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Quadrennial Defense Review Report

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posted on Apr, 22 2004 @ 01:54 AM
The history of the 20th century has proven time and again that America's security is linked directly to that of other nations, and that America's prosperity depends on the prosperity of others. America seeks to use its current political, economic, and military advantages not to dominate others, but to build a durable framework upon which the United States and its allies and friends can prosper in freedom now and into the future.
Yet, as the September 2001 events have made clear, not all accept America's purposes or share its values. There are many threats against this Nation, and they will take many forms. They range from the threat of
major war to the faceless threat of terror. America's approach to security must defend our way of life while protecting the security of all Americans and that of our allies and friends.

This is a very interesting read. Lots of useful information on government strategy after 9/11 and today.

Mr. M

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