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Help Deliver the Truth about E-Voting to your COUNTY!

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posted on Apr, 22 2004 @ 07:49 PM
Help Deliver the Truth about E-Voting to your COUNTY!

We've delivered in our first few days info packets on Electronic Voting to 10% of US Counties

We need your help to deliver the rest, please contact us to pass the truth to your county


Contact: Ellen Theisen

Voters Unite in 22 States to Challenge Myths about E-Voting

Port Ludlow, WA, Wednesday, April 21. Yesterday, at 1:00 ET, 41 groups of people in 22 different states simultaneously hand-delivered copies of "Myth Breakers for Election Officials" to their local election officials.

"Myth Breakers for Election Officials," is a 57-page research document detailing facts such as:

- HAVA (Help America Vote Act) misunderstandings
- recent election disasters
- price comparisons of e-voting systems
- hidden costs of DREs (Touchscreen Voting)
- election complexities of DREs
- alternative HAVA-compliant voting systems

In response to a call from a VotersUnite!, a non-partisan voter awareness organization, grassroots organizations collaborated with each other to kick off "Project Myth Breaker," a grassroots effort to deliver an eye-opening document on e-voting into the hands of every local election official in the United States.

The website was launched less than two weeks before the kick-off, and the call to action came only a week before the event.

Ellen Theisen, co-founder of VotersUnite! and former Executive Director of said, "The response from around the country was overwhelming! People are so concerned about the problems with electronic voting that they jump at the chance to take some action to educate others."

"Many of the officials who received the document were grateful to have the information," she added. "The President of the Connecticut Registrars Association made sure that every one of the 169 Registrars in Connecticut downloaded a copy of the document."

Brief recaps of some of the kick-off events are at (

VotersUnite! has received commitments from individuals and local organizations in eight states to deliver copies to every county in their states, and many other individuals are still signing up for their own and neighboring counties.

There are still a lot of states to be done, so don't be shy to help out.

Members of the press are invited to download the document, which is at (


There are still a lot of states to be done, so don't be shy to help out.


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