a profit. Mojo 640 AM radio was the former host station to Lenny Bloom’s radio show, Cloak and Dagger, owned by Corus Entertainment. Lenny Bloom (Thall) maintains that his radio show was number one in its timeslot and age category – the ever-so-elusive 25-54 year old male category. Thall says that he worked for free, and decisions to cut his show run counter to the profit-maximizing principle of any good capitalist. “It’s an interesting connection between me and Stern. It goes to show you that it doesn’t matter what ratings you get or how much money you make. It’s about who you offend”, he said, echoing recent comments he made in the Globe & Mail.

Clear Channel and Possible Motives

Corus Entertainment is Clear Channel’s closest ally in Canada and stands to benefit from Paul Martin’s reign as foreign ownership restrictions in the media will be loosened to the extent that not even Americans would tolerate. Cloak and Dagger’s absence from the Toronto airwaves will be filled by state-sanctioned conspiracy radio host “Coast to Coast” with George Noory. According to Coast-to-Coast’s website:
This site is owned or managed by Clear Channel Communications, Inc. (“Clear Channel”) and is part of the Clear Channel family of companies, which includes other quality entertainment brands such as broadcast and internet radio stations, television stations, Clear Channel Outdoor, Clear Channel Entertainment, and the Premiere Radio Networks (each a “Clear Channel Website,” and collectively the “Clear Channel Websites”).

Conspiracy theorist Bill Cooper argued that Art Bell, former Coast-to-Coast Host was shilling for the New World Order. Was Cooper “incidented” by the NWO for blowing Bell’s cover? The Clear Channel/Coast-to-Coast connection is an interesting one, no doubt. Asking the old question – cui bono? – reveals that a state-sanctioned misinformation radio show has replaced Cloak’s hard-core anti-NWO information stream in Eastern Canada.

Cloak and Dagger: Grad School for Conspiracy Theorists

Cloak and Dagger is like Graduate school for conspiracy theorists. Nelson Thall may only have a B.A. degree from the University of Toronto, but he has a Ph.D. in Conspiracy Theory. Cloak and Dagger is more like a graduate seminar than an intro class, which is why the untrained listener will always lump it in with bonafide crack-pots.

To the uneducated or amateur conspiracy theorist, Cloak and Dagger is “tinfoil hat” or “kooky”, and this is due to the nature of information flows. People with only a background in “Calculus 101” will always look at “Calculus 501” as “out there” or “too abstract” – always easy to dismiss as too “something” to get one’s head around. Well, Cloak and Dagger are not amateur players, and if you want an "intro" course, check out Coast to Coast.

Alex Jones often runs into this problem too, as do many other conspiracy theorists who discuss cover-ups in everyday discussion. Bring up the NWO, chemtrails or Skull & Bones, and people just laugh and say “oh, alien stuff, hey?”. After years of Coast-to-Coast sandwiching high-profile people with genuine conspiracies between callers from the backwoods who call about “alien spacecats” and “that thing I see when I’m drunk”, it is impossible to pick out the genuine conspiracies from the entirely fictional.Bennet and Thomas have written a book in order to take conspiracy theory back from the lunatic fringe of holocaust deniers, survivalists and ufologists and place it back into the mainstream, but it is still “Conspiracy 101

Who did Cloak Offend?

It’s easy to see why Cloak and Dagger might offend people in high places, but what’s frightening is how much of it actually turns out to be true. An excerpt from the Globe & Mail’s latest coverage:

On Cloak and Dagger, for example, you would hear that U.S. President George W. Bush and what the show called "the Bush crime family" knew about the events of 9/11 long before they occurred; that Canada's still-unelected prime minister, Paul Martin, used his personal fortune to help finance them; that no airplanes actually struck the World Trade Center on that day -- what witnesses saw was simply a high-tech hologram; that the buildings were brought down by explosives, prewired inside; that top-secret departments of the U.S. government manufactured the AIDS, SARS and other viruses as part of biological warfare research; and that a de facto civil war has broken out among those who control America's political oligarchy.
Fantastical though such material may seem, the show on occasion may have struck a nerve. Not long after it claimed that the Toronto police force was riddled with corruption, the force itself arrested a number of its drug-squad officers. And a few months before a Toronto-bound El Al plane was diverted to Hamilton after detecting a security threat, Cloak and Dagger reported that al-Qaeda agents had smuggled shoulder-fired missiles into Ontario intending to shoot one down. Mr. Thall believes that one such missile was actually fired at the Israeli jet.
"What we are doing," he explains, "is studying cover-ups. What are cover-ups? They're hidden history, the news that never gets reported. And there's a lot that's hidden, because history is written by the winners. Our mission is to go to the losers and find out what their story is. So we weren't harassed because we were off-base; they harassed us because we were on-base."

In 2003, Cloak and Dagger had even predicted Thall’s arrest:

Bush has nothing worthwhile to do, but trying to figure out how to make-up some false charges of "sedition" against Bloom. That is the national pastime in America's Justice Department it now seems. How to make false charges stick to the innocent. They have become experts at it.

According to ,Cloak and Dagger also had the heads-up on what would be Condi Rice’s Freudian Slip-up regarding her Skull & Bones husband, George “Temporary” Bush. It’s not much of a stretch to think that Dubya prefers African-American women, as the strange death of Margie Schoedinger indicates. This is the type of information that Cloak and Dagger deals in, and to the trained eye, truth really is stranger than fiction.

How could Martin do it?

Political favours and corruption are nothing new to Canada’s Liberal party. It has come under fire over the “AdScam” scandal that involved money laundering between various levels of government. But it might not have been Bush who gave the order. Cloak and Dagger is famous for blaspheming Canada’s official Head of State, the Queen of England. Sherman Skolnick writes that Paul Martin’s CSL Canada Steamship Lines empire was part of a global money-laundering operation that shifted counterfeit money around to accomplish political goals:

“The money was to be received later by Paul Martin, Canadian P.M., to influence financial and other power brokers, to strangle radio/tv shows in U.S. and Canada that severely criticize Queen Elizabeth II, the Bush White House, and Carlyle Group, such as "Cloak And Dagger" highest on such enemies list.”

The Liberal Government is a party in decline, as are the Republicans, and Cloak and Dagger's information could sound the final death blow for a dinosaur of Canadian politics, should it ever reach beyond the internet and into the, as Skolnick calls it, "Oil Soaked, Spy-Riddled Monopoly Press". Martin is scheduled to meet with Bush at the end of April, and it is likely that a strategy will be set to ensure that Paul Martin doesn't lose this year's election to fellow Bilderberger, Stephen Harper, leader of the Conservative Party.

The Toronto Police

The T.O. Police are one of the most corrupt municipal police forces in Canada and are serving as thugmasters to whoever is after Thall. A Cloak listener posted this to Howard Stern’s Talk-back message board:

I doubt that GW had C&D dumped, although it makes for good hype for Lenny. I do however think there was pressure to cancel the show. The pressure came from the Toronto police department and City Hall. In what turned out to be his last show, Lenny talked about Toronto police corruption - specifically cops stealing and selling drugs and strong arming drug dealers to get their stash. This had been reported in the press but not much and not at all since. C&D was largely tongue-in-cheek on the Bush & 9-11 stuff. The police corruption show though was pretty hard hitting. In fact I could tell Lenny started backing off his criticism later in the show - saying that it was only a small number of bad cops - I think he sensed he was pushing too much. He obviously did. enorthern enorthern ...

If anything, recent scandals that have shattered their credibility and should cause questions over the validity of the charges laid against Thall. Toronto’s finest have been front and center in an ongoing corruption investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police involving drug operations.

The Globe & Mail and the CBC have uncovered a trove of documents in a three-year battle, but came to a roadblock this year. Some of the documents recovered reveal disturbing details about the T.O. force.

One man who supplied damning information concerning several rogue officers was pulled over on the highway and threatened at gunpoint to keep quite. The RCMP’s investigation into Toronto’s famed drug squad turned out to be what the CBC called “the largest corruption investigation in the history of Canadian policing”.

Over the 2 ½ year investigation, 40 charges were laid against 6 members of the force for money laundering, drug trafficking, falsifying documents and warrants. According to the Globe & Mail, over 600 fraudulent search warrants and 2,100 prosecutions would have to be re-evaluated. According to the CBC
“[t]he documents also reveal that investigators found evidence that in some cases officers pretended to get tips from fake informants and used this fabricated information to get search warrants and into people's homes”. Furthermore, “the officers then stole hundreds of thousands of dollars, often by getting a safety deposit box key and helping themselves to money, jewelry, drugs and guns.”

Perhaps the T.O. police were just after Thall’s gun collection, or maybe they just wanted to test out the new powers that police forces are assuming since Bill C-36 transformed Canada into a police state. Were the T.O. police hoping to find "incriminating" evidence in Thall's home, and then justify a falsified warrant on grounds that what they found (or planted) was criminal? “Give away too many state secrets, and you’ll get squashed” Thall says.

Free Press? What Free Press?

After the recent invasion of an Ottawa Citizen reporter’s home, PM Paul Martin was asked whether or not this meant Canada had turned into a police state. Martin replied that “freedom of the press is an essential condition to protect our democratic freedoms”and that Canada had not become a “police state”. This, despite Paul Martin’s initiative to establish a “cut and paste” version of Tom Ridge’s Homeland Security Department -the Ministry of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness (PSEP), headed by Anne McLelland, Edmonton MP. writes:

“Journalists such as Juliet O Neill who have the courage to reveal the truth and inform public opinion now face criminal prosecution and jail sentences under Canada's Security of Information Act, which was passed after September 11, 2001. Questioned by a journalist whether he thought, "Ms. O'Neill was a criminal", Canada's Prime Minister Paul Martin responded: "Clearly not, I just don't know enough about this case to comment further". "Safe answer" for a Prime Minister, who just a week earlier had entered into discussions at the Summit of the Americas in Monterrey, Mexico with President Bush precisely on the case of Maher Arar, leading to the signing of a so-called "protocol for deporting terrorist suspects".
writes, in reference to Martin’s words:

To the contrary, what has been demonstrated is that:
• The Canadian Police State Agenda imposes severe limits to a free and democratic society.
• That the passing of legislation in the Canadian Police State Agenda encourages what the
Canadian Minister of Justice has called the "Shadow Government" to violate existing national
and international law and treaty, as in the case of Maher Arar67.
• That the lawyer who has challenged this agenda before the Supreme Court of Canada, Rocco
Galati68, has been forced to summarily step down from all of his national security cases
because of a death threat from someone in the U.S. or Canadian intelligence agencies.
• That those that stood to benefit by the passing of legislation in support of the police state
agenda may have formed a racketeer influenced and corrupt organization under the RICO
Act, as alleged before the courts in the civil lawsuit filed by a widow of one of the victims,
Ellen Mariani69.
In addition, all of this legislation was fraudulently obtained if 9/11 was an inside job70.

Dozens of Canadian journalists are familiar with Nelson Thall’s story, but they have paychecks, and seem to not want to take this info to the mainstream – from the entertainment section to the front page. Why? Could it be that they are afraid to speak out and tell the story of how Cloak and Dagger was killed? What, then, of free press?

Cloak wasn’t with “The Plan”

Attacking intellectuals and researchers is the same old trick used by all elites to silence dissent. The story of Cloak and Dagger serves as a barometer of what could happen to other thinkers and writers, and should be of concern to free thinkers everywhere. The average person will not see that one man’s life is in the balance here, which is why the story of Nelson Thall ought to be spread far and wide across Canada and the United States.

[Edited on 23-4-2004 by Braatz]

posted on Apr, 24 2004 @ 12:42 PM
thank you for this. i'm going to try and attend the trial, to watch a kangaroo court in action. poor lenny. he is a hero. i will fight for him. here's the other thread(link)

this is a real battle between forces of truth and forces of deceit. pay attention, please, people. this man is risking it all for your freedom. this is an issue of freedom to speak the truth. the attack on lenny is pure precedent setting ministry of truth black ops.
george noorie will be next. he is now having the same guests that got lenny in trouble.
GO GEORGE!!!! let's topple this pyramid!

posted on Apr, 24 2004 @ 12:56 PM
Great post. The cloak and Dagger site is definitly worth checking out.

[Edited on 24-4-2004 by parrhesia]

posted on Apr, 24 2004 @ 12:58 PM
Cloak's website was under a huge attack this week. The powers will try to make false charges stick against Skolnick and Bloom. go to the c0balt link at the top to read more.

posted on Apr, 24 2004 @ 06:26 PM

are you the original author?

posted on Apr, 24 2004 @ 07:51 PM
when somebody gets too close to the truth, they are locked up. taking an individual causes no concern for the sheeples.

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