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A Realtor's story: Regarding Haunted Houses

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posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 10:31 PM
As I was reviewing comments made by people, who watched The Haunting in Connecticut (2009), I found a story, which may interest a lot of you. Someone named, GibbyLu was arguing about ghosts, and that argument inspired LeMovieCritic "the realtor" to share her experiences in a haunted house:


There are no haunted houses, only haunted people.


Sorry, but you are absolutely wrong. I'm a realtor and without any knowledge of where I was, I went to the open house of the Manson murder house on Cielo Drive in Beverly Hills Post Office before it was eventually sold and torn down. The following is absolutely true. The best word I could use is that I felt very 'agitated' -- something was very wrong from the moment I walked across the threshold. I saw in my mind blood, fingers of hand moving in blood on the walls and knives. I bolted out of the master suite by the pool. I was with another realtor and we were both very shook up about the bad emanations we felt from the ranch style house as we started walking along the shelf toward the far end of the property to the gardener shack. We were walking in tall grass and it is high noon on a sunny day. We are seeing rats -- I mean rats and lots of them scurrying in the grass on the way to the gardener shack and back. What a creep out, I've never ever seen rats scurrying in grass in broad daylight. We were almost falling off the ledge to get back to our cars, We were in a rush to leave.

It was in talking about the details a week later that I was told where I was. My innate curiosity later got the better of me as I was curious to know if once the house was torn down and the massive mansion built on that site would still have those residual feelings attached to the property. I would say for myself and many of the other agents who I talked to throughout the construction phases were that it got better and less morbid over time but never was good. The mansion was a 'white elephant that took years and years to sell, turned over a lot and went through major modifications even though it was new construction. In the finished product, the media room in the bowels of the house was the worst area. I have been in houses where there has been the spirits of abused children, wives and husbands and felt their sadness and sorrow. I walked over to a pool at a dilapidated Spanish mansion and just 'knew' a past owner had died in the pool. Both he and his maid died in the pool a violent death. There are houses that are 'haunted' or still have residual emitted feelings and thoughts of past occupants. Some can be happy, joyful or sad, etc. Sometimes you can 'feel' that a home's occupants had love, a happy home life.

Open your eyes and your 'head' to things spiritual (not religious) but the higher powers and cosmos and you will be amazed. Be sure to only call good things to you as a group of us who meditated discovered by not invoking that first should you do meditation. All four of us felt a big, stinky hairy beast in an unguarded meditation. My experiences make me a firm believer and I am a woman with two feet firmly planted on the ground, analytical, not mystical, and not given to nonsense. Again, open your mind.

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