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Creation revisited, Adam and Lilith Part 1

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posted on Apr, 23 2004 @ 01:07 PM
The following story is my adaptation of Genesis Chapter 2. Since the church felt it had the authority to edit out parts of the story, I will evoke the same right, for they are human, the same as me, for God created us all.

Starting after Chapter 1, the Creation of the Universe, all things physical:

Chapter 2 (according to Keena the Shaman)

The Origin of Human Emotions

In the beginning, God created a Garden, calling it Eden, in the west from Earth.

As on Earth, God placed all things good, water, sky, land, green grass, fruit trees, animals, sea creatures, creepy things that are small and crawl about the garden.

From a rock in the garden, sprang water trickling onto the dirt. God saw this, and made man and woman, in the image of God, to till the soil and tend to the garden’s beauty.

God called the man, Adam, and the woman Lilith. God smiled upon Adam and Lilith, calling them children. God told Adam and Lilith that they were free to eat of the fruit of the trees and live in the garden and be happy. However, God told Adam and Lilith they must never eat of the fruit of the Tree in the center of the garden, for they will surely die! As that is the law of God, which cannot be denied.

Adam and Lilith lived in the garden and did good works, which pleased God, so God gave Adam and Lilith gifts. God went into Adam and into Lilith and said unto each, I give you each my gifts and you will know that these are true gifts from me, God, because they will come with my name upon them, which you will know now. Then God told Adam and Lilith, you must no ever speak my name while in the Garden, for I tell you now that it is the Law of Truth, my name is a seal of my Power and my Will, that of God your creator, and if you speak my name, you will be cast out of the garden, forever in search of me in the wilderness of my creations East of this place.

With their new gifts, Adam and Lilith turned to each other and said in unison, “behold what I have received!”

For Adam, he received a mighty sword, the Sword of True Might and Justice with power to strike down anything that is not good, what Adam calls evil, so that he could destroy all things against the laws of God. And with his sword, Adam received a vessel in his mind he called intelligence, which collects and holds the knowledge of the True law along with God’s Name, so he would know when to use his sword against evil, for God called Adam good. Since the sword is from God, Adam knows also knows that nothing can deny its power and truth to protect good from evil.

For Lilith, she received a beautiful flower, the Rose of True Sight and Beauty with the power to see and imagine new things and then give birth to them, as she knows it would please God by her filling the world with life and beauty, curing ulgyness. And with this Rose, Lilith received a vessel she called Wisdom, which collects and holds the knowledge of the True law along with God’s Name, so she would know when to look at things from all sides, true sight and spot what she calls ugliness which is against God’s law, and creates beautiful things to cure ugliness, for God called Lilith Beautiful. Since the Rose is from God, Lilith also knows nothing can deny its power and truth to cure ugliness and create beauty.

Adam spoke to Lilith, “Our Lord has given me a mighty sword, so I may strike down anything evil.” Lilith replied, “Our Lord has given me a beautiful flower, so I may see and cure anything ugly.”

Adam asserts, “Lilith, as the Lord has given me the power and the knowledge of the law, you should submit to my authority and lay down under my sword, for it has the power to destroy anything not good, this is my will, therefore, the will of our Lord.”

Lilith smiled at Adam and said, “As the Lord has given me this rose with the power to create beautiful things and to see and cure anything ugly, I also posses the power and knowledge of the law, therefore you should submit to my authority, and lay down under my rose, for it has the power cure anything ugly and bare new beautiful things not yet seen, this is my will of you Adam, therefore the true will of our Lord.”

Adam sternly replies, “Lilith, I tell you now so that you for ever know my authority as the Keeper of Truth and God’s Law, by the true power of the Mighty Sword, I know God’s true name and if I speak it, you will forever be without my protection of my sword and God’s law.

I command you Lilith to lay beneath my sword and submit to my authority from God!”

Lilith’s eyes begin to glow as she becomes aware of ugliness. “I tell you Adam, I am your equal, for we are of the same God! Your sword, though mighty as it is, a gift from God, has no power over my rose, strike with your sword if you will, but no harm can it do to the rose, for my rose see ugliness and I to have the power of God’s true name, I Lilith command what your sword does!”

As Adams ears receive Lilith’s words, the sword begins to pulse with power and might, pointing to the rose, building with strength. Adam fears now that he may hurt Lilith, for he thinks she knows not what she is doing and the fury of God’s power will strike her dead. Adam again, tells Lilith to submit or be stricken down, for he cannot control God’s will. Lilith, looking straight into Adam’s eyes, and says in a soft voice, “Adam, I have tried to tell you but you do not listen, I cannot submit to your authority because God made us equal and I have no ability to submit to you and you have no ability to submit to me. You Adam, cannot see this. So it is clear to me now that I must prove my power that God has given me and speak God name.

With that Lilith Vanished from the Garden, and Adam’s jaw drops in amazement. Adam calls to Lilith, “Lilith, where did you go? Did my sword kill you or are you playing tricks on me?” Lilith meanwhile finds herself in the Desert, next to the Red Sea. She can hear Adam in her mind, and calls back to him. “I am no longer in the garden, as I a was saying, I have the same power you do, I know God’s True name. I spoke it and I was swept away from the garden to Earth.” Adam says, “You are then Dead? My sword has struck you down as God said it would against all things not good, evil?” Lilith replies, “No! I am not dead, I am very much alive, just not in the garden as God said to me if I spoke his name, I would be cast out to the Earth. So hear I am, as God can only speak the truth.” Adam, frustrated, says to Lilith, “God told me that my sword will strike down anything not good, against HIS law, and since the sword is from God, nothing can deny its power and truth! Lilith you are dead!

Lilith also frustrated says to Adam, “God told me that my rose will see anything ugly, or not beautiful, and SHE said that it has the power to create new things and cure ugliness, and since the rose is from God, nothing can deny its power and truth! Adam, you still are denying me, but I am very much alive! Adam’s reply, “Lilith, you are dead, that is the only answer, for God does not lie! This is some kind of Evil trick to get me out of the garden by saying HIS name. If you are alive, as you claim to be, then you must be hiding in the Garden, trying to trick me because you know I am right, and you fear the power of my sword. Lilith, you must submit to me, or I will think of you no more. If you are not in the Garden, then you are then DEAD, therefore, I will not think of you because you were Evil, and my sword can only strike down Evil. If you are hidden in the Garden trying to trick me, then you are Evil and must be destroyed. If I find you, I will strike you down as my sword is Mighty and the True Power of God against all things EVIL!”

Lilith at this point decides to give Adam the silent treatment for a while.

End Part 1.


posted on Apr, 23 2004 @ 11:21 PM
Thats different . .

Where is/was this garden west of Earth? Mars perhaps?

posted on May, 2 2004 @ 08:10 AM
Umm... where did you get this information?

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