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Extraterrestrials past & present

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posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 09:51 PM
Hello everyone. I was wondering what everyones opinion is about extraterrestrials. I am a fanatic about this area of information considering it is such a mystery to date.
What do people think about the supposed Armstrong sighting on the moon? (or the many videos and documentaries that I have seen talking about shadows hovering across the face of the moon)
Or what about the Sumerian tables that Zecharia Sitchin had noted talking about the Annunaki and the 12th planet (moon and sun counted I believe) that supposedly holds this ancient race that had genetically combined their DNA with prehistoric humans to create a slave race that eventually became to intellectual to handle?
What about the old religions that everybody puts aside as myth? Greek Gods? Sumerian Gods? Egyptian Gods?? Various ancient civilizations had multiple "gods" they had looked up to.
Or the Skulls that have been either born elongated or elongated through the binding of the back of the head (this can and will most likely be debunked by various people)
What do you all think about Bob Lazar and his statement about back engineering an extraterrestrial spacecraft with the element 115 I believe it was. (Also his work at Los Alamos and S-4..area 51 I believe) Peculiar enough his identity was systematically erased about his employment even though his phone number was still in Los Alamos phone book.
At last comes the Native Americans (mostly Hopi Indians) that believe they are the children from the stars and have two creation theories (if i remember correctly). One was that they were created in the lower caverns of the earth (hollow earth theory? or simply earth with a large network of caverns? Dulce anyone?) and I believe the other was they believed that extraterrestrials were our ancestors and we had come from either this earth or another considering we are in the 3rd or 4th world?

Post is kinda long but please share your thoughts!!

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 10:04 PM
My guess is they're here to monitor us to make sure the future gets played out exactly how it says in the bible.

They also abduct humans to take their sperm and eggs so they can use to populate other planets, just like they've done with ours.

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 10:16 PM
I like that theory about populating other planets...quite possible considering we as a whole have no knowledge of what could possibly be past pluto or even in our solar system. Though i'm not so much a fan of the bible considering a lot of the things I have come to find through research is mainly in B.C...wonder if all these prophecies of 2012 (Mayan end of cycle and end of Aztec calendar I believe in 2011) coincide with a return or disclosure or simply mass epidemics


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