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posted on Apr, 21 2004 @ 09:36 PM
Has anyone been shocked by the amount of knowlege they posess on weaponry that they didn't realize they had?

I know I sure have. There have been several threads popping up around here where people are asking how weaponry works, and what it's capable of. I always figured myself to be a novice in this field, yet I've had answers for many of the questions. I know I'm not as knowlegable as some, I'm fascinated by it, but it's not my passion (politics is

I also noticed this yesterday when a co-worker and I started a conversation about the F-15 active and the SU-37. I actually haven't viewed the thread that compares the two yet, and he was the one who brought it up. As we started talking, he wanted more info on them, and I sent him to (I think, I jumped onto the F-15 ACTIVE thread for the link). As he was looking through it, he was bringing up things, aspects of aircraft that some were lacking, and I was able to point him to aircraft that showed those abilities. I wasn't even on the site.

Somehow, this information has filtered into my brain, and I don't know how or when. Has anyone else noticed this either in conversations on ATS or in real life?

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